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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Nov 29, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the UK Blu-ray by Universal)

- 20 differences, among them 2 with alternate footage
- Length difference: 616.8 sec (= 10:17 min)

After Seth MacFarlane's Ted became the most successful "originally" R-Rated comedy ever (more than $500 million at the box office), he dedicated hisself to a project he was really keen on: A Million Ways to Die in the West. In 2015, he finally made the sequel Ted 2. With a box office result of $215 million, he fell short of expectations (according to a humorous statement in the commentary, a particular dinosaur movie played a part in it) but the result was satisfying anyway. Especially for fans, there are a lot of laughs in it (despite some rather serious scenes), it just feels like an extra-long episode of Family Guy.

Similar to the Griffins and Seths previous two big screen movies, a longer "Extended Version" or "Unrated Version" with approx. 10 more minutes has been released on Blu-ray and DVD. As often, the new footage was not removed from the Theatrical Version for censorship reasons. Although it is obvious that most of that footage was cut for pace reasons, fans will enjoy it. Especially the additional guest appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher and David Hasselhoff are an upside which, at the end of the day, make the Extended Version the better one.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version / Extended Version
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01:49 / 01:49-02:25

The wedding ceremony starts earlier - including shots of the band and dancing guests.

Man on stage: "Thank you, folks! We're gonna take a short break and pass things over to DJ Nightshade."
The DJ starts playing Celebration.

36 sec

02:49 / 03:25-03:39

The DJ plays another song and Ted does not like it hence he throws a bottle: "No! No! I said no Electric Slide! Goddamn it, you will not wreck this night with your forced white people group fun!"

14 sec

Digital Effect
02:49-03:33 / 03:39-04:27

Consequently, there are several subsequent shots of Ted with the beer in his hands while he does not have that beer anymore in the Extended Version.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

03:24 / 04:14-04:18

After "That's somebody's fucking daughter!", Ted comments the clip on TV: "You know what, Johnny? It's entirely possible it's his daughter."

4.3 sec

03:43 / 04:38-04:54

Ted's pep talk is exclusively in the Extended Version.

Ted: "Hey, listen, don't let her drag you down tonight. Okay? This is a party."
John: "I'm sorry, buddy. I don't mean to mess up your big day."
Ted: "What? You kiddin'? You're not the one messing it up. Check out Tami-Lynn's asshole brother in the wheelchair."
Then a shot of the brother in a wheelchair complaining: "If you don't dance with me, you're a monster!"
Someone stumbles over him and he starts swearing: "Watch it, you fuckin' tool!"

16.5 sec

04:10 / 05:21-06:04

Sam Jones turns away. Then more pep talk by Ted plus John and he get on stage - there is a big bang reunion with the Thunder song.

Ted: "Hey, hey, what do you say we do the thing, huh? That'll cheer you up."
John: "Fuck it. Let's do it."
Ted: "There he is!"
Theyy approach the stage: "Attention, everyone. May I have your attention, please? Johnny and I have prepared something very special for you here. Let's have it, fellas."
The orchestra starts playing and they sing: "When you hear the sound of thunder don't you get too scared. Just grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words - Oh, fuck you, thunder! You can suck my dick! You can't get me, thunder 'cause you're just God's farts. Yeah!"

42.8 sec

11:06 / 13:00-13:04

Ted reacts for the first time when he is denied a drink: "Oh, come on. I been coming here since the '90s."
Allison (while a picture of Ted is shown): "Sorry, buddy. No can do."

4.1 sec

14:47 / 16:45-17:30

After the agree to have a baby, only the Extended Version shows them having intercourse. Like in the first installment, their superior Frank witnesses the act - and surprisingly, he speaks in high terms of Ted afterwards.

Ted during intercourse: "Lemme know when you're ready to go, and I'll stick a bottle of Newman's Own in ya. All the profits go to charity."
Tami-Lynn screams some more.
At the office, Frank says: "You had sexual intercourse on a pile of raw hamburger meat that we're supposed to sell to the public for their Fourth of July barbecues."
Ted: "I fucked her with a pack of Freedent. Then I put it back on the shelf and a senior citizen bought it."
Frank: "That took guts. We need guts. I'm naming the store after you."

45.3 sec

17:57 / 20:40-20:47

After they dump the laptop in the water, they resurface in the Extended Version and Ted says: "Okay, we'll come back once every three months, take a dive and check on it."

7 sec

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