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Tetsuo - The Iron Man

original title: Tetsuo


  • Standard Version
  • First Cut
Release: Feb 13, 2012 - Author: Roy Morgan - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Tetsuo: The Iron Man (Japan, 1989) is one of those extreme movies that people either love or hate. Director Shinya Tsukamoto - who almost single-handedly created this movie - confronts the audience with his very own visual and sensual universe which is unique in terms of coherence and uncompromisingness. The hysterical mixture of violence, sex, metal and love - filmed in a comic-like and weird quick motion style - is the ultimate cyberpunk movie. If you like experimental movies and are not too squemish, this is a movie well worth checking out.

This is a comparison between the DVD including the standard version (released by Rapid Eye Movies) and the DVD including the extended first cut (released byKoch Media).

The scenes which were re-included in the movie were not taken out due to censorship and they don't really make the movie more brutal than it already is. Unfortunately we couldn't find out, why the First Cut was shortened for the final release.
The First Cut of Tetsuo: The Iron Man was released in 2010 when Tsukamoto released the third part of the series - Tetsuo: The Bullet Man.

63 cuts = roughly 10 minutes 16 seconds (when you slow down the First Cut to NTSC speed)

The "deleted scenes" which can be found in the Rapid Eye Movies DVD's bonus segment also have a runtime of roughly 10 minutes, however, they include entire sequences where only parts of it are new scenes. The new scenes which were included in the First Cut include both these "deleted scenes" plus a lot of new scenes which make up roughly half of the 10 additional minutes.

Standard Version: 1:07:12 including credits (PAL with Pull-up)
First Cut: 1:14:15 including credits (PAL)

Standard Version: 1:06:00 not including credits (PAL with Pull-up)
First Cut: 1:13:01 not including credits (PAL)

A short note on the runtime/pull-up problem:
Even though the standard version released by Rapid Eye Movies is included in PAL (i.e. 25 frames per second), they used a so-called Pull-up. In simplified terms this means that they generated 25 frames out of 24 frames in order to avoid the PAL-speed-up effect while still using the faster PAL-speed.
This means that the PAL-DVD of the standard version actually has the runtime of an NTSC version.
The First Cut by Koch Media is included in "regular" PAL and thus includes the PAL-speed-up effect.

The time designations whithin this report refer to the PAL-DVD of the First Cut.
The opening credits are slightly longer, thus the very first image of the movie follows a little later.
4.1 s

After the credits that say "A Shinya Tsukamoto Movie" you see a longer fade to black (about 2 seconds); then follows a scene with a tracking shot towards the metal fetishist whom you see from behind.
Subsequently there's a shot of the metal fetishist bandaging his leg (this scene starts a little earlier than the scene after next which in the standard version follows after the opening credits); then follows another shot from behind.
17.9 s

Short shot of a man; it's a scene which starts a little earlier and belongs to the sequence which follows after the new scenes.
Then follows a new/alternative shot of the steelwork.
8.8 s

The scene with the man on the phone is a little longer; the camera zooms to the hand/handset. The dialogue was not altered, though.
10.4 s

The scene within the woods starts distinctly earlier; these scenes can be seen again later in the movie - this time also in the theatrical version.
25.6 s

The scene starts a little earlier.
Just before the camera pans to the woman wearing glasses you see him looking at his plaster.
7.9 s

The woman wearing glasses scratches her mutated hand a little longer.
0.4 s

The scene goes on a little longer: after he saw the woman wearing glasses he looks away again; then follows a shot of the woman's face.
3.8 s

Despite the alterations (which result in a different runtime) they also switched a scene.
The first row refers to the theatrical version, the second one refers to the First Cut.

Distastefully he holds a handkerchief in front of his mouth; then he looks over to her again.
7.0 s

He gets away from the stop; she follows him and moans.
4.9 s

The scene goes on.
She's standing on top of the stairs a little longer and then goes down the first few steps to follow him.
2.7 s

2 shots: you see her running while her mutated hand scrapes along the wall. He runs and screams.
2.4 s

The woman looks at herself in the pocket mirror a little longer.
1.4 s

She seems to fo her hair while he continues to watch her.
6.8 s

Additional shots of his hideout and a point of view shot when he looks through the keyhole.
18.0 s

Two additional shots after she threw her ear in his toilet cabin.
He looks down to the ear, then up to her.
Blood drips on his forehead.
1.5 s

An additional shot prior to the choking scene which starts a little earlier, including a shot of her.
4.8 s

Extended scene where she continues choking him and pressing him against the ceiling..
The shot of the woman starts slightly earlier.
1.6 s

A longer sequence after he fled from the subway station and made first contact with his "turbo engine".
In horror he realizes, that the woman is still on his heels.
The beginning and the end (just before he reaches the garage) are filmed with a stop-motion-technique.
19.8 s

