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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jul 15, 2011 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Mr. Nobody is a movie you have to discover and get yourself into. It offers a pretty fragmentary narrative structure which constantly throws you back and forth in the storyline. You have to be ready to re-orientate spontaneously and to accept abstract moments every now and then. If you are into something like this, then look forward to a pretty philosophical story with a lot of great moments embedded in a creative audiovisual state of intoxication full of symbols. The movie really invites you to watch it several times in order for you to discover all the details.

While the theatrical version already demands some staying power due to its lenght (~2 hours and 15 minutes), the Director's Cut goes even further and includes 16 additional minutes of footage. In general, the new material is worth watching and also includes a few interesting additions. Still, a few minutes do nothing but extending the movie.

This is a comparison between the theatrical version and the Director's Cut (both released by Concorde Home Entertainment).

42 differences:
18 additional scenes
23 extended scenes
1 Re-Cut

Overall, the Director's Cut is 940 seconds resp. about 15 minutes and 40 seconds longer than the theatrical version.
Additional Scene
0:09:04: Nemo watches TV when Gene suddenly comes back to him and whispers to his ear: "Nemo, your friends are here.". 6 men wearing suits and carrying suitcases approach him.

One of them starts talking to Nemo: "Hello Nemo, how are you feeling today? Do you know, who I am? Well, we're all worried about you. Everyone hopes you'll be back in the office soon." Then the man talks backwards and you see the TV again - you see a news report about a car crash on a bridge that continues normally. Connected to this scene theres a re-cut since the DC already shows the scene where Nemo and Elise - after their wedding - fall victim to the exploding fuel tanker on exactly this bridge. In the theatrical version this follows later and in the DC you see it again later.
76.08 sec.

Additional Scene
0:13:31: Nemo looks at a sign which tells him to look to the sky.
3.36 sec.

Additional Scene
0:13:39: 2 men wearing white gowns run towards Nemo and pull him away.
4.84 sec.

Additional Scene
0:24:50: "Daddy says, you can predict exactly where Mars will be in the sky, even in a hundred years. But the funny thing is, that Daddy doesn't know what will happen to him, two minutes from now."

At first you see Nemo and his father looking at the sky through a telescope at night. Then we see Nemo's father eating a waffle in his car. After that follows a scene where young Nemo "hovers" and forsesees the accident his father is about to have. This accident happens because his father finds a piece of eggshell in his waffle and scrutinizes it; unfortunately he forgot to apply the handbrake, thus the car rolls down on the street towards a woman with a buggy. Young Nemo is too late - the car runs over the woman. Nemo's father bewilderedly drops his bag.

Adult Nemo finds a piece of eggshell inside a bowl of shattered eggs and you then see Nemo's father sitting on an armchair, crying (this scene follows way later in the theatrical version). Then we see young Nemo again talking to his mother about the future:

Mother: "That's not possible. No one knows the future."
Nemo: "But I can remember it."
Mother: "You remember the past, not the future."
Nemo: "But me, I can. Sometimes things happen and I have the feeling that they've already happened before."
Mother: "Well, that's deja-vu. It happens to everyone from time to time."
Nemo: "No. It's because of the Angels of Oblivion. They didn't put their finger on me."
Nemo's nods with an unnerved facial expression and leaves.
129.68 sec.

Additional Scene
0:29:46: On a screen you see the weird TV host talking about Mr. Nobody again: "Should Mr. Nobody be allowed to die a natural death? Should his existence be artificially prolonged? Make your vote now. Press X for artificial prolongation, press 0 for letting nature run its horse. We'll be back. After this!". Then follows a commercial about a vacation on Mars.
22.72 sec.

KF: 0:27:37: Now you in the theatrical version see the scene where Nemo's father cries. In the DC this was already shown earlier.

Additional Scene
0:37:41: A shot of Nemo's crotch - he soiled his pants.
2.04 sec.

Extended Scene
0:37:52: When Nemo says that he's able to predict the future he in the DC also says: "Like Dad. I predicted Dad's accident."
Mother: "Yeah, I've always wondered if you're the one who took off the handbrake."
5.6 sec.

Additional Scene
0:51:58: Nemo continues typing on the typewirter. The camera slowly pans upwards.
5.76 sec.

Extended Scene
0:54:17: Elise continues talking: "You used to wet your pants, everyone thinks you're a weirdo, you're always alone. Talk."
13.8 sec.

