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1.01 Grim Ferrytale

original title: Glory Days


  • DVD Version
  • TV Version
Release: Sep 01, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the shortened DVD released by e-m-s and the uncensored German Free-TV-Version.

The series "Glory Days" (aka Demontown) was pretty unsuccesful in the USA which is the reason why the American producers did not finish the first season. The series was dropped after 9 episodes (still to this day, 2 episodes have not been released).
The series was also not really a success in other countries - in Germany, for example, the series was at first aired in a censored version and later released on DVD. Instead of releasing the complete series, the studio decided to cut the episodes together to make 3 movies out of the first 7 episodes. This "Movie-Versions" has been released in the most countries in which the series made it to a DVD release. In february 2006, the German TV channel RTL 2 gave the series a second chance and aired it during nighttime and entirely uncensored.
The UK-DVD of Demontown 1 (2 and 3 or a complete box have not been released, yet) misses out on 20 additional seconds.
Overall, there are 14 cuts that result in an overall runtime of 505 seconds (about 8.5 minutes) of missing footage.

Runtime of the TV Version (not including credits): 43.15 min.
Runtime of the DVD Version (not including credits): 34.51 Min.
NOTE: For the DVD, the first 3 episodes where cut together to a "movie" - the runtime therefore only describes those scenes that originate from the first episode.

The time designations are listed as follows:
DVD Version / TV Version
Since the first three episodes were cut together to come up with a "movie-version", all the titlecards and openings/credits of the DVD version were not included in the TV version.

[A girl throws a fluffy toy to the ground.]
The DVD version misses out on a pretty long conversation between Mike and a woman who also takes the ferry. The two of them start talking about crime novels and the woman then talks about a book named "Glory Days" which she really liked and which was the reason for her to go to Glory. Mike (the author of this book) claims not to know the novel. The woman bids goodbye and Mike sees a man who bends over the railing.
[The man gets pushed off the ferry.]
91 sec

1.05 / 2.36
[After the man died we see a close-up shot of Mike.]
At this point the TV version fades out and then follows an opening-sequence which introduces us to the actors in a typical series-fashion. The following tracking shot (interrogation of passengers and the escort of the dead man's son) starts way earlier.
[The son of the dead man walks through the image, accompanied by a police officer.]
54 sec

2.52 / 5.18
[Mike watches Rudy.]
The woman from the first cut tells Mike that they should probably go home.
[The blonde police officer walks over the jetty.]
8 sec

3.43 / 6.17
[The blonde police offiver turns around.]
Then the blonde police officer goes towards Mike and the camera pans upwards. A boy sings "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" while he pisses in a well.
[Several girls leave their school.]
13 sec

4.00 / 6.48
[Mike's sister Sam approaches Mike.]
Mike shortly talks to her and she tells him about her nosering. Then she asks him if there are no tanning salons in New York.
Then follows a cut to the police station where you see that they arrested the boy who pissed in the well. Several police officers talk insistently to Rudy about the dead man on the ferry. Rudy asks the police officer who brought the boy to the police station why he was being arrested. The officer replies that he arrested him because it wasn't his first crime of that sort. Rudy then asks the officer since when he follows the school principle's instructions and he replies that he does so since the 8th grade.
[Then we see a close-up shot of a coffee can.]
55 sec

5.19 / 9.00
[Mike continues talking to Sam about his book and the characters in it.]
Then he says that he thinks that Sam's nosering is cool.
The well-wee-er is interrogated by Rudy; suddenly, the boy's mother arrives (a waitress named Hazel) and demands that Rudy imprisons her son. He doesn't want to and Hazel therefore angrily takes her son home.
[The door of the "Glory Gazette's" office is opened.]
53 sec

5.26 / 10.00
[A reporter refuses to write about the boy ho took a piss in the well; then a colleague asks her to change the printer's toner.]
The reporter replies that her colleague should ask Lou, however, the colleague replies that Lou is momentarily on the phone.
[The reporter points at the telephone handset in her hand.]
3 sec

5.57 / 10.34
[Printing ink splashes in to Mike's face and he spits a bit of it out.]
After a satirical comment, Mike's mother wipes the color off his face and then Sam and Sarah (a reporter) enter the room. The reporter asks Mike why he came around. He at first replies that he missed his family, however, then he shows her the letter. She claims that he wrote it to himself. Additionally she complains about Mike's book because it depicts his father's death as if it was a conspiracy to murder and for involving a few citizens of Glory. Sam replies that everyone dealed with his father's death in a different way.
[Cut to the autopsy of the dead man from the ferry.]
89 sec

6.54 / 13.00
[At the end of the autopsy the blonde police officer wants to know what happened.]
The scene fades out and after a short black screen we see an aerial perspective shot of Glory. Then the episode fades to a man who walks towards a pillar box.
[The man opens the pillar box.]
4 sec

23.23 / 29.33
[We see the headline of the "Glory Gazette".]
Nike enters the office and talks to his mother about the headline. The latter advises him to better stay close to the editorial department to be "safe" from Sarah. Then she leaves the office while Rudy enters it.
[Rudy argues with Mike becausae of the headline.]
28 sec

23.45 / 30.23
[Rudy says that he's got nothing.]
Rudy continues critise Mike for depicting him as a gay loac idiot. Mike replies that he's the actual idiot and that he never really believed that he book would be published. Rudy tells Mike that women often avoid him ever since the book came out because they think that he's a camouflaged homo.
[Then Rudy adds that Mike at least is successful.]
24 sec

26.13 / 33.15
[Shot of Barry.]
Mike is shown a little longer.
[Barry's interrogation begins.]
1 sec

27.29 / 34.02
[Barry's interrogation is over.]
Zane asks Sam whether or not she's convinced that Barry is guilty. She replies that she isn't sure. Zane wants to bring her home but she says that Sarah is already on her way to pick her up. Zane tells her that they in the meantime could have sex.
[Barry's mother telephones.]
22 sec

34.51 / 42.16
[Mike talks to Sam about her father's death.]
The scene fades to Mike meeting up with Rudy in the coffeehouse. Rudy demands to get some more coffee by Hazel and then the two of them congratulate each other for their success. Rudy complains about Mike depicting him as a gay guy. Apparently he suffered a depression because of Mike's book. Rudy asks if Mike thiks that he's gay be cause he cried when someone died in "Top Gun".
At this point, the TV version of episode 1 is over.
[Mike goes to the fair.]
60 sec