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  • Director's Cut
Release: Dec 03, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical version (taken from the German DVD) and the Director's Cut that has been broadcasted by Monsters HD.

The broadcast is being introduced by a preface by Stuart Gordon who explains that this version is his original cut that had to be shortened for cinemas by a minute in order to get the R-Rating. He also thanks Sony, MGM and Monsters HD for the restauration of the movie and wishes the viewers a nice time watching the movie.

Running times:

Theatrical Version: 81:12 min. (incl. end credits; PAL)
Director's Cut: 85:48 (incl. end credits and preface (0:27 min.); (NTSC)

Total running time if new material:
1:05 min.

Picture comparison:

Dragon 1.33:1

Monsters HD ~1.91:1


The maggots that can be seen in the opening credits appear much earlier in the Director's Cut.

No difference in time.


Pretorius can be seen touching Katherine longer.

3 sec.


Dr Bloch tries to get hold of the hump of Crawford's pineal gland longer.

14 sec.


The scene in which Crawfors eats the brain takes longer in the DC.

3 sec.


Alternative scenes:

[Dr Bloch: "You still need those?"]

Director's Cut:

After the sentence cut to Crawford continuing to eat the brain.

Crawford: "Yeah, Delicious"

Cut to Dr. Bloch.

Dr. Bloch: "They can make you very sick."

Cut to Crawford. When he drops the brain both version start to run parallel again.

26 sec.

Theatrical version:

Dr. Bloch can still be seen walking towards Crawford.

Crawford: "Yeah, Delicious"
Dr. Bloch: "They can make you very sick."

Cut to Crawford dropping the brain.

8 sec.


Alternative scene.

Director's Cut:

Crawford kicks Dr. Bloch in the stomach before he spits out the eyeball he sucked out of her skull. He then starts to suck at her eye socket.

9 sec.


Crawford and Dr. Blochs legs can be seen. Some blood dropping on the floor can be seen.

5 sec.


The ambulance driver is being killed by Crawford with three blows o the head. The theatrical version shows only one of them.

4 sec.


Katherine can be seen longer biting off Crawford's pineal gland hump.

1 sec.