Extended Scene
0:55:40: The conversation between Nemo and Elise was extended in the DC:
Nemo: "I had the feeling I'd seen you from somewhere."
Elise: "Yeah, that's called deja-vu. The signal from the eyes goes to the memory of--"
Nemo: "No. That's not it."
Elise: "In another life, then?"
11.84 sec.

Additional Scene
0:58:05: Nemo talks to the floor manager.

Nemo: "How was it?"
Floor Manager: "Uhm...want the truth? Kidding, it was good."
6.68 sec.

Extended Scene
1:09:59: When Jean reads out Nemo's letter, the DC includes 2 additional parts o fhte letter: "Everything is predictable." and "I've controlled everything."
4.04 sec.

Additional Scene
1:14:51: Anna sheds a tear and the camera follows it running down her face.
5.88 sec.

Additional Scene
1:18:02: Nemo goes through his improvised apartment and looks at the wall which is full of photos. One of them shows Anna.
13.52 sec.

Additional Scene
1:27:18: Nemo drives through the car wash with his car and watches the machines from inside.
45.8 sec.

Extended Scene
1:28:07: The scene in the rain with Nemo and Elise is extended in the DC. Elise is shown longer crying in the rain. Additionally they altered the order of the scenes a little (which, however, will be ignored here). It's interesting to mention that the scene in the DC takes place BEFORE Nemo and Anna meet again while in the theatrical version it takes place AFTER that scene.
15.6 sec.

Additional Scene
1:38:23: The shot of the kids playing in the front yard is new in the DC. Subsequently follows a new scene between Nemo and Elise.

Elise: "No, the feeling's back! I'm sick of pills. I'm sick of doctors. It's pointless. God, do something, I can't stand it anymore! I'm afraid!"
Nemo: "I don't know what to do."

Then follows the scene with the cave dwellers which in the DC is shown now while in the theatrical version it was already shown after the scene in the rain.
28.52 sec.

Additional Scene
1:40:38: Nemo strokes Elise's cheek, however, she pushes his hand away. He turns to the other side and pulls the price tag off the lamp.
16.2 sec.

Extended Scene
1:46:12: Nemo sits on the bed a little longer.
4.04 sec.

Extended Scene
1:47:18: Jean asks Nemo something.
Jean: "Nemo? Do I take sugar in my coffee?"
6.96 sec.

Extended Scene
1:47:48: "Do you realize how much you've hurt me?" She starts to cry. Then she continues: "I got a call from the lawyer. He just said you just put everything you own in my name. Why, Nemo? What are you up to?"
Nemo looks at the TV which shows the accident on the bridge.
31.08 sec.

Extended Scene
1:48:30: On TV Nemo comes across a commercial for a fishing rod. He throws the coin he just worked on in the sky and the result is a "Yes". Then he pulls on his jacket and say: "Jean. I'm off to buy a fishing rod."
Then you see him walking along the tracks a little longer.
26.04 sec.

Extended Scene
1:49:49: Nemo is standing in the hotel room.
3.6 sec.

Extended Scene
1:50:30: Old Nemo is shown longer. He mumbles: "Daniel Jones..."

Then the scene changes to the hotel room. The telephone rings and Nemo (who personates Jones) picks up the phone.

Nemo: "Hello?"
Caller: "Daniel?"
Nemo: "Yes."
Caller: "Are you insane? I told you not to go! They're furious. They know it's you. Don't stay there!"
33.28 sec.

Extended Scene
1:51:59: A tear runs backwards (partially back up Jean's cheek). In the DC we see Nemo's corpse being pulled out a little longer.
5.36 sec.

Extended Scene
1:52:16: Again, the scene inside the mortuary (which is played backwards) is shown longer in the DC. Jean looks at Nemo's dead body.
4.16 sec.

Extended Scene
1:52:32: Nemo (who is in a coma) puzzles over the nurse a little longer. "How old might she be? 25?"
6.08 sec.

Extended Scene
1:53:24: Nemo looks at a sign while driving over the Marian surface.
5.36 sec.

Extended Scene
1:53:46: Nemo watches the ashes while the transporter that contains his body moves over the Martian surface a little longer.
8.68 sec.

Extended Scene
1:54:25: When Elise talks about her dream of Stefano, Nemo (in a mixture of amazement of anger) says: "Stefano...?"
2.32 sec.

Extended Scene
1:56:30: Old Nemo is shown a little longer.
3.24 sec.

