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The Last of Us


Sinful Dwarf, The

original title: Dvaergen


  • International Version
  • Danish Version
Release: May 19, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Danish and the International version. AWE released both in one box set.

In this exploitation classic from Denmark the former actress Mary and her dwarfish son run a small guesthouse, which is nothing but a cover up for a torture chamber in the attic where women are held captive, drugged and raped.

For a long time only two different releases were available. The US-tape from SMV and a Japanese DVD. Both were the International version, which Harry Novak shortened for the US release. Two hardcore sex scenes and one explicit torture scene were trimmed. The Danish DVD from AWE is the first release that also includes the Danish version of the movie, which in comparsion to the International version misses one scene. The Danish Version of the DVD was mastered from an original film reel and has burned in Danish subtitles, which can be blurred optionally. The picture quality is relatively good but occasionally stained. Furthermore, some film tears are visible. The quality of the International version is slightly worse and like the Dutch DVD it seems to have been copied from the old SWV-tape.
running time:

Danish Version: 91:29 min. (PAL)
Internationale Version: 92:19 min. (NTSC)

During the sex between the girl and her John, a couple of more shots are shown. Some of them are quite explicit.

1:31 min.


In the Danish version the beginning of Leila's musical performance. Olaf plays the piano and Winnie is the only spectator.

The Danish version continues when Mary is shown again.

1:22 min.


Right after the John has decided for one of the other girls, the two have oral sex. In between and afterwards inter-cuts to Mary are shown.

1:45 min.

The scene where Olaf abuses Mary with a stick is longer in the Danish version.

1:21 min.