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Release: Oct 05, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the unrated version. Both DVDs were released by Universal. The nude scenes, which were removed in order to receive the R-Rating, were reinserted. There are no additional scenes dealing with the plot. Instead, 100% of all cut scenes are dealing with the display of naked breasts. Being the only exception and with it the most important reason for purchasing this version is the now complete Matt-Stifler-masturbation scene. Altogether the new scenes improve the movie, meaning that now there is more of the stuff one expects from a movie of that genre.
The Unrated version is 190 sec. longer than the R-Rated version!

29:38 Min. - 29:41 Min.

The naked female tutors in the shower are shown considerably longer.

Runtime: Unrated 3 sec. longer.


30:00 Min. - 30:05 Min.

Once again the tutors are shown in all their gorgeousness.

Runtime: Unrated 5 sec. longer.


30:11 Min. - 30:24 Min.

The shot of Matt is longer and being in the off the two tutors continue to talk about breasts. Afterwards some juicy pictures from the shower are shown until the camera lens starts to steam up and the R-rated version continues.

Runtime: Unrated 13 sec. longer.

44:42 Min. - 44:53 Min.

Ernie watches a clip of the naked tutors´ dance show in the shower on Matt´s laptop. In the R-rated version one can see briefly Ernie clicking the camera window closed after Matt entered the room - that he closes the window is shown in the unrated version before he comes in.

Runtime: Unrated 10 sec. longer.

45:07 Min. - 45:12 Min.

They both watch the dance show in the shower. The R-Rated version shows an additional shot of Matt instead of the dance show.

Runtime: Unrated 3 sec. longer.


45:23 Min. - 45:28 Min.

Again the dance show in the shower. In exchange for that the R-rated version shows shots of Ernie and Matt.

Runtime: no runtime difference.

50:09 Min.

The shot of Sheree taking off her bra is in the R-rated version longer in the beginning of the scene and in the unrated version longer in the end of the scene – thus her breasts are visible in the unrated version but not in the R-rated version.

Runtime: no runtime difference

50:11 Min. - 50:21 Min.

More topless action with Sheree, partly in night vision.

Runtime: Unrated 10 sec. longer.

50:42 Min. - 50:59 Min.

The R-rated version shows the shot of Big Oscar and Sheree in action only on the small camcorder monitor – however in the unrated version the scene is at first shown all over the screen, only then the camera zooms away and the R-rated version starts again.

Runtime: Unrated 11 sec. longer.

59:19 Min. - 59:22 Min.

In the R-rated version the tutor takes off her t-shirt – in the unrated version they both apply sun screen on each other.

Runtime: no runtime difference

60:21 Min. - 62:37 Min.

Inside the outhouse Matt realizes that the first stall is occupied and the second one is broken. Enforcedly he uses the broken one, which really is in a shitty state, literally. After he has become his initial disgust, Matt starts to masturbate using the sun screen tube, having sex phantasies of miscellaneous female characters of the movie as well as his hautboy. After he had his orgasm he leaves the stall, but not before flooding it.

In the R-rated version there is just a small clip of Matt entering the stall and of the shot from the unrated version of the two tutors applying sun screen on each other.

Runtime: Unrated 129 sec. longer.


73:06 Min.

The "Bandeez gone wild"-video in the end of the R-rated version is censored because the last shot was exchanged against a more harmless one.

Runtime: no runtime difference



69:57 Min.


 Again a small clip from „Bandeez gone wild“ was exchanged so that it is censored.

Runtime: no runtime difference

73:39 Min. - 73:43 Min.

In the unrated version the two tutors are shown taking off their towels, standing topless.

Runtime:  Unrated 4 sec. longer.


73:53 Min. - 74:02 Min.


Again the two women topless in several shots. The R-rated version shows more harmless alternatives.

Dauer: Unrated 1 sec. longer.



74:10 Min. - 74:11 Min.

Again an additional shot of naked breasts.

Runtime: Unrated 1 sec. longer.

74:17 Min. - 74:19 Min.

Again, the unrated version shows breasts, this time while the robot-splitscreen-shot.

Runtime: no runtime difference

82:34 Min.

When Matt watches the shots from Band Camp, some of them are exchanged ones.

Runtime: no runtime difference

The unrated version runs about 190 seconds longer than the R-rated version.