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Release: Jul 13, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
This splattery comedy with pornstar Jenna Jameson and horror icon Robert Englund had a limited theatrical release in the US. For this, some cuts had to be made in order to secure the R-rating. But not only were some gory scenes cut to lower down their effect but also some scenes featuring nudity were replaced by more harmless shots. This is typical MPAA censorship and became almost normal for today's unrated releases.

The unrated version used in this censorship report comes from the German DVD, therefore the time codes and cut durations are in PAL.

Comparison between the censored R-Rated-DVD and the unrated DVD (both distributed by Sony).

11 cuts, 6 scenes with alternate material = 16,42 seconds
A picture of the US congress is missing.
1 Sec.

Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 0:13:57

Both versions have different shots of Kat stripping naked. While the R-rated version shows her from a bigger distance, the unrated cut shows her body from close range going up and is more explicit that way.

No time difference


Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 0:14:13

And again. The R-rated version shows Kat in a frontal shot showing off her breasts while the unrated cut offers a view of her naked rear end.

No time difference


Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 0:14:20

Same procedure.

No time difference


Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 0:14:50

Once more, the unrated version features more of Kat's body.

No time difference


Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 0:15:04

The unrated shows Kat's breasts, the R-rated is more harmless.

No time difference


0:34:28: Kat chews on the genitals of her victim. Also, Steve can be seen holding his blood splattering wound.
2,84 Sec.

0:44:09: Some frames are missing when Lilith rips the skull of her victim in two parts.
0,68 Sec.

0:44:12: And another removal of only some frames. Lilith has the man's tongue in her mouth. Not really explicit.
0,32 Sec.

0:44:13: Some more, bloody shots of the disrupted skull.
0,96 Sec.

0:44:16: Now there's a whole scene omitted. One can see the damaged head and Lilith eating some of it.
1,96 Sec.

1:13:56: The announcer rips some intestines out of the female zombie's stomach and throws them to the ground.
1,4 Sec.

1:14:13: Some frames are cut that show how she eats some of the brain.
0,8 Sec.

1:14:15: Ditto.
1,64 Sec.

1:14:16: Exactly 13 frames were cut to omit the view of her having a part of his head in her mouth and letting it fall out.
0,52 Sec.

1:17:21: After Jeannie got her head shot into pieces you can see the bloody result a bit longer in the unrated version.
1,28 Sec.

1:20:27: Only the unrated version shows the still shivering remains of the smashed heads of Lilith and her colleague on which the female soldier stands.
1,8 Sec.

Alternate Material:
Timecode Unrated: 1:25:37

The GI, who infected Kat gets a bloody headshot. The unrated shows this quite more explicitly. The R-rated cut has a more harmless angle here.

1,04 Sec.