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original title: Unleashed aka Danny the Dog


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 16, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: *moritzd.m - external link: IMDB
After the U.S. theatrical release, the movie appeared simultaneously in two versions.
The R-rated version which is the theatrical cut and an unrated version.

Already when the movie has been shown in European cinemas, some magazines wrote that the European version was different in some points from the U.S. version. This apparently affected all countries where the movie hadn't been released with the title "Unleashed", but with the title "Danny the Dog". These countries weren't just European, but also states like Hong Kong. The versions can be kept apart right at the beginning because of different titles (except in the U.S., where both versions are called "Unleashed" but differ as "unrated" and "R-rated").

As it is known by now, the word "Unrated" doesn't have to mean something special or marks something worth to buy.
Sadly, it's the same with "Unleashed", the reason actually is that both versions are incomplete in different ways. The French version lacks some action sequences at the beginning when Bob Hoskins takes Danny to collect some debts. As this example shows, none of both versions can win the race for being the best cut. Same with the image format, none of the DVDs has real vantages. The German version has an open matte format (1,78:1) what causes more details in the upper and lower image but lacks some things on both sides. The original format is matted 2,35:1. Many discussions have shown that the opinions are quite different and anyone has to decide for himself which version he prefers. The most important point that stands for the French version is the steelbook package what should only be an argument for fans who
like nice packages.

The German FSK 16 DVD from Universum (Probably = R-rated) has been compared to the French DVD from EuropaCopr (probably = Unrated)

remark: re-cuts, what means scenes that are included in both versions but at different places aren't included in the comparison.
R-rated: 0.01.38
The titles are different. The "Unrated" shows "Danny the Dog" and the R-rated "Unleashed". It should be expected that all "Danny the Dog" versions are identical to the French version except of the U.S., where both versions have been released with the title "Unleashed" (but as "R-rated" and "Unrated").
no difference
Unrated left, R-rated right

alternative material R-rated: 0.38.47
Shortly after the title, the scenes are a bit different:

The R-rated version shows three shots. Firstly a shot of collar of Danny, then a short shot at Danny’s eyes and after that the last part of the shot of Bob Hoskins' face from the unrated version.


The unrated shows Bob Hoskins' face in a close-up when he orders Danny to catch the guy.
This shot is long enough not to cause any time differences between the R-rated and the unrated version.

no difference




Collection of debts

Mostly the fastened collection of debts at the beginning of the movie, when Bob Hoskins visits some borrowers with his guys and Danny to get his money, has been cut in the Unrated version.

Unrated: 0.08.28

The Unrated lacks a short scene, when Hoskins and his guys enter a building aggressively. Hoskins removes the collar from Danny’s neck and Danny starts to run to the stairs. The first frames like the white car of Bob Hoskins are missing too.

14,12 sec.

Unrated: 0.08.32

The Unrated lacks another shot, when Bob Hoskins' guys get out of the car. After that, they are walking through the alley that ends in a shopping zone. Bob Hoskins opens the collar. The next scene that misses is, when the car stops in another alley and Bob Hoskins' guys are walking up a stairway. The Unrated continues when Bob removes the collar from Danny’s neck who starts running.

30,96 sec.

Unrated: 0.08.38
Another scene with Bob collecting some debts is missing:
Bob removes the collar. After that some frames are missing when the car stops at the side of the rode.

9,04 sec.

