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original title: Dancing in the Dark


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 11, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Cut (R-Rated / FSK 16) (represented on the German DVDs) and the Unrated Version (represented on the US-DVD by MGM)

- Theatrical Cut: 107:15 min without credits (111:38 min with credits) in PAL
=> equals 111:44 min w/o credits (116:24 min w. credits) in NTSC

- Unrated: 113:44 min w/o credits (118:26 min with credits) in NTSC

5 altered spots (Credits not counted and differences in the first sex-scene summarized as "1 spot")

Difference: 138,4 sec (= 2:18 min)

The Erotic-Thriller with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie had to be alleviated strongly in America to get the R-Rating from the MPAA and not having to deal with the not so fertile NC-17.
There has been, together with the Theatrical Cut, an Unrated version being released on DVD in the states, in which the queried scenes (not counting the alternative material, almost four minutes) have refound their way into the movie.
The longer version solely features extensions at the sex-scenes, the first one between Banderas and Jolie is virtually completely new resp. shown in an alternative, more explicit form.

Runtime designations are ordered like this:
Theatrical Cut in PAL-Speed / Unrated-Version in NTSC-Speed

More logos on the german DVD with the Theatrical Cut.

+ 18,3 sec

00:43-00:57 / 00:26-00:41

The first two fade-ins differ.

no time difference

Theatrical Cut (german DVD)Unrated (US-DVD)

01:07-01:11 / 00:51-00:55

Only on the US-DVD

no time difference

Theatrical Cut (german DVD)Unrated (US-DVD)

01:27-01:31 / 01:13-01:17

The movie title colors itself red on the US-DVD.

no time difference

Theatrical Cut (german DVD)Unrated (US-DVD)

Alternative footage
16:49-18:01 / 17:14-19:00

The sex scene between Luis (Banderas) and Bonny (Jolie) was designed completely different and much more explicit in the Unrated Version - from the moment on he kisses her exposed breast.
For clarity purposes, everything has been gathered in one block, even though parts of shots are used in both versions.

Theatrical Cut:

- Edit to a further view in the garden, where the two kiss completely dressed
- Harmless take of the kissing in the bed
- Shot indicating oral intercourse
- Close ups of Luis first nibbling her fingers and then laying down excitedly
- Supercloseup of the missionary position
- Bird's view, Luis kisses Bonny's body
- Two shots implying intercourse (only the excited faces are shown)
- Several blending takes from above, the sexual act is already over at the second one, resp. they just lay on top of each other.


-The breast is shown longer in a close up, Luis presses again
- View from above
- Further takes showing Luis and Bonny kissing each other's entire body in bed
- A shot that's pretty similar to one of the TC's, implying oral intercourse, but from another perspective - also, the shot starts earlier, you see Bonny's head more distinctly in the genital area
- Several shots of the intercourse becoming faster and the two changing positions (Luis' butt is seen often, Bonny's bouncing breasts, excited moaning)
- The same bird's view shots as in the Theatrical Cut, but all of them longer in the beginning and/or ending

Only the following and final three shots from above are completely identical in both versions.

Unrated 31,5 sec longer

Alternative footage
41:11-41:12 / 43:09-44:10

Only in the Unrated you see Luis having shortly wild sex with the woman. But it goes too far for her very quickly, so she leaves drunk Luis alone on the bed.

The TC, on the other hand, blends from the fallen curtain directly to sleeping Luis (a later moment of the camera take).

Unrated 59,9 sec longer

Alternative footage
87:17-87:25 / 92:14

In the TC, you see Bonny and Billy (Thomas Jane) as well for a first time.

The Unrated starts with the next shot of Bonny, but also about half a second earlier.

TC 7,4 sec longer

87:33 / 92:22-92:24

The edit to Bonny's back is shown a little longer, then, you can also see Billy in the Unrated.

2,4 sec

Alternative footage
87:36-87:39 / 92:27-93:22

In the TC you only shortly see the edit to Bonny's back.

The Unrated shows, for about the same time, a later part of the respective take, then the scene continues.
Billy licks the blood from her back, then takes of the two's sexual intercourse follow.

Unrated 52 sec longer