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European N64 Version
Rating: USK 16
Region: Germany

US N64 Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Sep 16, 2011 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: DaxRider123

Forsaken way released for PC in 1997 and one year later also for the Playstation and the N64. The game was programmed by Probe Entertainment (later Acclaim Studios London). The porting for the N64 was done by Iguana Entertainment (later Acclaim Studios Austin). Even though the game was pretty much a Descent-clone, it still was praised by gamer-magazines worldwide. The only exception is the Playstation-porting which only received average reviews because of the patchy porting. Later there was a sequel released for the XBOX as well as PS2 but due to Acclaim going bankrupt the game was never finished. There's only a video of an alpha-version.


In a remote future a catastrophy devastates the earth. After a while, the earth was declared clear for looting. The only defence are the "Mechanoid Defence Forces" (MDF). The object of the game is to destroy the MDF and to recover several weapons and inventions.


The game's US version was completely uncensored, while the PAL-version of the game lacks a lot of gore/violence. Even though you can use a cheat to unlock the "Goremode", you still can't undo the censorship (missing splatter). The "Goremode" is also available in the US version; all it does is make the MDF-units and heavily damaged looters bleed. Still, you should probably buy the US version which (just as Wave Race 64) runs faster than the European version.
NOTE: US-savegames and PAL-savegames are incompatible with each other.

This Report:

Comparison between the uncensored US version (ESRB: Mature 17+) and the censored European version (German version / USK 16, ESPA 11+) without activated "Goremode".
Altered Titlescreen:

While the European version still shows the titlescreen, the US version shows a short add for the official strategy guide.

US VersionEuropean Version


Blood and Splatter:

You mainly fight against mechanical enemies. Still, there are a few missions where other looters get in your way and you have to fight them off. Of course, looter-spaceships have human pilots, thus you see body parts flying around and blood sticking at the walls whenever you blow one of these ships up in the US version. You can also hear a nasty splatter-sound when the body parts hit walls or the blood splatters against walls/the floor. The European version has no splatter-effects whatsoever.

US VersionEuropean Version


During the intro where you see the Acclaim logo, you see looters fighting over the logo. There's no gore in any version.