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Wedding Crashers


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 04, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Besides three naked ladies who are the alibi for the Unrated rating, the "Uncorked Edition" of Wedding Crashers offers nothing but unecessary scenes that add nothing new to the story and slow the movie down.
Theatrical Cut: 114:11 minutes
Extended Cut "Uncorked Edition": 121:49 minutes
Difference: 7:38 minutes in 7 scenes
John and Jeremy party longer and end up in bed with more women.
6,5 sec

At the wedding, both notice a woman Jeremy had already had sex with as "Shlomo" at another wedding. When she comes over to them, both quickly decide on one of their planned defense strategies. Shlomo who told the lady at the other wedding that he had to go to Nepal is now said to have had a diving accident in which he lost his sense of hearing as well as his memory. Shlomo makes strange gestures in a fantasy sign language and the woman pities him, whereas John says something about going to the bathroom and cookies, which seems to make Shlomo angry. This irritates the woman and she walks away but leaves them her business card. Jeremy and John turn back to normal. When Jeremy sees that the woman is a doctor he decides to call her again. That he's supposed to be deaf doesn't seem to matter.
101,5 sec

John and the treasury secretary talk about the secretary's son who sits alone at the pier. The secretary asks what John thinks about his son's behaviour and even here John has a perfect answer. He says that Todd wants to find his own way since having such a famous and successful father puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on him. Suddenly, Todd screams at the sea and his father, apparently because of John's explanation, seems to understand his son for the first time but he only shows his father his middle finger.
Meanwhile, Jeremy is together with the daughter of the secretary at the beach. He quotes Schoppenhauer and portays himself as a hero. He tells her that all humans are one, including the Olsen Twins and Harry Potter. The daughter is totally infatuated and Jeremy makes his next move.
166 sec

Gloria whips Jeremy's face with her hair longer. The butler notices that, makes a short remark and closes the door. In order to have a smoother transition between the scenes two seconds had to be removed from the Extended Cut. In the Threatical Cut Gloria and Jeremy are shown from the side here.
28,5 sec

After John has checked out the silicon breasts of the mother, he leaves the room and runs into Todd, who asks him about what happened. First, John tries to lie but Todd tells him anyway not to tell his father. His father has sent a former boyfriend of his sister to Guam before and he now has to live in a run down hut there.
46 sec

Jeremy goes into his room and sees the grandma in his bed. He wakes her up but because she is drunk he has to carry her out of his room. Outside they meet the butler who is outraged because he thinks Jeremy has done it both with the daughter and the grandma. Jeremy tries to defend himself but the butler doesn't listen to him. He only tells Jeremy to at least be tender with the grandma as she is almost 90.
83,5 sec

Jeremy talks with the priest longer about sex. Again three seconds had to be removed from the Extended Cut. In the Theatrical Cut, Jeremy gets himself a drink here.
28 sec