Additional Scene
1:59:12: After Nemo recorded his text, the TV studio gets noisy again. Nemo and the new floor manager have a short conversation.

Nemo: "Where is Peter?"
Floor Manager: "Peter, he left an hour ago, I'm replacing him. I've selected take 3 and take 4."
Nemo: "I prefer it when Peter does that. I don't mean to say that you're not good enough, but..."
Floor Manager: "Drop it. In life you get one take. If it's bad, you just deal with it."

New scene. Nemo sits inside the car and drives off along a country road until he runs into an accident scene. He gets out and watches Peter's dead body (inside his Jeep) being pulled out of the water by a crane. A police officer addresses him.

Police Officer: "Do you know him?"
Nemo: "We work together."

New scene. Nemo attends the funeral service in the church. Anna sits in the first row and cries. Next to her there are 2 kids. In this version she apparently is Peter's wife. Nemo watches her and addresses her after the service.

Nemo: "My sincerest condolences. Peter was a colleague."
Anna: "Oh, of course. I saw your show. Thank you for coming."
104.72 sec.

Additional Scene
2:01:02: A show of the futuristic city.
8.4 sec.

Extended Scene
2:01:19: When the elevator goes upwards the scene is shown a little longer.
2.24 sec.

Additional Scene
2:02:41: Nemo catches Anna who just gets out of the car with her kids in front of her house.

Nemo: "Hi."
Anna: "Hi."
Nemo: "We met at your husband's funeral."
Anna: "Right."
Nemo: "I had the strangest feeling when I saw you that we had met before."
Anna: "That's called a deja-vu."
Nemo: "No, that's not it. It's as if all this wasn't real. I'm sorry, you must think that I'm completely crazy. I'm not trying to flirt with you, I'm a widower myself."
Anna: "Look, I'm sorry. I have to go. Maybe some other time."

Suddenly a neighbor addresses him: "Nemo? I heard you were dead. That you drowned."
Nemo: "Drowned..."
Nemo looks to the ground - a fish fidgets around his feet and water suddenly swashes towards him.
62.88 sec.

Additional Scene
2:06:02: Nemo runs to the place where his house used to stand, however, there now is only an empty building area. A schoolbus drives past him and inside you see people making music.
16.08 sec.

Extended Scene
2:06:55: Nemo and Henry fight a little longer until they fall to the ground. Meanwhile his mother answers the phone.

Cut. Dr. Feldheim asks Nemo: "What do you see?"
Nemo's child-voice says: "He asks me what I see. I say: it's an ink stain. He says..."
Dr. Feldheim: "You have to say more."
Nemo: "I say: it's an ink stain on a sheet of paper."
Dr. Feldheim: "No. You have to say what goes through your mind."
Nemo: "It makes me think of an inkwell. So then he says: okay. That's fine."

Cut. Nemo sits inside a patient room and eats. He opens a fortune cookie which in mirror writing says: "Nemo. Leave."

Cut. The TV host is shown again. He says: "You have until tomorrow to vote. Vote and win vacation on the moon for the whole family!"
Then follows a commercial. The narrator says: "Win a trip to the moon! [...] a fabulous golf vacation."

Cut: an inside view of the city. A scoreboard shows the results of the poll - the majority says that Nemo's going to die.

Cut. Inside Old Nemo's patient room you still see the reporter. He says: "They've announced the results of the voting. I'm sorry."
Nemo: "At my age, the candles cost more than the cake. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid I haven't been alive enough. It should be written on every schoolroom blackboard: life is a playground. Or nothing."

Cut. Nemo is shown inside the patient room again, looking at the piece of paper from the fortune cookie. He goes to the window to be able to read the mirror writing. At a house front nearby someone unrolls a poster that says "NOW". Nemo finally realizes what the massage wants to say and runs out of the room. Then the theatrical version continues.
137.84 sec.

Extended Scene
2:09:20: Several hints (a scoreboard, a newspaper, ...) call Nemo's attention to the telephone number which is shown in huge letters (reminding your of the letters on the Hollywood Hills) on a hill.
38.56 sec.

Extended Scene
2:12:15: Old Nemo talks a little longer in the DC: "For me, time's inverted. I start at the end of the story and go toward the beginning."
Young Nemo: "I don't understand."
11.2 sec.

Additional Scene
2:13:55: Again, some doctors come to pull Nemo away.
3.92 sec.

Extended Scene
2:16:31: In the DC you see that Nemo soiled his pants while running.
2 sec.