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  • US TV Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Mar 15, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut US TV version on SyFy (TV-14) (shown on 20-12-2009 at 21:00 local time) with the uncut US unrated DVD released by 20th Century Fox.

Runtime of the TV Version:1:26:05 (1:25:39 without credits)
Runtime of the US unrated DVD:1:31:08 (1:27:21 without credits)

18 cut Scenes = 1 Min. 42 Sec.
2 censored images

The sequel to the original Joyride from 2001 was released unrated and direct-to-DVD. It is clearly more brutal than the first part, probably hoping to cash into the (still ongoing) popularity of torture/terror movies. This was obviously too much to get the highest rating (TV-14), therefore many scenes (including violence, nudity and consuming drugs) had to be cut (out).
Since the cuts are rather marginal, the movie still works even with these cuts (or not - depending on how/if you compare it to the first part [which was rather a psycho thriller movie] and of course how much the sustainable changes in Rusty Nail's motivation/behaviour bother you).

As usual for the TV network SyFy, the soundtrack was altered and all curse words like "Fuck!", "Motherfucker!", "Shit!", "Prick!" were simply muted - which is in fact a rather unfortunate choice of censorship, especially when you can clearly read from the speaker's lips what they are saying (but still can't hear anything).
Because these alterations are obvious for any viewer and are done like that throughout the whole movie, it will not be mentioned again in this report.

The runtime of the cut scenes refer to the uncut version.
The remaining difference in time results from rounding up/down the duration of the cut footage to full/half seconds.
The blonde prostitute informs Rusty about her little pricelist, wherefter he lights a cigarette, not at all commenting on what she just said. Then he wants to see what she has to offer; thereupon she shows him her boobs. At that, she asks him where he wants to go. He responds that he's heading home. She says that he could consider himself lucky. Then Rusty wants her to put her headdress off; she looks at him, irritated; but then she just pulls it off her head and runs her fingers through her hair.
37 Sec.

Censored Image
Kayla's middle finger is blurred in the TV version when she flips Rusty the bird (2 takes).
No difference in time!
TV Version:Unrated DVD:

The scene where Kayla pulls the young woman's corpse out of the freezer can be seen in another take - the upper body can be seen naked.
2 Sec.

A few frames of this scene (in which Kayla covers the corpse) were cut out in the TV version.
Few frames

The trucker cat-calls at Melissa that her breats are too small for him anyways and that he rather likes them huge; meanwhile she reaches for her stuff.
The beginning of this dialogue scene (which starts when Melissa starts walking on the unrated DVD) was deleted on the TV version's soundtrack.
7 Sec.

Rusty presses the cigarette lighter on the stump of Bobby's finger; Bobby screams in pain.
2 Sec.

Again, Rusty presses the cigarette lighter at the stumpf of the finger.
1 Sec.

The involuntary wound care continues, the first few frames of the following take (showing Bobby's damaged hand) are also missing.
1,5 Sec.

The baldie lights his joint a little earlier and in a closer shot.
2 Sec.

The baldie tages a huge hit from his joint, comments it with "Yeah, that's what i'm talking about!" and then takes another hit.
9 Sec.

The baldie recognizes Bobby's effort to call attention to himself, comments it with "What the fuck...?" and again takes another hit.
3,5 Sec.

Rusty cuts deeper into the baldie's head with the chain.
1 Sec.

A front shot of the baldie spitting blood, while Rusty continues pulling the chain through his head; there is also a shot from behind with a fade to Bobby.
1 Sec.

Rusty throws the baldie's disembodied jaw to Bobby in the footwell and asks "Did you see how his jaw dropped?". Then he grabs at Bobby's jaw, says "You like taking chances, huh?", but then only picks up his keys, starts the truck, adds "Well then I got a game for you!" and takes off.
25 Sec.

The take of Nik is a little shorter because of an early advertisement in the TV version, the following take of Melissa is left out completely. Even a few frames of the sideward shot of the car were cut out.
5,5 Sec.

Censored Image
Kayla's middle finger is blurred in the TV version when she flips Rusty the bird.
No difference in time!
TV Version:Unrated DVD:

The close shot of the middlefinger was shortened.
0,5 Sec.

A VERY short take of Nik with a pole in his head is missing.
A few frames

Another take of Nik with the pole in his head.
1 Sec.

Nik again for the third time, this time from a slightly wider angle.
3 Sec.

On SyFy, the credits are shown in a small window and an extreme fast forward while some commercials for the following broadcast are shown. The credits on the DVD are therefore (logically) distinctly longer (not included in the difference in time).
200 Sec.