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original title: Ta paidia tou Diavolou


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Sep 06, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD released by VIPCO (BBFC 18) and the German uncut DVD released by Cine Club.
Back in the day this pretty sick film was put on the list of banned films in England (Video Nasties). A few years ago, however, the censors were a bit more liberal and gave the movie a Rating. Unfortunately in a cut version compared to the old tape. That the scene with the goat in the beginning remained in the movie can be considered odd, however.
Cut UK DVD = 98:22 min.
Uncut German DVD = 102:27 min
Cut length = 4:05,5 min.
55:45 Christopher starts peeing on the naked Patricia. 4 sec.

55:47 Another shot of her disgustedly wriggling and still getting wet. 2.5 sec.

55:48 He keeps urinating on her. She seems to start enjoying it since she starts rubbing her wet body and moaning with relish. Insert of Chris. 21.5 sec.

57:09 Chris kicks Patricia who is lying on the floor way more often. She screams and writhes. Then he sits on top of her and rams her head on the ground several times. 17 sec.

63:30 Almost the entire sequence in which the two hippies try to rape Jane is missing at the UK DVD. Jane screams and fights back. 37 sec.

63:33 Further scenes of the rape. 26 sec.

63:35 The blonde hippie tries to stick his tongue into Jane's mouth. Insert of Chris coming up the stairs. 8 sec.

74:20 When Chris is burning Lesley's face with the burning spray can the cut version lacks him smiling and wildly waving about with the spray can. A shot of her burnt face is missing, as well. 4 sec.

74:22 Close up of the spray can, such as one of Chris' face looking exited. 6 sec.

74:23 Several shots. 25 sec.

74:27 One last shot of the badly messed up face. 2.5 sec.

76:38 Under the shower: Chris grabs the naked woman, covers her mouth and paws her. She resists. 9.5 sec.

76:44 Another scene under the shower. He grabs between her legs, turns her with the face to the wall and touches her back. Inserts of the policemen coming from Lesley's apartment. 15.5 sec.

78:06 Chris rams the sickle through the door -CUT- and we see the woman's face on the other side. The camera pans down to her breasts which have the sickle coming out off them. After that a profile shot of her twitching breasts. 3 sec.

88:10 The shepherd rips off Jane's panties and rapes her. She tries to fight back. Insert of Christopher sleeping in the straw. 14.5 sec.

88:23 Another shot of the rape. Jane screams for Chris. He is in the background taking pictures of the happenings. 3.5 sec.

88:26 Same here. 1 sec.

88:51 The following is entirely missing in the cut version: After the shepherd knocked out Chris he removes his pants while Chris is lying on his waist. He stupidly smirks at Jane, removes his own pants, too, and rapes him. During the scene there are several inserts of Jane who has to watch everything. 45 sec.