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Release: Aug 22, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version, included on the German VHS, and the Unrated Version taken from the US DVD by MGM.

"Scarecrows" is a (literally) dark horror movie from the end of the eighties. The story may not be one of the greatest in the world, but the movie features a nightmarish intensity, especially achieved with the night vision shots. The lack of stupid teenie actors and humor and the sometimes pretty tough gore effects do their part as well.
However, in the cut R-Rated version they are almost all. The uncut version, has been released in 2007 in the USA on DVD.

Cut version = 79:17 min
Uncut version = 83:14 min
00:00 The MGM can only be seen on the uncut DVD and the writing “Effigy Films Present” is missing.
28 sec.

37:53 Roxanne can be seen standing at the window and listening to the radio chat longer.
3,4 sec.

39:09 Corbin hits Bert once more.
2,2 sec.

39:11 Curry presses Bert against the wall.
3,6 sec.

39:42 Corbin beats up Bert longer again.
1,6 sec.

39:55 And another punch for Bert.
3,2 sec.

40:06 Kellie, Roxanne and Jack can be seen standing around on the patio longer, the sound of the beating can still be heard.
3,7 sec.

40:08 Bert gets hit once more, then the three on the patio again. Jack approaches Kellie.
9 sec

41:35 After Bert asked Curry whether it was not enough already, the camera pans down his body. His belly is slit open and a dollar bill is stuck in it. When Curry wants to take the bill, Bert grabs his arm and sticks it in his own belly.
5,8 sec.

42:00 The camera pan to Kellie's face is a bit longer.
1,2 sec.

42:03 Curry draws his pistol and shoots Bert in the back. Cuts to Jack choking Bert and a stuffed bird. Bert slowly turns to Curry.
6,5 sec.

42:10 After Curry fell out of the window, Bert can be seen looking at his fingers which were bit off by Curry. In the meantime, Curry is spitting the fingers out. Kellie watches with a disgusted expression, the last shot of this sequence shows the fingers still moving at the ground.
8,7 sec.

42:23 Roxanne shoots a lot longer at Bert using the MG. He is unimpressed and continues to approach her. She shoots again while Curry goes into cover.
10,5 sec.

42:32 When Corbin severes Bert's head with the machete, the R-Rated does not show it falling to the ground. Cut to Jack, then Corbin cuts off Bert's hand and Curry can be seen kicking Bert's Torso away. The uncut features a different shot of Jack.
Uncut = 5,7 sec.
Cut = 0,9 sec.

42:44 After Corbin said that Bert was very light, he goes on to say that they have to cut him open. Corbin cuts Bert open from the neck on down. He discovers that Bert is filled with straw and is happy when he finds some money in his belly as well.
28,1 sec.

42:46 The two versions are a bit different at this position.
The cut version shows Curry turning around (not included in the original + 1,5 sec.), and then Kellie fleeing, Roxanne is watching her while standing in the door.
The uncut version shows a long shot of Bert's corpse lying on the ground, Corbin takes more money out of it. The camera pans upwards until Roxanne can be seen standing in the door.6,5 sec.

43:18 After the shooting of the Fowler's family picture, the shot of the fleeing Kellie is missing as it has already been used. Therefore no difference in time.

44:00 When Kellie finds her dead father on the cross, a shot of his open belly and the camera pan to his face are missing.
3,3 sec.

44:11 When Roxanne, Jack and Curry take the money out of Bert's belly, an additional shot can be found in the R-Rated version.
Uncut = 1,6 sec.
Cut = 2 sec.

44:18 A close-up of Roxanne, then a rather gory shot of Curry taking more money out of Bert. A shot of all three is following.
Uncut = 10,9 sec.
Cut = 1,4 sec.

44:21 The cut version shows a close-up of Roxanne again, whereas the uncut features Jack poking around in Bert's head with a knife.
Uncut = 3,2 sec.
Cut = 3,2 sec.

44:50 When Jack stands up and goes away, the R-Rated shows Roxanne and Curry. The uncut version contains a different camera angle, in which Bert's corpse can be seen as well. Roxanne then says to Curry that Jack seems to get nervous but that they should stick to the plan no matter what happens. During this, more close-ups of Curry taking money out of Bert are missing.
Uncut = 21,9 sec.
Cut = 4,2 sec.

45:24 A shot of Roxanne, Kellie, Corbin, Curry and Bert's corpse can be seen is missing, but it is a pretty dark one anyway.
3,7 sec.

45:27 Ditto. Roxanne approaches Kellie, but she pushes her away.
2,2 sec.

46:06 The R-Rated features a Curry, and the uncut again shows the same thing but in a different angle which also whos the corpse.
Uncut = 2,5 sec.
Cut = 1,4 sec.

49:28 Two gory shots of Jack's hand getting sawed off are missing, he is screaming very loudly.
2,4 sec.

49:33 Another close-up of the sawing.
1,7 sec.

49:37 The R-Rated only shows the knife going down but not how it his Jack's head (covered by a bag) and the masses of blood streaming out.
1,4 sec.

51:07 The beginning of the shot in which the scarecrow sews the hand to itself is missing.
8,6 sec.

51:20 The R-Rated lacks the complete shot of the hand.
2,7 sec.

54:04 Shot of Kellie and then Curry insulting her and telling her to shut up.
4,2 sec.

54:40 Longer shot of Corbin and then Curry swearing.
2,2 sec.

60:47 Close-up of the pitchfork in Roxanne's hand, she is trying to pull it out.
3,8 sec.

60:50 Three cuts directly after each other:
1. The knife sticking out of Roxanne's belly.
2. The dice getting splattered with blood.
3. The screaming Roxanne and the scarecrow holding her mouth shut.
4,8 sec.

60:53 The blood dripping on the dice can be seen longer.
2,9 sec.

64:04 The scarecrow hits Corbin's legs with the scythe twice, he is screaming. Intercuts to Kellie running away.
4,3 sec.

64:12 The scarecrow hits again in a close-up.
1,9 sec.

65:57 After Curry pulled away the sack, the R-Rated shows a dangling telephone handset, whereas the uncut shows a flashback to the moment when Bert's head was cut off and shots of the head in the fridge.
Uncut = 3 sec.
Cut = 1,4 sec.

66:38 Curry swears.
1 sec.

66:46 Beginning of a shot.
0,4 sec.

67:43 End of a shot.
1,2 sec.

67:45 Curry goes away from the door, suddenly a hand grabs his legs. He turns around and sees that it is Bert's torso. He shoots at it with his MG.
8,2 sec.

72:02 The camera pans to the back of the plane longer. At some point Kellie's dog can be seen, probably eating the what is left of of her dad and Corbin.
16,7 sec.

79:17 The MGM logo can be found after the ending credits on the uncut DVD only.
6,5 sec.