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  • European DVD / BBFC PG
  • US DVD
Release: Oct 16, 2009 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The movie:
The remake of „Peter Pan“ may be one of the most beautiful fantasy movies of the last years and is, in terms of ideas, atmosphere and flat out fantasy, more than a match for the „Lord of the Rings“ and „Harry Potter“ (although the storyline is not as epic and heavy as it is in the above mentioned series). Especially the score by James Newton Howard is somewhat magical and all around wonderful. Every film fan not solely interested in gallons of blood and tons of violence presented in the same way day in day out by titles such as „From Dusk Till Dawn“, „Braindead“, „The Boondock Saints“ and whatnot should definitely take a look.

The versions:
The European DVD from Columbia Tristar has unfortunately been censored in one scene. This applies to the German „Extended Version“ as well, the reason being once more the British version that was planned receive the PG rating. The BBFC informed Columbia already during the post production that a head butt in the movie would prevent a rating below BBFC 12a. So as the BBFC got to see the final version the scene had already been cut. The effect is the same but the cut was not officially conditioned by the BBFC, so the BBFC database lists the movie as uncut, albeit including a sidenote (see link). Unfortunately this censored UK version was then, just like „Spider-Man 2“ and „xXx 2“, released in most of Europe and even in Australia. Wrong, however, is the established information that the cut is two seconds long. To be precise, only 17 frames are missing which is less than one second. So this one tiny cut should be no reason to avoid the DVD altogether. However, unlike in „Spider-Man 2“, the DC of „xXx – Triple X“ and „xXx 2 – Reunion“ Columbia has not used alternative footage to hide the cut.

Everyone who wants to see the uncut version will have to settle for the US DVD.
Comparison between the cut German „Extended Version“ from Columbia TriStar (= UK DVD) and the uncut PG US DVD from Universal
Hook delivers a head butt to Peter Pan in the middle of the film. The European version only shows Hook striking out and his head approaching Peters face. Hooks head hitting Peters face and the following shot of the stunned boy is missing.
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