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2.27 Battle Power Times Ten! Vegeta's Great Metamorphosis


  • French Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Mar 30, 2016 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the French Version (included on the German DVD released by Kazé) and the Uncut Version (represented by the Italian TV Version on Italia1).

Difference in time: 2 minutes and 5.5 seconds resulting from 5 cuts.
Vegeta kicks Son-Goku.
1.28 sec.

Son-Goku smashes against the rock.
The following shot of Son-Goku standing up was trimmed down.
3 sec.

Son-Goku smashes against a rock. Vegeta uses this moment of weakness to break both Son-Goku's legs. He screams in pain.
16,48 sec.

Son-Goku still screams. Vegeta takes his foot off of Son-Goku's legs.
Vegeta: "Sorry about that! Apparently I have accidentally splashed both of your legs."
22.64 sec.

After a close-up shot of Vegeta there is a longer cut due to which some pieces of the plot go missing:
Vegeta wants to finish Son-Goku off, yet the latter fights back using the last of his strength. He shoots a KI-beam through Vegeta's ear. Vegeta screams in pain.
Goku: "That was my last energy. I have no more power to defend myself against this monster. I hope it buys me some time."
Vegeta: "Damn you! What have you done to my face, Kakarott? Now you are going to pay! I destroy you!"

The French version continues at this point:

overall: 81.72 sec.