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Digimon Data Squad

1.03 The return of Thomas

original title: Digimon Savers


  • US Version
  • Japanese TV version
Release: Jun 21, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Jim - external link: IMDB - more from this series
"Digimon Savers", or better known as "Digimon Data Squad" in the USA, iw the fifth series of the popular franchise revolving around the monsters of the virtual world and their partners.

As all seasons before, the fifth series too had been edited a bit. As usual the opening and ending were made anew. Unlike previous openings this one wasn't replaced with a monotonous rap song, but with a normal, new song. The titlescreen for the episode was also changed, just like the preview for the next episode. Those are typical changes for the US version.
The translation itself is good, but Agumon refers to Masaru (or Marcus in the US version, yet I stick to the Japanese names) as "boss", while he calls him "Aniki" (brother) in the Japanese version. Most likely this was changed because it could be seen as an analogy to the Yakuza, which have a family-like hierarchy.

The order for comparisons is:
Left: Japanese version
Right: US Version

This report is about:
Episode 03
US title: The return of Thomas
Japanese title: 帰ってきた天才トーマ!メラモンをぶっとばせ

About this episode: A typical edit for the US Digimon version: "nudity" was censored. It happened before in Digimon Adventures for example and again, some scenes where we see one of the characters under the shower were removed (though they are completely harmless). Also very typical is that a direct hit to the face has been removed.

The time difference in this episode is 8 seconds.
Three shots from Thomas under the shower were removed.

7 seconds

Masaru getting hit by the fireball was removed.

1 second

In the US version a scene was put in again that had been used before. In the original version Masaru aims for Thomas who blocks this punch without any problems.
The US version is slightly longer here.

+ 2 seconds