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  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 12, 2009 - Author: Peda - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Just as many other movies in the 80s and 90s, Rapid Fire was cut to get a BBFC 18-rating in the UK. The guidelines said that scenes that included violence that was easy to imitate or that included the use of specific weapons generally had to be cut out. Nunchuks fall into this category, therefore Rapid Fire was cut because of a scene, that included just this weapon.

Wheter or not these guidelines make sense is open to dispute. In comparison to other rating systems worldwide they at least were followed consequently, since the BBFC is authorized to give restrictions for the cut of a movie.

Post-millennial, the restrictions were obviously eased. Thus, all Bruce Lee movies that were previously censored because of some Nunchuk-scenes could be released uncut. Unfortunately, Fox decided to use the VHS-cut of the movie Rapid Fire when they released it on DVD, therefore the previously mentioned nunchuk-scene is still missing.

But even the cut version of Rapid Fire is a great piece of "Popcorn-Action" with several shootouts, many good fights, an entertaining and fast-paced plot as well as powerful actors, fans of action-movies should therefore not miss this flick.

This is a comparison between the cut BBFC 18-DVD and the uncut German DVD, both released by Fox Home Entertainment.

Run time BBFC 18-DVD: 1:31:14 (including credits)
Run time German DVD: 1:31:19 (including credits)

1 cut with the duration of circa 5 seconds. The run time in this report refers to the uncut version of the movie.
Shortly after Jake defeats 2 enemies at once with a spin kick, we see how the third guy lunges out with his nunchuk. Then follows a cut to Tau who bolts. From then on, in the English Version is missing, how the Asian guy waves about wildly with the nunchuk. Cut to Jake, who takes a scrap of cloth and throws it at the Asian guy. The rest of the scene is included in the English version: the guy loses control over his nunchuk and gets kicked by Jake.

The rhythm of this scene is also in the uncut version interrupted by the cut to Tau. But in the English version the viewer cannot even understand, why the Asian guy all of a sudden can't attack Jake anymore.
5 sec