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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Dec 01, 2009 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Director's Cut of "Remember the Titans" is to be considered rather positively. Beside numerous small extensions and just as many edits, especially three pretty long new plot scenes have been reimplemented into the movie, of which especially the final and longest scene must be emphasized. It concludes a plot line which couldn't be considered incomplete in the Theatrical Version, but still enhances the movie immensely and depicts a small highlight.
The remaining extensions serve character development and show several comedic renditions in the sports camp. Considering a new purchase, the Director's Cut should be first choice. Fans of the movie could also think about upgrading.
Pleasant to say that the DC mostly adds new scenes at almost nothing has been removed.

Scenes both versions contain, but have been implemented somewhere else are not going to be observed in this comparison.

The Theatrical Cut of the German DVD by Walt Disney has been compared to the Director's Cut of the US DVD by Disney
In the very beginning, during the training, there was a take of an angry mob implemented in the DC, demonstrating in front of a store whose owner shot an African American. Before that, there is also a close-up of training players blocking each other.
3,03 Sec.

Another edit to the racial riots during the Football training in the beginning. A white demonstrant throws a bottle at the African American demonstrants.
4,13 Sec.

More racial tensions shown. The Football players, who want to help the shop owner take a screw driver from their car and run towards the demonstrants.
15,73 Sec.

In th DC, a short shot on Boon (Denzel Washington) at the end of the unkind talk with the old trainer staff has been removed.
1,32 Sec. in the DC

The conversation during which a man tells Bill Yoasts (Will Patton), that Boon is going to be chief coach from now on has been edited a little in the DC. It misses a shot of the man in the beginning, during which he says that the school board has decided that Herman Boon becomes chief coach on TC. The DC starts directly as Yoast's daughter says that this was unfair and that her father is the chief coah. This following take of Yoast's upset daughter is a bit shorter, too.
The DC features this line later as a voiceover while Yoast is depicted. The alternative footage of the DC is slightly longer.
1,97 Sec.

The conversation between Dr. Day (the African American from the school board) and Boon, during which Boon apparently is told that he is going to be chief coach from now on starts a little differently in the DC. Boon explains that he believes in the "seniority system" and that Yoast really deserves the position of chief coach, which is why he should get it. Dr. Jay answers that he would under normal circumstances, but that they live in extraodrinary times. The TC continues as Boon starts worrying about stealing the job from Yoast just like that.
11,13 Sec.

You can see Yoast sit under a tree a little longer before his daughter joins him in the Theatrical Cut.
6,68 Sec. in the DC

When the team moves into the sports camp, another short scene has been edited in the DC showing how four of the boys move into a quadruple bedroom. The African Americans on the left side, the Caucasians on the right hand side.
5,53 Sec.

In the DC, the boy in the hallway shouts two times that a beating has taken place. In the TC, he only shouts once.
2,23 Sec.

Prolonged training sequence: Boon lets himself be 'rammmed' around on a training device.
2,93 Sec.

Yoast writes a name on the board and adds a comment about Boon. His daughter says that he is the defence for Boon and gives a little tactic commentary. Yoast answers that he didn't mean football with his remark. Shortly after that, Yoast's training assistant enters and says that his ex-wife (Arlene) was there to pick up the daughter. Yoast tells her then that she shouldn't let her mother wait. A little reluctant, the daughter leaves the room.
Then Julius enters the room and asks why he was called. Yoast confronts him with the racial tensions in front of the store (beginning of the movie, see above) Julius was participating in. Julius explains that the African American who had been shot was a friend of his. Yoast explains that nevertheless he doesn't tolerate civil riots. He adds that, if he was chief coach, Julius probably wouldn't play in the team. But then Yoast explains that he does like the way Julius plays which is why he is going to put him on an important position for the defence. Julius, a little detached, says okay and leaves. Yoast calls him again and says that he is aware that it's not easy to find real friends.
68,37 Sec.

After Boon's order, that every player has to spent his free time with a player of a different skin color, there were more "get to know"-scenes implemented in the DC:
The skinny white boy puts in a cassette and plays a country song. He dances a little and asks his "get to know"-partner whether the song was cool or not. He isn't really amused, smiles a little canny and then says yes.
11,67 Sec.

Shortly after that, the skinny white boy is shown again, playing another country song and starts dancing silly. The African American looks at him horrified.
20,47 Sec.

