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God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition (Uncensored PS3 Version)

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God of War: Ascension


Censored Version
Rating: USK 18
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: US

Release: Apr 21, 2013 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: Tony Montana
God of War: Ascension is already the third sequel of the very successful God of War franchise. Ascension takes place before the events in the first one. It tells the story of Kratos who was tricked into murdering his own family by the God Ares. After Kratos had realized that he got screwed over, he swore to kill Ares. But this also required breaking the blood oath with Ares, he was convicted to be chained eternally in the prison of the damned - under supervision of the furies. That Kratos manages to escape and then creates a bloodbath beyond example is quite obvious I guess.

Similar to the first and second one, the European Version of God of War: Ascension has been slightly censored. One thing upfront: the alterations are neither striking nor do they spoil the fun when playing the game which means an import is not really necessary but that everyone has to decide that for himself of course.
All in all, there are three little differences: two of them are regarding humans or human-like creatures and the other one is a censored trophy obtainable in the process of the game.

Compared are the censored PEGI 18+ European Version (represented by the German Version) and the uncensored US Version (ESRB 17+).

1. Finishing Pollux
After a fight against Castor and Pollux, the player needs to go the mutilated Pollux and kill him by crushing his skull. In the Censored Version, the camera sticks with Kraots but the disgusting noises are audible in the European Version as well.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

2. Prison of the Damned
At this prison, the player needs to solve a puzzle. In order to solve it, a human body is fixed to a divice. It makes the elevator stop. But the body's arms get ripped off as soon as the character enters the elevator. The blood splatter has been removed from the the Censored Version.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version