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  • Italian Version
  • Old German DVD
Release: Jun 14, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened German DVD released by 3L (=Italian version) and the uncut German DVD released by e-m-s.

- 3 cuts / mistakes of the master
- Difference: 9.4 sec (+ 10.3 sec -> longer black screen at the end of the movie)


In 1982, the movie Bomber apparently wanted to take Bud Spencer's previous success up which he established with the movie Uppercut. The scenery changed from the football field to a boxing ring but the gags as well as the quality of the fights are not as good as in the previous movie. Still, it's a nice little flick and Bud Spencer fans will definitively enjoy themselves.

Recently, many of the Spencer-/Hill-flicks were re-released in Germany. While some movies were just a re-packaged version of the older uncensored/uncut DVDs, others were completely re-released; for this, the producers unfortunately decided to use the Italian master for several movies which included several scenes that were shortened/censored.

The Versions

Similarly to The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid the 3L-reissue was the first shortened German release of the movie. Again, the reason for this is the fact that the movie was released in its official Italian version.
Fortunately enough, the viewers only miss out on a pretty short scene where Spencer gets a second course in the restaurant. Other shortened sequences are not really noticeable since they're only missing a few frames towards the beginning/end of the scene.

Additionally, the Italian-based 3L version is far away from being a "New Digital Remastered" version (as stated on the cover). Despite the original format (1.85:1) the 3L-DVD is not recommended.

Time designations will be listed as follows:
3L DVD / e-m-s DVD
14:26 / 14:26-14:34

As already mentioned in the intro, the 3L DVD misses out on Susanna coming back and serving a second course - crabs and seafood.
Bud throws it on his plate and comments that he takes all of the food because its healthy and gives him a good mood. From off-screen you can hear Jerry asking if he would help him.

7.7 sec

74:01 / 74:09-74:10

After Bud roughed up the restaurant, the following shot of the sunset starts a little earlier.

1.2 sec

89:27 / 89:36-89:37

A few frames are lost during a transition (sceptical Bud + Giorgio in the ring).

0.5 sec

On the e-m-s DVD, the music goes on a little longer while you only see a black screen. The 3L version instead suddenly stops.

10.3 sec

Here's a comparison of the image quality:

3L DVDe-m-s DVD