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The Light at the Edge of the World

Cannibal Apocalypse

Cut and Run

original title: Inferno in diretta


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 27, 2014 - Author: Magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated tape by New World Video and the uncut Unrated DVD by Anchor Bay.

This horror thriller by Ruggero Deodato can still be considered a good movie today. Several takes were shot for the splatter scenes to be used in the different international releases. The US version from back then was based on the softer takes.
03:31 Different take of Quecho (Michael Berryman) getting rid of someone. In the R-Rated, he only throws him into the water.

In the Unrated he throws him as well, but this time the guy gets impaled.

R-Rated = 2,1 sec.
Unrated = 2,1 sec.

04:04 Short shot of the pointy bone stabbing the woman's leg and blood splatters.
1 sec.

04:08 Shot of a native with a pointy bone, stabbing (off-screen).
0,7 sec.

04:09 More scenes of the leg-stabbin and the natives attacking the women.
7,7 sec.

04:11 Ditto.
2,5 sec.

04:21 End of a shot. The natives let go of the women and Quecho enters the picture.
3,7 sec.

04:58 The women are dressed in the R-Rated...

...and naked in the Unrated.

R-Rated = 2,9 sec.
Unrated = 2,6 sec.

05:08 Quecho goes into the water and the camera pans to the beheaded women. wurden.
15,7 sec.

12:42 The pan across the room: In the R-Rated the walls are clean and the corpses not too gory.

In the Unrated, however, the walls and corpses are splattered with a lot of blood.

R-Rated = 2,7 sec.
Unrated = 4 sec.

13:06 Again softer footage in the R-Rated...

...and more drastic pictures in the Unrated.

R-Rated = 7,8 sec.
Unrated = 9,6 sec.

13:16 The R-Rated only shows the talking woman.

The Unrated offers gory scenes of the massacre instead.

R-Rated = 3,8 sec.
Unrated = 16,9 sec.

13:23 Ditto.

And again the Unrated shows crueler scenes. Szenerie.

R-Rated = 46,4 sec.
Unrated = 49,3 sec.

39:57 The beginning of the shot of Manuel having sex with Ana is missing.
9 sec.

37:45 Shot of Quecho stabbing the bone into the man's neck.
1,1 sec.

37:46 The end of the shot is also longer, he pushes the bone in further.
2,3 sec.

37:49 Different shot of Quecho using his machete. The result of the attack also can only be seen in the Unrated.

In the Unrated, the man's belly can be seen, his intestines are falling out of it and he tries to hold them.

R-Rated = 2,6 sec.
Unrated = 5,4 sec.

38:42 Vlado runs outside and calls out for the man who just died. Cut to Manuel. When Vlado sees the man leaning at a tree, he initially thinks he is drunk and pushes him. The reality becomes obvious when the man tumbles to the ground and the bone can be seen sticking out of his head.
26,6 sec.

39:53 Steve appears out of the bushes in a different shot and Manuel can then be seen dying because of a poisoned arrow in the R-Rated.

In the Unrated, however, Steve beheads Manuel with a machete.

R-Rated = 3,4 sec.
Unrated = 5,2 sec.

41:08 A man is being stabbed from behind wth a machete, the tip of the blade can be seen coming out of his belly. Then Vlado turns around and shoots the man.
8,3 sec.

42:27 In the R-Rated, Ana falls to the ground next to the dead Manuel and starts screaming.

She also falls down in the Unrated Version, however, she crawls past his body until she sees his severed head besides her. She starts screaming.

R-Rated = 5,6 sec.
Unrated = 12,6 sec.

44:47 Probably rather a mastering mistake than censoring: Some birds are flying around, then the beginning of the shot of Fran and Mark.
6,3 sec.

45:15 A shot of a bird sitting on a corpse is missing.
1,6 sec.

45:21 When the camera team films the corpses, they look rather normal in the R-Rated Version.

In the Unrated the corpses are rather mangled and a lot of blood can be seen.

R-Rated = 42 sec.
Unrated = 48,7 sec.

49:34 When Tommy meets Vlado caught in a trap, the latter can be seen losing his strength and is torn apart by the ropes (this scene's quality is a lot worse than the rest of the movie, it was obviously inserted from a different source). Then Tommy shoots at him. The R-Rated only shows a tiny shot of Vlado's face being splattered with blood.
9 sec.

50:47 Frank looks at Vlado's cut up corpse, a bird is sitting on it.
3,9 sec.

54:45 Ana dies in Mark's arms.
16,5 sec.

80:11 The camera pans from the bloody stump of his neck to Horne's severed head on the ground.
1,9 sec.