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Dune Warriors


  • International Version (Dutch DVD)
  • Extended Version (US Blu-ray)
Release: Apr 03, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the uncut international version included on the Dutch DVD released by MSL and the extended version included on the US-Blu-ray released by Code Red (R-Rated)

- 44 longer scenes
- Difference in time: 926.8 sec (= 15:27 min) [in PAL speed]

Dune Warriors is a cheap desert adventure which does provide some violent scenes here and there. Interestingly enough, the US-Blu-ray from 2015 (exklusively available at Screen Archives Entertainment) includes a roughly 15 minutes longer version which this report will talk about.

Several townspeople get some more screentime and some of the soap oper alike subplots were extended. One of those subplots is the wedding between Val and Luis that is supposed to bury the hatchet between their families. During the finale there are some extensions during the action scenes. All in all the movie now comes across as being more complete and better understandable - with the downside of it becoming a little lengthy at times. The best idea would have been to include the international version as a bonus. However, the curious find of the longer version is probably closer to the director's original intensions.

Thanks to spannick for providing us with the discs for this comparison!

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Dutch DVD [PAL] / US-Blu-ray
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The Blu-ray does not show the Califilm-logo.

+ 3.4 sec

01:19 / 01:19-01:21

After being asked where she got her water from, we get to know that it came "From traitors."

1.9 sec

02:41-02:46 / 02:45-02:50

Only the Dutch DVD shows the time and place.

Dutch DVDUS Blu-ray

03:26 / 03:33-03:46

Before the opening credits, Michael walks away longer.

12.6 sec

03:34 / 03:55-03:58

After the title screen, only the Blu-Ray also shows the director's name.

3.2 sec

04:26 / 04:53-06:05

After the opening we on the Blu-ray see a longer additional scene: Val marches around with her friend Luis and they talk about the condition their society is in as well as their ideas of a possible future. Luis apparently has proposed to her a year ago, yet Val is hesitant. Additionally, she wants to see a little more of the world. He however, rather puts their responsibility in their town first.

69.2 sec

05:34 / 07:15-07:19

The villager confirms in the same shot that they have a lot of water and hints at the spring which is the basis for founding the village in the first place.

3.5 sec

05:38 / 07:23-07:24

The following shot begins a little earlier.

0.9 sec

07:33 / 09:25-09:26

After Luis remarked that the case is hopeless, Val replies towards the beginning of the shot: "You're the hopeless case!"

1.6 sec

08:39 / 10:35-11:41

The scene at night is a little longer. Val continues to sneak through the camp. Somebody feeds something to a dog and she passes them in the background.
After that, we see her walking through the desert in daylight a little earlier.

63.8 sec

10:05 / 13:11-13:12

Val is shown a little longer, stammering a first "Who..."

1.1 sec

11:08 / 14:18-14:49

Val gets into the car to Michael a little longer (not illustrated). After that we can see Luis going to the townspeople. He says that he was looking for Val everywhere yet did not find her. His counterpart replies that they can only hope for the best.
Subsequently we can see the car driving along the way.

30.1 sec

23:10 / 27:22-28:03

After the nightly action, the conversation in the village begins earlier.
Reynaldo criticizes that Val brought new people to them. The latter replies that those are fighters who are on their side. They discuss the issue some more and Reynaldo wants to convince Luis to talk to Val while she defends her decision.

39.8 sec

26:05 / 31:06-31:28

The conversation between Val and Miranda is a little longer.
They continue to talk about the loss of Miranda's sister and in the end she shortly remarks that Michael is a loner like her.

21.3 sec

26:56 / 32:21-32:21

The mother calls for her kids a little longer.

0.8 sec

31:08 / 36:45-38:46

After the short dispute, Luis angrily goes away and talks to Val about her situation and Val's feelings for Dorian. In the end he even says that he curses the day he fell in love with her.
Subsequently, Luis talks to Reynaldo about their further approach. They come to the fatal conclusion that a message to William might solve the problem.

It goes on outside and Michael talks to John about the townspeople's hard work. Michael critically comments John's behavior towards them and the latter replies that Michael is all about revenge anyway. Michael defends himself and leaves.

116 sec (= 1:56 min)

31:52 / 39:32-40:00

After John answered that he is only here for the water, Miranda goes into it some more. John says that he has been fighting ever since he was a kid and does not know anything else. Miranda replies that the fights might be over some day and that they then might find a better place.

27 sec

32:19 / 40:28-40:35

The shot begins a little earlier before Dorian enters the screen from the back.

6.8 sec

32:47 / 41:04-41:39

Only on the Blu-ray does the shot of Michael get interrupted for an earlier cut to Dorian and John. The former critically remarks Michael's behavior and says that he does not trust him. John replies that it is rather about not forfeiting a chance. He also talks about a possibility to get Val out of a seemingly desperate situation and in the process win her heart.

33.3 sec

33:35 / 42:29-42:36

The outlaws get going and Luis goes away, too.

6.8 sec

37:37 / 46:49-48:09

After the encouraging conversation between Michael and Dorian we can see Val and Miranda walking around.
On a hill, Miranda looks through the binoculars and does not see anything, yet tells Val that they should still stay alert. Subsequently she says that Dorian told her about a lie Luis told. Miranda goes into it some more and they talk about the more complicated love triangle. Val stands up and looks through the binoculars. During the shot of this, the international version continues.

76.3 sec

38:42 / 49:17-50:22

Another shot of the attackers driving up. The leader - Jason - talks to the townspeople and recognizes Michael. Immediately, he warns the residents, that Michael does not do this for them but for personal reasons. He gives them 30 seconds to surrender, otherwise he will kill them. Once they fell back, Miranda fires a warning shot in front of Jason's feet, telling him that the next one will not be a warning anymore. Jason tells his men to attack.

63 sec

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