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Release: Sep 22, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
There's only one explanation why of all things this romantic comedy made so much money at the box office: Diaz and Kutcher seem to possess enough star power to make the lowbrow moviegoer leave his money at the theaters blindly.

The movie does have its moments like the reclamation at the hotel or the first jokes the both of them play on each other. But these shallow romantic comedies seem to need two important ingredients which appear here as well, even if they're totally point- and senseless. Once there are the best friend - represented by the lousy acting Lake Bell on the one side and loser Rob Coddry on the other. Both of them have no purpose but to enhance the uninteresting main characters.
The other ingredient comes in form of more bizarre or known supporting characters and here one thing becomes clear: the only ones to really handle this genre are the English. Dennis Farina, Treat Williams, Krysten Ritter or Queen Latifah - none of these appearences is remarkable.

Diaz and Kutcher are committed, that is noticeable. But the story and everything around it stay uninteresting and the technical aspects of the production are often is the extended version which neither makes the movie any funnier nor better but only makes it two and a half minutes longer.

With 14 differences the extended version presents 2:42 minuten of new material.
13. minute
As Jack talks to the concierge and tells him that men can enjoy God's most beautiful creation for three weeks a month and receive the bill in the fourth week the concierge replies (I know what you mean." In the extended version he says it in an alternate shot and adds "Her period!" while making a weird face.
Extended version is 2,5 sec longer

19. minute
For continuity reasons there's a longer shot of Jack and Hater standing at the buffet. 0,5 sec
The extended cut has a little addition here.
Jack: "What if she's a clinger? What if she's a crier? What if she's a clinging-crier?"
Hater (excited): "You murder her! Problem solved!"
Jack: "You don't have to yell."
13 sec

20. minute
Jack and Hater keep talking. Jack says that Vegas should be the only city where marrying someone should be illegal. Hater, still excited, says that Jack should pull the ring of her finger quickly: "Shock and Aw".
20,5 sec

32. minute
Joy lifts the sheet to clean the mattress. Jack tells her: "Hey, can you do that thing again where you turn around and fix the topside again?" (prior to this Joy jumped off the bed in disgust and turned while doing so)
6 sec

62. minute
Joy and Jack enjoy a game of boules.
8,5 sec

65. minute
Joy talks to Jack about the company event where her boss wants to meet him. Jack sticks to his opinion and refuses to go even if it's important for Joy's promotion. Joy is clearly disappointed. The fun is over.
41 sec

76. minute
Jack leads Joy to the stage where the crowd keeps cheering at her.
21,5 sec

For continuity reasons we see Jack applauding.
1,5 sec

Again Jack and Joy while dancing because of continuity.
1,5 sec

The dance a little longer.
5,5 sec

85. minute
Jack is seen a little longer with tears in his eyes after the trial.
1 sec

After Jack and Joy broke up Jacks buddy tries to get her number because he wants to have a shot. In the theatrical version he pulls out his cell phone and as he notices that Jack doesn't react he puts it away again. The extended version stretches that scene. There's more material of Jack with tears in his eyes and Jack's buddy needs more time to figure out what's wrong.
Extended version is 11 sec longer

Pictures only from the extended cut

After Jack drove off in the car the buddy with the beard says to Hater: "What are you doing later? You like trance music?"
8 sec