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Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video

original title: Don't Try This At Home: The Steve-O Video


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 27, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK-DVD (BBFC18) and the german DVD (not rated)

In the year 2000, the infamous Stunt-/Comedy-/Trash-Show"Jackass" debuted on MTV.

One can safely emphasize three persons who have remained in the audience's heads, not least because of their other following public performances.

Johnny Knoxville has worked on several other Mainstream-Comedies such as "Dukes of Hazard" or "Walking Tall" and therefore has set foot in Hollywood.

Bam Margera has, shortly before Jackass, already released the first part of his Skate-, Comedy- and Stuntshow-series "cKy", which consists of four parts now. But probably more famous are his MTV-Shows "Viva La Bam" and "Bam's Unholy Union". Also, he appears as a character in several video games of the Tony-Hawk series.

Then there is Steve-O, formerly employed at a circus, who has also travelled the world with colleague Chris Pontius for the MTV-show "WildBoyz".
Incidentally, the three Don't Try This At Home"-Videos have been released, as well as the virtually-sequel "The Early Years", showing old footage that has not been released before.
Also, he has released a Rap-Album. Otherwise, Steve-O was mostly getting attention in a bad way - after his drug problems got worse and worse and an attempt to kill himself, he was taken to an asylum. In June, he confessed himself guilty of owning cocaine, so he is facing a suspended sentence.

But that only as a sideline and moralizers who already thought "Jackass" was going too far should be warned. Steve-O solo puts the thing to a whole new level. A body hair waxing in the pubic area, the consumption of grilled rats or the testicles stapled to the thighs might be too much for some audience.

Any of the Steve-O movies was censored by the BBFC, so the (also the often in online shops advertised copies) UK-DVDs of all installments are cut, even though they have got the highest rating, "BBFC 18"! So, before buying, better take a close look or ask what country the advertised DVD comes from.

Don't Try This At Home Vol. 1

Part 1 has a special position, because the british version contains scenes the German DVD misses.
On you can read the following:

"The retail version of the Steve-O video has 57 seconds of missing footage, while the internet version remains intact. The missing scenes are 'Bong Water', 'Tour Intro' and 'Marijuana Pipe'."

It is exactly those scenes you can only find in the UK-version. Only the German DVD was available for comparison, but according to this statement, the footage should also be missing on the US-DVD. Whether it was deliberate censorship due to drug consumption is hard to tell, but by reference to the remaining, still contained footage, this seems rather unlikely.

For the UK-DVD, there, once again, had been scenes cut, which could be end bad for imitators. In part 1, that means the wodka-injection directly into Steve-O's venes and several experiments with fireworks. One of the scenes, though, is still depicted on the backside of the UK-DVD's box (Steve-O in the car with fireworks on the back seat).

While in part 3 ("Out on Bail") the bonus video "PCP saved my life" has been cut, the pretty heavy short bonus video "The Career Ender" on the compared copy of part 1 has surprisingly remained uncensored.
Only the pretty unspectacular outtakes during the credits (Steve-O tries to say his intro text in front of a blue background, but misspeaks all the time) both versions run a little differently and partly with alternative footage, the UK-DVD is a little longer. But because this has no censorship background, the following CR concentrates on the main movie.

Runtime designations relate to the cut BBFC 18-Version- BBFC18: 30:43 min
* 4 cuts, of that 1x alternative footage
* cut length: 164,1 sec (2:44 min)

- German DVD: 32:23 min
* 4 cuts
* cut length: 64,6 sec (1:04 min)
Alternative footage

In the uncut version, there is a short prospect of the stunts with fireworks in the face (Steve-O lets a mini-rocket start from his nose). Actually a pretty pointless cut, because this scene was later, in a longer form, still contained resp. a different part of it was censored.

In the UK-Version, that was replaced with Steve-O licking a hairy men chest. A scene from the bonus video "The Career Ender".

no time difference

BBFC18German DVD

Cut in the German DVD

After the "Ice Skatin"-Stunt, something actually is missing in the German DVD.

A pretty young Steve-O proudly presents his pretty vagabonded bong. As the camera goes backwards, he brings himself to take a nice sip bong water. He burbles and has to fight choking, but manages not to throw up.
Someone behind the camera laughs and Steve-O grins happily.

This is obviously a pretty old recording, thus the relatively bad quality.

+ 20,9 sec


The close-up of Steve-O's arm getting injected with vodka is missing. A little blood is dripping out of the insertion wound and the two are joking a bit about the vodka in his veins.

23,2 sec

Cut in the German DVD

Again, the UK-Version shows a bit more: Before the trailer for "Don't Try This At Home Vol. 2 - The Tour" is shown, there is a little intro of Steve-O in a hotel hallway.
He says someone has called him and ordered him to Cleveleand resp. Steve-O should get money for stunts etc. there (he is probably talking about Nick Dunlap). Therefore, an entire show has been developed from that and thus, the "Don't Try This At Home"-Tour originated.

+ 12,9 sec

Cut in the German DVD

Here, in the UK-Version, the title writing is being faded in before "shows and misadventures on the road".

+ 3,6 sec


In the uncut version, the trailer continues here, though.

A girl wants to sit down on a chair which breaks. Short take of someone incinerating his beard with a big lighter-flame. Then, much more heavy takes of the show (and backstage), i.a. with naked skin and punches in the face with the skateboard.

Questionable, whether this was intentionally censored. The second video shows the exactly same summary in the UK-Version in the beginning - only the take of the attacking skateboarder was alleviated, whose appearance had to also be entirely removed from the British version.

30,6 sec

Cut in the German DVD

Again, additional footage only in the UK-Version.

Before the fireworks-tests start, you see Steve-O in the car with a small pipe. He lights it and smokes, then he needs to cough hard. He blows the smoke in the camera and then grinningly lights another bowl.

+ 27,2 sec


The UK-Version fades out after Steve-O on the ground has shot a rocket from his butt. The rest of the fireworks-experiments are missing accordingly.

First, Steve-O stands on his car, loaded with fireworks. Now, everything explodes for a while and Steve-O does some kind of dance to the final crackers.
His engine bonnet is shown again, which, of course, looks pretty wrecked.

He tests the next product with the indication "This one we're gonna blow up in my car!"
Steve-O keeps his ears shut and stands directly over the thing on the ground, and, shortly after, stands there completely illuminated.

Christ Pontius makes himself ready and says, Steve-O is probably afraid of doing this alone.
The two get in the car and after a little "security measure" the fireworks on the back seat get lit.
Steve-O starts driving and whistles, after a short while though, he cannot take it any longer in the smoke and gets out.
The smoking car again, and the two amuse themselves.

all in all 110,3 sec