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original title: Emanuelle nera


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • Italian DVD
Release: Apr 24, 2012 - Author: Demerest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the censored UK DVD released by Optimum Home Entertainment (BBFC 18) and the uncut Italian DVD released by Stormovie.

Overall, the UK DVD misses out on 265.48 seconds (approx. 4:25 min.) which result from 4 cuts.
Runtime of the censored version including credits: 1:23:26 min. (PAL).
Runtime of the uncut version including credits: 1:27:52 min. (PAL).
Time designations will be listed as follows: Censored / Uncut.

The second installment of the successful Black Emanuelle-series starring Laura Gemser was released in the UK for the first time on DVD in 2008. In order to receive a BBFC-18 rating, the studio had to censor 3 scenes of the movie. Besides a rooster fight and a mongoose fighting a snake, one of the rape scenes had to be cut out. Since the studio wanted to a void the hardly profitable BBFC R18-rating, they additionally decided to also cut out the scene where a woman sticks ping pong balls up her vagina. The Italian DVD by Stormovie is only one European alternative that includes the entirely uncut version.
0:00:00 / 0:00:00
The black screen at the beginning of the uncut DVD is a little longer.
0.12 sec.

0:26:15 / 0:26:15
Emanuelle takes some pictures of a rooster fight. The short cuts to Roberto, Jimmy, and the two women were cut out as well.
9.04 sec.

0:28:43 / 0:28:53
After the camera panned down to the ping pong balls, the BBFC already fades to the second dancer's performance. You don't see her putting the first ping pong ball in her vagina. She then continues to dance until the ball falls out. Jimmy picks it up and throws it to the dancer. While the dancer shoves some more ping pong balls inside of her, Emanuelle and Frances touch their accompaniment's crotches. At the end of the performance, the dancer lets all ping pong balls fall out of her vagina.
62.52 sec.

0:35:09 / 0:36:20
Emanuelle records the fight between a mongoose and a cobra. The cobra is chanceless and thus killed by the mongoose.
79.56 sec.

0:40:43 / 0:43:15
Emanuelle is held from behind. Subsequently, the men rip all of her clothes off. After pulling Emanuelle to the ground, the men rape her one by one. She doesn't really fight back and thinks of her encounter with Prince Sanit. At the end of the scene the men stare at her.
114.36 sec.

1:23:26 / 1:27:51
The black screen at the end of the movie is slightly longer on the uncut DVD.
0.48 sec.