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Violence Jack 2 - Hell's Wind

original title: Violence Jack jigokugai-hen


  • BBFC 18
  • Italian DVD
Release: Oct 04, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the BBFC 18 version released on VHS as well as DVD by Manga Video with the uncut Italian DVD.

The second part of the Violence Jack series is less explicit regarding the sex scenes, still, the violence easily is on a level with the first part.

Pretty much every scene involvin violence towards women was cut out, along with other drastic killing sequences.

Run time:

Italian DVD: 54:32 min.
BBFC 18 version: 48:05 min.

6 scenes were shortend, making it 6:43 minutes of cut out footage. The remaining difference in time is a result of the different closing credits and the Manga Video Logo at the beginning of the BBFC 18 DVD.

A member of the gang cuts in June's cheek with his knife.

4 sec.


Tetsuya's left leg is cut off with a chainsaw.

June screams.

Tetsuya's right leg is cut off with a chainsaw as well. After that, his chest is cut open.

The guy with the hockey-mask gives the chainsaw to the fat guy who cuts Tetsuya's head off and laughingly presents it to the rest of the gang.

He goes to June and shows her the head. She tries to run away but she's stopped and gets beat up.

The fat guy opens her blouse and pulls her to the ground. He undresses June completely and rapes her.

2:07 min.


One of the villagers is hanged.

5 sec.


One of the villagers is tied to two different motorcycles which then drive to two different directions and rip him into pieces. The gang members laugh.

0:31 min.


Mrs. Keiko - who is tied to a tree - is fumbled by the fat guy. He asks the boss something. One of the gangmebners (Joker) approaches Mrs. Keiko, produces a knife and cuts her blouse open.

The fat guy rips the rags off her body; then Joker also cuts her skirt open. After a short dialogue follows a cut to the other gang members. Joker cuts Mrs. Keiko's panties.

2:15 min.


Joker approaches June and whispers something to her ear. He produces a knife and sweeps it over her body. While he does so, June writes something.

Joker watches his "artwork" and launches into the deathblow.

1:41 min.