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Release: Sep 21, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
With a budget of 150 million dollars the second film based on one of Dan Brown's novels made a little less than half a billion dollars at the box office worldwide. Compared to The Da Vinci Code the film is noticeably better paced and better in general but fans of the book have still been pretty critical about it. The film had a running time of 2:20 hours in the Theatrical version so when an Extended Version was announced for the home cinema market one had to wonder if it could really improve the film because additional running time is not always a good thing.

And in deed, the additional plot scenes are anything but necessary to keep the story going. Far more interesting are the violence extensions which outnumber the other changes. Additional to new scenes some shots look like blood has been removed for the Theatrical release in the US in order to secure the PG-13-Rating (for sequences of violence, disturbing images and thematic material). The MPAA gave the movie an R-Rating, anyway, and gave the desired PG-13-Rating only after approximately five minutes were cut out. Unfortunately, we do not know if the Extended Version is identical to this original version, but the violence extensions that can be witnessed here are definitely worth an R-Rating.

Those who did not like the Theatrical version will surely not be convinced by the Extended Version but it does leave a rougher impression.

Comparison between the Theatrical version (PG-13) from the UK-DVD and the Extended Version from the UK-Blu-ray (both from Sony).

27 differences, including

1 scene using alternative footage
1 extended scene using alternative footage
4 extended scenes
9 additional scenes
12 violence extensions

The Extended Version is 440.08 seconds or approximately 7 minutes and 20 seconds longer than the Theatrical version.
Alternative footage
TV/Extended: 0:11:20:
Robert climbs out of the water in a different way. Only in the Extended version he climbs out of the pool.
The Extended version is 2.6 sec. longer


Additional scene
Cardinal Strauss talks to his colleagues and when he sees Father Simeon he says goodbye to them to walk a bit with him.
Simeon reports that Commander Richter assured him that his men do anything to find the four Preferiti (favorites to the pope-succession). He suggests that Strauss should already begin the ceremony before the cardinals are found and freed but Strauss responds that this is impossible because they are not electable that way. He also dismisses the possibility to candidate himself because he is chosen to lead the election ceremony.
After that Simeon mentions that the camerlengo asks how long he should wait until the next announcement to the public. Cardinal Strauss says that it takes as much time as the cardinals need and that another announcement to the public is not necessary. Simeon's objection that the people might think that something is wrong is interrupted by Strauss who says that people will think what they are told.
89.84 sec.

Additional scene
The assassin parks his car in a building, gets out and walks into a hallway carrying a bag.
24.24 sec.

Additional scene
Robert and Vittoria go into the document chamber. Robert assures Vittoria that it is normal to feel dizzy at the beginning. She says she hopes so because right now she feels like diving with the wrong oxygen mixture. Robert says that they have enough time and points to his watch but takes it back, immediately, but Vittoria is amused because his watch contains a Micky Mouse image. Robert says that this is a long story.
Then a short scene of several carabinieri walking through the rooms with guard dogs.
35.36 sec.

Extended scene
Useless extension. Robert looks about for a little longer. We see a water basin with a few drops falling in it and Robert looking at some planes moving in the wind.
14.24 sec.

Extended scene
Robert and Vittoria look about, one of the police men blazes a trail through the chapel with his gun pulled.
7.84 sec.

Extended scene
Another extension of Robert and co. searching the chapel. Robert and Vittoria startle for a moment but the source of the sound turns out to be a rat pretty quickly.
20.56 sec.

Violence extension
The dead body of the cardinal whose face is being chewed on by a rat can be seen earlier.
2 sec.

Extended scene
Chartrand looks at the oxygen scale and then at a funnel. Meanwhile, Robert is walking through the chamber pulling out some books. Chartrand closes a drawer that Robert has left open and keeps following him with his eyes. Then Robert sits down on a table and broses in a book.
38.4 sec.

Additional scene
The camerlengo orders a servant to open the pope's grave. The servant does not feel good about it but the camerlengo promises him to pray for his soul. He also explains that the Vatican laws exist to protect the church. In that aspect he asks him to break one of those laws.
37 sec.

Additional scene
Robert says that he wants to speak to the camerlengo but inspector Olivetti responds that he is not available. He has found evidence that the pope was really murdered and is now looking for "divine support". Robert rolls his eyes and Olivetti asks him meaningfully to at least try (to show sympathy for such practices).
Then we see the camerlengo praying, then getting up and leaving the room.
43.16 sec.

Extended scene with alternative footage
In the Theatrical version cardinal Strauss looks to the right, while the Extended version shows the camerlengo additionally saying that the church has to open the gates, remove the darkening mist and speak to its herd.
(For relevance, only the Extended version is being pictured)
The Extended version is 8.72 sec. longer

Violence extension
Only the Extended version shows the cardinal hanging deeply in the flames and screaming in pain.
2.76 sec.

Violence extension
Inspector Olivetti drags himself a bit through the church gurgling, goes down on his knees and takes his hand off his neck. A very gory and bleeding cut wound on his throat can be seen.
5.88 sec.

Violence extension
Inspector Olivetti falling to the ground can be seen in a wider shot.
1.44 sec.

Violence extension
TV: 1:16:04
Extended: 1:25:08
When the assassin shoots the carabinieri only the Extended version contains some dashes of blood.
No time difference


Violence extension
The assassin realizes that one of the carabinieri he shot at is not dead, yet, and tries to call help on the radio. The assassin loads his gun and shoots at the police man lying on the ground who receives a gory head shot.
10.44 sec.

Violence extension
TV: 1:16:27
Extended: 1:25:41
Clever and not unusual censorship in the Theatrical version. The shot in the assassin's shoulder is only gory in the Extended version.
No time difference


Violence extension
TV: 1:16:29
Extended: 1:25:43
At the assassin's revenge when he shoots the carabinieri in the head the blood has been erased from the Theatrical version. In the Extended version the blood is clearly visible.
No time difference


Additional scene
The Extended version contains a tracking shot across a painting, then we get a short look at the camerlengo.
13.36 sec.

Violence extension
A tracking shot shows a dead carabinieri and then Robert inhaling air through an oxygen mask and looking thoughtful.
19.04 sec.

Violence extension
TV: 1:25:17
Extended: 1:35:28
In the van when the assassin shoots the wounded carabinieri in the head only the Extended version contains blood. Because of the darkness this is not that visible, however.
No time difference


Additional scene
Commander Richter wants to see the camerlengo and is confronted with the resistance of a member of the Swiss guard who says that nobody is allowed to see the camerlengo on his own. But after a short demonstration of his competence he is allowed in.
50.24 sec.

Additional scene
The group around Robert and the camerlengo blaze a trail through the catacombs a little longer.
6.76 sec.

Additional scene
And once again.
4 sec.

Violence extension
The camerlengo burns in an additional shot.
1.56 sec.

Violence extension
Here, his self-imposed martyrdom lasts longer in the Extended version.
0.64 sec.