After the woman wearing glasses catched up with him at the garage, she dances wildly and even starts to tap-dance.
The quick motion shot of the clouds shows an earlier phase of the scene that follows slightly later.
13.5 s

Two new shots before she bursts her chest.
2.9 s

After her chest bursted, he turns away.
This scene is distinctly longer and you can see how he turns his face back to the camera.
2.7 s

You see a rioting man, crumbling plastering, and the metal fetichist from behind.
17.8 s

The person opens and closes the fridge without taking anything out of it.
He pours some water in a glass and greedily drinks it.
13,8 s

This and the following three shots from the "crumbling-plastering-sequence" are cut inbetween the scenes where he pulls the patch from his cheek.
He's standing in front of the mirror and looks at the huge bloody wound.
0.5 s

1.1 s

0.9 s

1.5 s

You see a disturbing face on the TV screen, followed by some more shots of the sex scene.
14.8 s

The transition scene is a little longer, followed by a new scene.
10.2 s

After he drilled his rotating metal penis through the table you see their surprised and shocked faces.
6.2 s

Additional medium shot before the following close up shot starts.
2.1 s

The transformation scene is a little longer, and the shot of the girlfriend starts a little earlier.
4.5 s

The scene where he edges her in the bedroom starts earlier.
She's able to deck him, however, he's back on his feet immediately.
Short cut to her face.
8.0 s

This scene starts earlier.
1.8 s

The scene continues after she hit him with the hot pan.
She comes at him with the knife, however, it deflects off him without causing any harm.
15.0 s

The scene starts a little earlier - in the standard version you don't see the first stab (even though the second and third stab are way bloodier).
3.4 s

The scene inside the kitchen is a little longer.
1.8 s

The scene goes on a little longer (the girlfriend screams, holding the knife in her hand).
The following scene starts roughly 2 seconds earlier.
4.4 s

This scene starts earlier.
4.4 s

Additional cut to the girlfriend.
The following scene starts earlier; he recharges by using the outlet and slowly crawls into the shot.
6.9 s

Additional shot of the girlfriend screaming (while he fiddles around with the fork on the outlet).
6.9 s

After she stabbed him in the neck and started kissing him, the scene goes on a little longer.
While the knife sticks in his head and blood splashes out, she switches the video recorder on with her foot.
9.4 s

After she voluntarily lets him penetrate her, the following scene starts earlier.
5.4 s

Tracking shot of scrap and metal parts.
4.4 s

More scrap and metal. The shots of the armature pop up again.
6.2 s

Two additional shots of the metal fetishist (on the first image you can see his arm or leg on the lower half).
4.9 s

Longer sequence of the metal fetishist being medically examinated by a doctor.
The doctor gets closer to the metal fetishist who then takes the former's scalpel away.
The doctor tries to run away, however, the metal fetishist stabs him with his very own scalpel.
The following scene (close up shot of the metal fetishist's face) starts slightly earlier.
70.8 s

Longer fade to black.
0.7 s

The sequence with a close up shot of the man's face who continued to transform into "Iron Man" is longer.
1.2 s

Flashback/tags of memories of the man (Iron Man) when he bumped into the metal fetishist.
The following scene (man and woman getting out of the car) starts earlier.
17.0 s

The abstract scene in the woods goes on a little longer.
4.0 s

0.8 s

Iron Man vomits.
10.5 s

This shot starts earlier.
0.9 s

Subsequently to the "metal-forrest-sequence" you see a shot of lightning and flames.
4.2 s

The longest new scene (almost 1 minute and a half) is one of the few scenes of the movie that actually include dialogue.
The scene takes place within the couples' apartment.
The strange stuff which is lying around next to the metal fetishist (who is lying on the floor) are the girlfriend's remains.

While the metal fetishist reaches out his hand after touching his wound, he asks the Iron man what he thinks. When he doesn't get an answer he says that it's just rust on his hands. The Iron Man asks "What?" and the metal fetishist replies that the first piece of metal inside his body startet rusting.

When they're standing face to face, the metal fetishist adds that the inside of his body used to be very clean.
86.3 s

A homeless goes over a bridge.
The following scene in the tunnel starts earlier.
12.8 s

Extended sequence: the metal fetishist shoots at Iron man with his "handgun" and manipulates objects simply with the power of thought (every now and again there are short stop-motion-scenes).
6.9 s

Extended sequence: the metal fetishist has a "flamethrower arm"; then you see the mutated Iron Man.
12.8 s

New shot when the metal fetishist and Iron Man merge together.
1.3 s

Close up shot of the metal fetishist.
2.1 s

Close up shot of Iron Man whose face barely looks anything like it looked before (on the left side of the image you can see his teeth).
2.3 s