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  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 28, 2008 - Author: Jim - Translator: Jim - external link: IMDB - more from this series
In this episode the time difference is 221 seconds (3 minutes and 41 seconds). Intro and Outro are not counted.

The timecodes are taken from the Director's Cut.

Afro Samurai started its existence as a Doujinshi, a Manga/Comic that was produced and published by a private person. But the series got so popular that Fuminori Kizaki and the renowned studio GONZO (Basilisk, Samurai 7, GANTZ) created a 5 episode long Anime. One episode costed 1 million dollars which is a record for the studio. But not only that brought the series fame, it was also the fact that Samuel L. Jackson was giving his voice to the title giving main character and his sidekick Ninja Ninja.

Funimation, responsible for the publishing in North Amerika, decided to relase two versions on DVD. One was the normal TV version, as it aired on Spike TV (or Fuji Television in Japan), but there was also the Director's Cut version. This version isn't only longer than the normal version, there was also a change of voices. Dharma, the mad scientist, was given a new voice actor. Besides that the DC is supposed to show a hand full of new scenes, including even new characters. Besides that Jackson's trademark "Motherfucker" was supposed to be included, which has been proven right in the first episode. It was also announced that there won't be a lot of more gore.

Yet even the normal version isn't made for kid's eyes. Both versions were released "Unrated".

In general for comparison pictures:
Left: TV Version
Right: Director's Cut
The director's cut version shows the credits during the episode, in the normal version they appear in the intro.

No time difference

While the TV version shows the normal intro, the DC has only a (different) title shot.

(Picture from the TV version just for indexing, the Intro won't be shown completly in pictures here)

Dialoguechange: the killer is saying something different in the DC, he also has a new voice actor.

TV Version: "Look at dis boys, tough guy is gonna take us out with only one hand on his sword."

Director's Cut: "I'd put both hands on that sword, punk-ass motherfucker!"

No time difference

The bullet is glowing in the TV version.

No time difference

The killer is talking to Afro.

Killer: "I took this job... because I thought you were just a legend. Just a story... a story to scare little kids. But you're the real deal! The demon who dares to challenge god. So what the hell you want?! Don't seem to me like you want to turn this stinkin' world into a better place.

25 seconds

The killer is talking to Afro after he ligthed his cigarette.

Killer: "Why you gotta kill all my men? Why you gotta kill me?"

Some ashes is falling off the cigarette, Afro blows out the smoke.

6 seconds

Afro is being watched by Brother 2 a bit longer. He takes out his mobile phone and calls one of his contacts. After that a stranger steps on the battlefield.

17 seconds

Dialoguechange: a sentence of Ninja Ninja was changed.

TV Version: "... damn ma' brother!"

Director's Cut: "... damn motherfucker!"

(picture just for indexing)
No time difference

Dialoguechange: again Ninja Ninja says something slightly different.

TV Version: "Anyway, I did check some monk-looking baldhead sucker tree chattin' on a sally while watching your killing spree."

DC Version: "Anyway, I did check some monk-looking bald ma'fucker tree chattin' on a sally while watching your killing spree."

(picture just for indexing)
No time difference

Flags are blowing in the wind.

5 seconds

The fleeing person runs into a house.

5 seconds

The people in the bar are talking all together.

Guest: "What the hell are you talking about, punk?

Refugee: "I-i-i don't know about it man."

11 seconds

Two of the guests are talking to the refugee.

Guest 1 (with the patched eye ): "Did you say afro-hair dude with greenish teint?"

Guest 2: "The headband with number 2 across on it?"

6 seconds

Again we see a group of guests in the bar.

Guest (front): "The... Afro Samurai? The one who cut down the assasins of the western guild?"

Gast (left): "The-the number two swordsman of the world?"

Gast (right): "H-he's cold-blooded. He killed the brothers of Asura in only five moves."

The guest in front turns around to the other both and all three start to sweat in panic.

You see a close shot of a face, in the background people keep talking.

Guest (headband): "So... better think twice about crossing swords with that guy."

The guest in front turns around.

Gast: "What a bunch of sissys! Screw that, cowards! You guys just watch how I take this number two headband!"

The camera moves to another guest.

Guest: "That's all Bullshit! You assholes just watch, I'll take him out."

The other guests start crowding in the middle of the bar and making threats about killing Afro Samurai.

Another man raises his voice.

Man: "All of you just shut up! Coz' while you talk and talk, my spear will be splitting his head in a half. Just like this!"

The man points his spear at some guests which walk back in fear.

Guest (with bandages): "Get that rusty piece of junk outta my face man."

The spearfighter snarls angrily while the barkeeper puts some bottles in hot water in the background.

58 seconds

A short shot on the barkeeper.

2 seconds

After the refugee that said "Lemonade" tauntingly he snickers, until another guy in the off shouts at him to shut up, which makes him twitch in fear.

4 seconds

The Afro Samurai turns to the side and behind him the next scene can be seen. In the TV version there is just a short black picture.

1 second

Soshan talks to Afro a bit longer.

Soshan: "I see you wear one of the headbands of legend that leads to godhood."

His hat is falling to the ground in the background.

6 seconds

Dialoguechange: again Ninja Ninja says something different.

TV Version: "Afro! Don't fight this dork! He got grenades and-what-not..."

Director's Cut: "Afro! Don't fight this fucker! He got grenades an' shit..."

(picture just for indexing)
No time difference

Ninja Ninja talks to Afro.

Ninja Ninja: "Yo my man, I guess to tell ya' ya' know you don't need a shower, but assassin's come at us like flies to the shit."

Ninja Ninja looks around nervously while Afro lights a cigarette.

Ninja Ninja: "I got to say: something straaa~nge still out there."

The camera goes up and you see Brother 2 and his henchman.

17 seconds

You see more shots from the inside of the fortress.

10 seconds

You see Brother 3 who is listening to some music and is nodding with his head.

1 second

The camera drives down the japanese signs longer.

4 seconds

Brother 1: "Let us close our eyes and feel the power. Let the Divine go within you, let the holy way call you. As the divine wheel has foreseen we have risen from the ashes! From this condition of oppression! We will seize the crown and the prophecy shall be fulfilled. An eye for an eye!"

42 seconds

Dialoguechange: again Ninja Ninja's dialogue was slightly changed.

TV Version: "You're jacked up homes!"

Director's Cut: "You're fucked up homes!"

(picture just for indexing)
No time difference

Dialoguechange: and again Ninja Ninja's part was changed.

TV Version: "Oh for cryin' out loud! You got a RPG?! You got a R-P-G?! What kind of brother carries an RPG in his backpack?!"

Director's Cut: "Ey, that a mo'fuckin' RPG? You got a mo'fucking RPG?! A RPG in a mo'fuckin' backpack?!"

(picture just for indexing)
No time difference

There is a "To be continued..." screen in the DC.

1 second

The credits are different. In the TV version there is only text while the DC version shows artwork. The credits are also longer in the DC version.

(only two pictures as an example, the complete credits won't be shown in pictures)

After the credits there is a big picture of Afro.

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