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  • European DVD / BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 15, 2009 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
"Rob Roy" too belongs to the numerous movies that are still awaiting an uncut DVD release in Europe because they had to be cut in Great Britain for a lower rating. For example, in Germany the uncut version of "Rob Roy" was rated suitable for viewers of 16 years of age and up. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France etc. the movie was shown uncut in cinemas. Even the following VHS release from MGM was uncut. But as the movie was released on DVD years later, MGM once again decided to produce one DVD for most European countries, including great Britain. Since the reprimands for sexual violence in movies are rather strict and because the movie was planned to be released with a BBFC 15 rating the rape in the middle of the film had to be cut. The announced Blu-ray will be uncut, as Fox has guaranteed. To avoid legal problems in Great Britain the Blu-ray will not be released there for the time being.

Comparison between the cut European DVD from MGM with the uncut German Free-TV airing on ZDF (identical to the US DVD).

3 cuts = 14,64 Sec
Archibald (Tim Roth) rapes Robert Roys wife Mary (Jessica Lange) longer. The cut takes place before the soldiers outside the house gun down the cattle. - 2 shots: Mary on the table + Archibald grimacing.
3,44 Sec.

Archibald continues to rape Mary. The cut takes place after Robert Roys friend has woken up in the grass, hears the distant gunshots from the farm, takes his sword and starts running. Three shots are missing: Archibald grimacing again, Mary on the table while Archibald pulls her hair back and a long shot of Archibald behind Mary.
8,48 Sec.

After Archibald is done with Mary and asks his companion whether he wants to have his way with her too, his exposition of having greased her up has been cut.
2,72 Sec.