Here, the Theatrical Cut features a scene that was implemented into the DC long before (after the new scene with Julius and Yoast at 0.21.14): Gerry is standing in the hallway and calls his girlfriend, who tries to get an "I love you" from him. In the DC, the scene was not only put on a different spot, but also changed. Additional as well as alternate footage has been used for that. Partly, the footage is identical. An exact comparison is very hard. The scene mainly differs in the following:

The conversation starts differently in the DC, for one thing. To tease him, his girlfriend asks him whether he knew where she is. He looks awkwardly, repeats her question and then answers that, of course he knew where she was, since he had called her in the first place (she actually only wanted to allude to her bed...). Subsequently, she asks him whether he wants to know what she is wearing. Her friends start giggling.

In the Theatrical Cut, one of the African Americans behind him demands him to finish already, since he wants to call his girlfriend, too. The part showing her trying to tease him is missing here.

Subsequently, she tries to get the "I love you" out of him for a longer time.

Length of the scene in the Director’s Cut: 25,3 Sec.
Length of the scene in the Theatrical Cut: 20,48 Sec.
Difference: 4,82 Sec.

Pictures from the new footage of the DC:

When Yoast's daughter comes back from the visit to her mother's place, while the team is just having something to eat, a new edit to Boon has been implemented in the DC. Then, Yoast and his daughter are shown again, and she tells him that her mother (his ex-wife) wants to talk to him outside. He then sits up and goes outside.
5,93 Sec.

Subsequent to the last cut, Yoast is sitting up a little longer, while his daughter takes his seat (to be ranged in before she passes a compliment to Boon, but he thinks of her to be five years old).
1,6 Sec.

After Yoast said that he had tried, but that she loved football (regarding the puppets), he leaving the dining room and patting his daughter on the shoulder is missing.

(Change of scene)
An edit takes place. Yoast is standing in front of the sports camp, where his ex-wife is waiting for him, who just put on some lipstick. She says that their daughter just told her what happened to his job and that she is sorry. He only answers aloof that life is full of surprises. Then she thanks him for allowing her to spend the week with Sheryl, even though Yoast did not have to allow that. Yoast sensitively tells his ex-wife that she is still her mother and that nothing, whatever would happen between them, could change that. The woman is silent for a short time and then tells him that she and Mike (probably her new husband) are going to go to the north for a while and that Sheryl was completely his now. But then she admits to that having always been the case.
48,1 Sec.

Probably the best new scene in the DC concludes a plot line that was unfinished in the Theatrical Version. Link is a scene that was shown minutes before (also in the Theatrical Cut), showing Sunshine (the former Hippie and military son) persuades some of his (African American) team mates to go into a white bar after the won game. Even though they tell him they are not wanted in there, he forces them to visit the bar. It was bound to happen, they get hounded out of the bar by a racist barkeeper and respective audience. Back on the street, the team mates now make Sunshine responsible for the humiliation. Then, one of his team colleagues tells Sunshine that, if he starts something like that, he should also know what he is dealing with and how to end it.

The scene is continued in the DC as follows:

Sunshine enters the same bar a few weeks later again with his teammates. Immediately the guests become silent and look at the team colleagues of different skin color. The barkeeper aggressively looks toward them. Sunshine walks through the silent guests to the barkeeper and stands in front of him. He puts a wooden club on the table and says that he doesn't care how many games the Titans have won, because "boys" had no place in his bar. But Sunshine only calmly asks the barkeeper whether he could see the old man with grey hair who entered the bar with them. He continues explaining that this was his father. The barkeeper already hits back at him and says that he didn't care at all, even if that was Richard Nixon. Sunshine, still calm, answers that he is aware of that. He then smugly explains that Colonel Bass (his father) had just made a call at the judicary department to do him a favor for the won game. There, they all agreed that an example has to be made of this bar. Sunshine continues explaining that the barkeeper of course could move in on that, but that he could also be reasonable. After a short, teeth grinding silent period, the barkeeper orders his waitress that the boys were allowed to sit down at a table if they manage to get one. The teammates look for a table. Some of the guests stand up scandalizedly and leave the bar. Some others give the boys compliments for their great accomplishment. The teammates comp the leaving guests with "their" song: „Nanananana,... Goodbye“.
85,3 Sec.

As the nominated trainers for the Hall of Fame, the DC shows the other two nominees during a camera take. In the Theatrical Version, only Yoast and therefore the final part of the take is contained.
2,37 Sec.