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  • Theatrical Version
  • Special Edition
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: abyss - external link: IMDB
Additional end titles + title flashes of the Recut version: 14:45 minutes
Additional scenes: 10 scenes with a duration of 6:55 minutes
Cut scene: 1 scene with a duration of 7 seconds
Alternative scene: 1 scene, 16,5 seconds

A few month after the first publication of the single-DVD in the USA, Alliance Atlantis published a Special Edition, which also contains a Recut of the movie besides the theatrical verision. All three episodes and the scene with Josh Hartnett have been separated and can be selected individually. Furthermore there are 10 new scenes. You can indeed stick closer to the comics with the allocation, nonetheless the cut of the theatrical version was the better choice for a movie. Especially the part with Josh Hartnet seems to be a little bit lost.
With the new inluceded scenes every single bit of the comics is in the movie but they are not of great importance. However the last scene with Miho doesn't appear in the third comic "The Big Fat Kill".
At this point both scenes with Josh Hartnett, which were seen at the beginning and the end of the movie in the theatrical version, were combined to one episode. There is the Sin City logo of the theatrical version between both parts. Especially the seperation of the Becky part from the actual end of the movie is kind of unfavorable.
No time difference.

Theatrical version: 18:35
Recut version: 5:44
Marv leaves the flat of his probation assistant using the roof and goes to his mother's house. He takes off his shoes and sneaks into his nursery to fetch his pistol "Gladys". Always very aware that his blind mother doesn't hear him, because she surely would again persuade him to stay for the night. Furthermore the memories in his nursery always make Marv become very sentimental. Then his mother suprises him. She is worried about her boy.
85 sec

Theatrical version: 19:33
Recut version: 8:06
Marv grabs a guy named Weevil in the pub, takes him by his nuts and throws him on the table. Then he tells the guy, that he should spread the rumor that Marv is going from pub to pub, gets drunk and is mourning terribly because of a girl named Goldie.
34 sec

An episode with Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba, which was seperated into two parts in the theatrical version, was once again combined.

Theatrical version: 81:43
Recut version: 8:22
Hartigan, who is badly injured but not dead yet, is taken to the hospital where the doctors are saving his life. Still in a coma his wife is coming to his bed and asks him wheter he really raped the little Nancy. He is not able to answer. Then his assigned councels and some colleagues are seen, which don't see any hope for Hartigan. At the end there is also a nurse, who is indeed willing to wipe his ass clean because its her job, but also hopes that he will be locked away forever.
85 sec

Theatrical version: 89:59
Recut version: 17:59
Hartigan is calling Lucille an asks her to help him with the things he is planning to do to get out of prison. Lucille, who always believed in Hartigans innocence, is happy about to agree to a deal with the police. However she believes that Hartigan is set free because the mighty ones are frightend and not because he is going to plead guilty. She is mad at Hartigan as she finds it out.
134 sec

Theatrical version: 89:59
Recut version: 29:37
At this point is a cut in the Recut version: Nancy grasps Hartigan in his crotch. He takes her hand away and says that he could have been her grandfather.
7 sec

Theatrical version: 103:47
Recut version: 33:52
A piece of the strange dialogue between the cleaners Shlubb and Klumb in the car on their way to Hartigan is missing after Klump complains that the car is not inconspicuous. Shlubb replies: "Protest thought you might, Mr. Klump, you must nonetheless admit the sheer phallic magistry of said Ferrari's performance. An engine of Cyclopian power throbs beneath this steel stallion's hood."
12,5 sec

Theatrical version: 103:47
Recut version: 33:52
Another part of the conversation, shortly before they go into the motel room. After Klump is worried about where to hide the corpse in that car. Shlupp: "A worthy concern. Neatly elucidated."
8 sec

Theatrical version: 50:56
Recut version: 4:51
Shellie is threatening Jackie Boys friends longer with the knife. One guy puts a gun to her head.
8 sec

Theatrical version: 54:37
Recut version: 9:37
Alternative graphic material: In the TV Jacki Boy is only drinking. In the Recut version his entourage is cajoling him.
Recut 16 sec longer

Theatrical version


Theatrical version: 65:25
Recut version: 9:37
The dead Jackie Boy is longer talking at Dwight as the police patrol is chasing after them.
15 sec

Theatrical version: 81:00
Recut version: 39:11
Manute and two other guys are running away from the massacre.
5,5 sec

Theatrical version: 81:03
Recut version: 39:21
The three Baddies, who just ran away, meet Miho. One guy takes the dwarf as shield, but Miho dashes her sword through both of them. Then she takes on Manute and cuts him in half from top to bottom.
29 sec