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Mondo Erotica

original title: Notti porno nel mondo


  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 22, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK VHS by TCX Premium Video and the uncut German Blu-ray by Ascot Elite.

Emanuelle or Laura Gemser herself (depending on the overdubbing) leads the viewer – dressed either lighty or not at all – through a variety of funny, crazy or bizarre erotic scenes from all over world. On display are sex shows, a magically appearing penis, cruel African rites and much more.

"Notti porno nel mondo" is a movie which was mostly cust together from parts of oher movie, whose main attraction is Laura Gemser as narrator. The whole thing is mediocre to almost not at all entertaining, especially because the scenes are obviously (and luckily) staged. Laura Gemser fans will still want to have the movie because she (without any reason) dresses and undresses during the movie. The UK VHS by TCX has been heavily cut and only runs about 67 minutes. The BBFC states: „This work was passed uncut,“ therefore it can be assumed that the rental company had cut the movie beforehand.

The version on the Austrian BD should be the longest cut of the movie available. However, because it seems to be based on a movie reel sometimes some framecuts occur, which will also be mentioned in the comparison.

Picture Comparison:



The UK VHS is open mate.

Running times:

UK VHS: 67:01 min.
German BD: 81:27 min.

The BD shows some pictures of Laura Gemser along with the title overlays.

The VHS starts with a title logo.

BD: 27 sec.
VHS: 16 sec.


During the show, the ape attacks the insect scientist Marina.

BD: 39 sec.


Laura tells another story out of Hamburg's nightlife.A woman is stripping in front of a dog, who is less interested in the show than the attending audience.

After the strip, a "waiter" brings a parcel which contains a shepherd dog with the allegedly fastest tongue of Hamburg.

BD: 3:55 min.


A slightly longer part is missing on the BD. Laura talks longer, then the mannequin can be seen earlier.

6 sec.


Only the BD shows the audience's suprise due to the woman's suddenly appearing penis. Interestind viewers are also allowed to touch.

BD: 52 sec.


One of the deflowered virgins can be seen, then the lovemaking continues. The second virgin also gets her cherry popped before the VHS starts again.

BD: 47 sec.


Film tear on BD. Several scenes of the feast can be seen, then Laura a bit earlier.

VHS: 13 sec.


The UK VHS shows a scene from Jess Franco's "Mondo Erotico".

A teacher explains diverse sex toys to a group of people.

VHS: 2:28 min.


On BD, the scene continues and Lollipop's dance starts an orgy.

The VHS shows Laura instead.

Either the BD had a film tear here or the scene with Laura was cut into the UK VHS.

BD: 41 sec.
VHS: 5 sec.


The UK VHS lacks a complete episode about cruel rites in Africa. Two adulterers are being executed. The man's penis is being chopped of, the the woman is instantly beheaded.

Laura then leads over to the next episode.

BD: 5:19 min.


The "shadow" love game can be seen longer.

BD: 39 sec.


The chicken is being beheaded.

BD: 13 sec.


Mrs. Butterfly shows some tricks with the balls, they mostly consist of holding the balls between the legs and letting them drop again.

BD: 1:39 min.


Film tear. Laura raises her glass at the end.

VHS: 11 sec.