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Release: Sep 27, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British release by Troma/Bravo (BBFC 18) and the German version released by Troma Germany (FSK 18).

Troma's contrary interpretation of Shakespeare's play is well-known today - unlike the fact that the German version is a special extended version of the movie: the deleted scenes from the US release were inserted into the movie. Therefore, the UK version is not shortened, it is simply the regular version as meant by the director.
The remaining difference (regarding the duration of the movies)results from the different speed of the versions (PAL vs. NTSC).
The time designations refer to the UK version.
UK video cassette = 102:39 minutes
German VHS/DVD = 114:02 minutes

Difference between the UK and the German version = 7:01 minutes.
At the costume party: Vic, one of the Capulets' friends, runs towards Tyrone Capulet, crying and holding a slimy whatsoever. After Tyrone greets him, Vic explains that the slimy thing is Sammy's brain that he found next to his dead body on the street. Subsequently, Vic and Tyrone go to Cappy, Juliet's father. When they show him the piece of the brain, Cappy confuses it with a snack and puts something of it in his mouth. Vic gets sick. Cappy admits that it tastes terrible but still wants to try some more. The next moment we see Cappy and the others in front of the house. He throws up and curses because of having found out what he just ate. Vic swears to tell everybody about Sammy's death. Cappy replies that at this point nobody else should find it out, since the Ques are also invited to the party. Then he tells Tyrone and Vic about his plan to get rich with the help of his colleagues. At the end of the scene he also says that they should have an eye on detective Scalus since he would only be pleased to see hin behind prison bars.
113 sec.

Inside the Ques' house. You see Murray in front of the TV, as well as Benny and some other guy. They stand in front of a terrarium with a lizard inside. Benny beaks out a mouse and the two of them start to philosophize about mouses and lizards. Suddenly, Tromeo enters the room and Murray tells Benny that Romeo fell in love with a girl at the party. When he tells him that the girl is a Capulet, Benny angrily throws the mouse inside the terrarium where it is instantly eaten by the lizard. Then Tromeo tells Benny that he finally really fell in love. Benny is huffy.
102 sec.

Before the cops storm Benny's apartment, we see benny having sex with his girlfriend. During the act of sex he declaims poems, obviously to her pleasure.
101 sec.

Directly after the lettering of the epilogue, Tromeo and Juliet sit around in their apartment - both seem very squalid. She plays her guitar and sings a sad song. Tromeo accuses her of being lost without her father's money; he also says that she assumes that he is a scallywag. She confirms this and out of frustration he gets his shotgun, puts it in his mouth and pulls the trigger. Blood splashes on the wall. Somebody knocks on the door and asks what's going on. Juliet puts a dagger to her neck and cuts her carotid atery. Blood runs down her neck. This would be the (modernized) ending of Shakespeare's play if it wasn't for a "rip" of the whole screen, revealing the whole scene to be Juliet's dream.
105 sec.