R-rated: 0.36.31

The conversation between Danny and Morgan Freeman is a bit longer in the Unrated version where Morgan Freeman tries to convince Danny to leave the house. Freeman nods and tells him that he could need some help. After Danny asked euphorically if he should help with the pianos, Freeman tells him that he needs someone who brings Viktoria to school.
Danny looks a bit overstrained.

alternative material - shopping scene
Unrated: 0.37.40
R-rated: 0.38.47
The scene when Freeman and Danny are out to go shopping and Freeman shows him some tricks (how to find ripe melons...) ends differently in both versions. The Unrated shows a scene that lacks completely in the R-rated version what makes the Unrated much longer.

scene description:

Freeman tells Danny to stay by the melons (the just talked about kissing). Freeman animates Danny to try the trick with the melons too.
Danny starts enthusiastically and flips at the melon what makes him smile and Freeman asks him what the sound means.
Danny answers she should be ripe and Freeman asks him what ripe actually means. Danny answers that ripe means sweet and Freeman goes on with asking him what sweet means. Danny answers: "Good".
After that Freeman compliments Danny for the answer and asks him to clap in his hand and Danny follows the offer with a melon in his hand.
The R-rated shows some more frames of the ice-cream after that.

30,48 sec.


The Unrated continues totally different. Danny and Freeman are standing in front of a shelf, both are holding a bread in their hands.
Freeman smells on the bread and explains Danny how fresh bread smells.
Danny repeats the sentence and Freeman tells him to take some bread.
Danny follows the order and takes some bread.

(changed order)

The next scene shows Freeman’s apartment where Danny and Freeman put all the bought food at the kitchen table.
Freeman tells Danny that the next step will be much harder: cooking.
Freeman orders Danny to take a pot out of the cupboard. Danny obeys and Freeman goes on talking about food without noticing Danny’s mental absence. He notices the silence, turns his head and asks "You did find something, don't you?". Now we can see what Danny has found. He found some family pictures. Freeman starts to touch the pictures and explains every one of them. He tells Danny: "That's Viktoria as a child." and starts to tell Danny that Vikoria's father has been his best friend. He died before Viktoria was born.
Danny looks sadly and Freeman continues and tells him that Viktoria's mother has also been a good friend of his whom he married after Viktoria's father had died. Viktoria's mother died at a car accident when Viktoria was seven and he got blind. Freeman asks Danny if he has a family, Danny answers: "I don't know" and he tells him that everyone has a family. The conversation continues and Danny tells Freeman that he can't remember his family and Freeman answers that maybe he will remember. After that, he reminds Danny of the pot.

(changed order)

The next scene shows Danny in front of Viktoria's school.
He stares dreamy at a huge window that has just been closed.
When he sees Viktoria, he explains her that he wants to bring her home. She answers that they have to celebrate this and explains him why.

2 min., 33,28 sec (153,28 Sec.)





R-rated: 1.17.25
The R-rated lacks a part of the showdown when Danny throws a bad guy down and beats him a few times.

4,04 sec.

Unrated: 1.18.27
Therefore, the Unrated lacks a part of the next scene, when Danny beats another bad guy with a bludgeon in the stomach.
The R-rated shows three strokes, the Unrated just one.
0,72 sec.

R-rated: 1.20.57
After Danny and the fighter in the white dress have stopped for a moment, the first moment of the fight misses when both of them kick each other in the chest. The next kick, when both of them kick there shinbone, is included.
1,24 sec.

R-rated: 1.20.59
The R-rated lacks some more kicks. At the end, Danny hits his opponent what makes him fall.

2,68 sec.

Final scene

R-rated: 1.29.52
The end, when Danny watches Viktoria playing piano, the shot of his touched face is longer in the Unrated version. The shot of Freeman misses too in the R-rated version and the Unrated shows Viktoria a bit longer while playing piano.

8,24 sec.

alternative material
Unrated: 1.31.26
R-rated: 1.30.16

The last shot, when the camera spins around Viktoria and we can see Danny mother playing is a totally different one in both versions.


After Danny’s mother is shown, we can see Danny with another little boy painting at a table. The camera starts moving through the piano and the End-Credits start.

44,96 sec.


The Unrated firstly shows Danny’s mother who is smiling, a bit longer.
The next shot shows Danny again who is still listening to the piano music. The camera moves to his face and we can see tears in his eyes.
End credits...
8,32 sec.