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War and Peace

New York Ripper, The


The Koker Trilogy

Mad Mission

original title: Zuijia Paidang / Aces go Places


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Jun 15, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the International Version and the HK Version. The International Version is missing almost ten minutes of comedy. Especially scenes featuring comedy legend Dean Shek as well as scenes deepening the character's relationships have been cut for the worldwide release.

The HK Version is about 568 seconds longer than the International Version!

00:00 Min. - 00:18 Min.

More studio logos in the HK.

HK 18 sec. longer.

21:38 Min. - 21:39 Min.

The shot of the jewel thieves with the paper bags on their heads is longer.

HK 1 sec. longer.

30:18 Min. - 30:48 Min.

The dialogue between King Kong and Gigolo Joe is much longer. Joe says that the informant is always killed in the movies. King Kong tries to calm him down. When the waiter pops the cork of a champagne bottle Joe thinks he's been shot and "drops dead". He asks King Kong if he's been hit and Kong shows him the bottle before they walk off to the restrooms.

HK 30 sec. longer.

31:59 Min. - 32:46 Min.

In the elevator, Joe says that the white people don't speak Chinese but then someone says something in Chinese regardless, so Joe tries to tell King Kong in code where the diamonds are. Kong doesn't get it, unlike everybody else in the elevator, so the people tell him that the diamonds are in Kowloon. After stepping out of the crowded elevator they try to find an empty one until they meet Mad Max and the International Version continues.

HK 47 sec. longer.

37:07 Min. - 37:50 Min.

Baldy tells King Kong that if he loses the turning game he has to cooperate. Kong says that Baldy should show him how it works, so he does, severely damaging his own balance.

HK 43 sec. longer.

49:35 Min. - 53:12 Min.

After visiting the tattoo parlor, Baldy and King Kong are discussing possible leads and hunches. They meet Rose, the woman who photographs all new tattoos and refuses to hand over the photos of Gigolo Joe. When Baldy fails to "charm" her into forking the photos over, King Kong hands him a stocking to strangle her so she gives in. On the picture they see names of both women tattooed onto Joes arm, followed by a discussion about who gets to work on which woman.

HK 217 sec. longer.

62:03 Min. - 63:35 Min.

King Kong and Baldy are enjoying the service in the hospital, despite not being sick at all, since King Kong wants to have a go at Inspector Hos sister who works as a nurse. When she treats him he starts to goof around. After she left they talk about Ho.

HK 92 sec. longer.

69:40 Min. - 70:02 Min.

Baldy and Ho sit at the table much longer. He teases her, making remarks about her age.

HK 22 sec. longer.

71:16 Min. - 73:22 Min.

King Kong has a date with Hos sister. They play games and go rollerskating, intercut with Ho and Baldy at the restaurant, at the park and in front of the apartment where they notice that the have forgotten the key and bash the door in together.

HK 66 sec. longer.

74:49 Min. - 75:08 Min.

The theater director asks "What are you doing here?". King Kong swings the door into Baldys head. Baldy wants to identify himself but the director thinks they're fans and tells them to bugger off. When he turns around to give orders to his crew King Kong and Baldy sneak past him.

HK 19 sec. longer.

79:14 Min. - 79:35 Min.

King Kong puts up signs to confuse the dancer.

HK 21 sec. longer.

83:30 Min. - 83:38 Min.

The ending credits are longer in the International Version.

Int. Version 8 sec. longer.

The HK Version is about 568 seconds longer than the International Version.