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1.01 Grim Ferrytale

original title: Glory Days


  • BBFC 15 DVD Version
  • German DVD Version
Release: Sep 01, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
So far, only the first DVD of "Demontown" has been released in the UK. It includes - like every other DVD so far - the first three episodes of the TV-series cut together as one feature film; however, one dialogue was additionaly slightly shortened. Apparently, the lable voluntarily cut this one sequence out since the BBFC report does not mention anything about it.

The series "Glory Days" was a huge flop and therefore discontinued after only 9 episodes. 2 of these episodes have not been released, yet.

Overall, there's 1 censored scene which results in 18 seconds of missing footage.
The time designations refer to the uncensored version.
15.03 / 15.45
Rudy talks about page 97 which says that the person's biggest source of insecurity is his repressed homosexuality. Mike tells him that this is about a character from a fictional story and does not refer to him. Rudy can't believe that Mike actually wrote about repressed homosexuality; they had been friends for years and apparently Mike thinks that Rudy is gay. However, Mike swears that he never did and never will.
18 sec.