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Release: Jul 27, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version (both included on the American Blu-Ray released by Warner)

- 26 differences, 10 of them with alternative footage
- Difference: 386.1 sec (= 6:26 min)

James (played by Will Ferrell) has to go to jail. Darnell (played by Kevin Hart) is his consultant whom he turns to in order to settle his problems within 30 days. This results in several situations that are by no means a career highlight for Ferrell, yet fans might still enjoy the movie. Despite awful critical response the movie still grossed over 100 million dollars.

Just as usual, a longer version was released for home theaters which in this case offers a little over 6 minutes of additional footage. There are a couple of lewd/controversioal sequences, yet there is nothing that would not have troubled the R-Rating - except for maybe the oral sex scene.

Time designations are listed as follows:
Theatrical Version Blu-Ray / Unrated Version Blu-Ray
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04:46 / 04:46-05:01

After his trainer stepped to the side we can see James drinking something and saying something to the employee: "Good job, guys. We're all working hard today."
Dann kippt er das Glas aus.

14.3 sec

05:15 / 05:30-05:37

Two additional scenes of James and Alissa. He just explains to her the construction plan.
The following shot of James begins a few frames earlier in the Theatrical Version (not illustrated below).

Unrated 7 sec longer

05:20 / 05:42-05:51

Only in the Unrated Version Alissa answers something on the ambivalent question "Did it get bigger?"
Alissa: "Yeah, it did, baby. It's the dick of a king. It's your scepter."
James: "No, I mean the house."

9.4 sec

05:24-05:25 / 05:55-06:24

In the Unrated Version, Alissa continues her ideas of the house and starts licking James' ear.
Alissa: "Ten thousand square feet. Seven bedrooms. Two kitchens. Infinity pool."
James: "Is that a guesthouse for the guesthouse?"
Alisa: "Well, in case our guests have guests. And you have so many friends, baby. Don't you, Mr. Popular?"

The following shot of James begins a few frames earlier in the Theatrical Version (not illustrated below).

Unrated 28 sec longer

Alternative Scene
13:12-13:17 / 14:11-14:18

In the Theatrical Version James says: "You see, I didn't get to the place I am today by asking for handouts."
In the Unrated Version, there is an alternative shot and he goes on a little longer: "That's the magic of compounded interest. You see, I didn't get to where I am today by asking for handouts."

Unrated 1.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

13:34 / 14:35-15:05

The conversation is a little longer after James' refusal.

Darnell: "I'm one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. I mean, that's why I'm down here power-washing cars every day. I just felt with this face-to-face that you would... That you would wanna help a fellow business owner and job creator."
James: "I am helping you. By saying no."
Darnell: "Mr. King, that's--"
James: "That way, you can make it on your own."
Darnell: "Okay. Mr. King, I have a lot of people helping me that way already. And--"
James: "Great. Then you have a plan for success. Why didn't you tell me that?"

29.9 sec

13:48 / 15:19-15:25

Another short comment by james: "You know who else started in a garage? Hewlett-Packard. So you're in good company."

6.4 sec

Alternative Scene
14:36-14:38 / 16:13-16:33

Alissa's speech is a little longer and she asks a talking visitor to be quiet.
Alissa: "Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Everyone, just shh. Shh! You need to shh. Senator. Shh! Shh. Yellow tie. I see you. Thank you."

In the Theatrical Version you instead just see a shot of James and Alissa's dad.

Unrated 17.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

15:41 / 17:36-17:46

John Mayer has a first comment for James: "I wanna thank you personally for the Bradway Chemical buy."
James (clumsily): "Oh, sure. Ha-ha-ha."
John: "There's nothing I love more than making money. Not even chicks. Or dudes. I fuck anything."

In the Theatrical Version the following shot starts slightly earlier (not illustrated below).

Unrated 10 sec longer

17:06 / 19:11-19:15

After James is lead away, the shot goes on a little longer.
John Mayer: "Looks like you could use a friend right now."
Alissa: "What the fuck?"

4.3 sec

Alternative Scene
17:33-17:37 / 19:42-19:52

A different take of James whose speech is a little more extensive in the Unrated Version: "That I didn't steal money from people and that I am no Bernie Madoff."
Appropriately, this scene is followed by a first shot of a reporter in front of the protests who says: "A verdict is expected today in the mini-Madoff trial of James King."

Unrated 5.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

22:10-22:11 / 24:25-24:47

In the Theatrical Version, Darnell says during the same shot: "Everybody gets the dick"
In the Unrated Version, he says this sentence in an additional shot. After that, the conversation goes on:

James: "I don't want it."
Darnell: "You're not gonna get it. You'll be in for three months."
James: "I'm gonna be there for 10 years."
Darnell: "Goddamn! Ten years? Oh! Oh!"
James: "Why do you say it like that? It's not as bad as I've heard, is it?"
Darnell: "If you heard everybody fucking, it is. That's how bad it is."
James: "I didn't hear that part."

Unrated 20.9 sec longer

Alternative Scene
22:30-22:32 / 25:06-25:21

Only in the Theatrical Version you now see the confirmation "Yes" in an additional shot.

The Unrated Version stays with Darnell a little longer and James has an additional comment: "Look, you did your time. You paid your debt. And we as society should welcome you back, and we do. You and I are exactly the same. Except you can't vote, ever."

Unrated 13.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

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