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  • PG-13
  • R-Rated
Release: Jul 10, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the PG-13 version (theatrical version) and the R-Rated version, both released by Dimension Home Video.

For this film, Comedy and slapstick legend David Zucker gather a number of young stars, such as Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid, as well as warhorses like Michael Madsen and Terence Stamp. Unfortunately, Zucker's comedy does not possess the quality of films like "The Naked Gun" or "Airplane!". "My Boss's Daughter" is an average comedy (at the most) with lots of non-starters and an incessant urination scene with Madsen. The first 15 minutes are fine and manage to whet the viewers' appetite, but discerning people can very well switch off their tv then.

In the US, the film was released on DVD in the shorter theatrical version as well as in a longer R-Rated version. The longer scenes of the R-Rated mainly consist of conversations about sex, some more naked skin and the aforementioned body fluids of Madsen's character T.J., all of which make the film more and more lowbrow. However, "My Boss's Daughter" does not aim below the belt as often as many other teen comedies.

Run time of the PG-13 without end credits: 1:21:44 (NTSC)
Run time of the R-Rated without end credits: 1:26:07 (NTSC)

8 cuts
6 cases of alternative, longer footage in the R-Rated
3 word changes
1 image change
= 263 sec. or 4 min. 23. sec resp.
Time index: PG-13 / R-Rated

When Tom wants to take a seat next to Lisa in the subway, the R-Rated version shows a longer sequence of scenes in which Tom has his difficulties getting a seat next to her. In the PG-13 version, however, he sits down next to her right away.
In the R-Rated, Tom sits down right of Lisa who is just reading the newspaper. A woman with a baby on her arm stands in fron of him and Tom gets up to offer her his seat. The woman's elder son spatters Tom's trousers with his water gun. At the same moment, a seat next to the lady becomes available and Tom sits down. When he says "Hi" to Lisa, the subway brakes hard, causing Tom to plunge forward, with his face in the décolleté of the woman next to him. He tries to apologize, but has no words. Then, a blind lady's guide dog starts sniffing between Tom's legs. The lady says: "What are you doing to my dog?" Who's taunting my dog?", whereupon Tom replies: "No one's taunting your dog." The dog goes on, grambling and snarling.
When a watchman arrives, Tom gets up again and lets the blind woman have his seat. He returns to his friends. Paul slanders: "Great. Now, that's great. Two more minutes and I'm gonna be closer than you are". Another seat becomes available next to Lisa and Paul says to Tom: "Look. Opening. Go." Tom stands up, but the train teeters a lot, so Tom falls onto Tom before he goes on and sits down next to Lisa. From this moment, both versions are synchronous again.
78.92 sec.


PG-13: 9.61 sec.
R-Rated: 151.72 sec.

During Tom's encounter with Red in his boss's house, Red, in the R-Rated, tells about people he had sex with and starts asking questions about Tom's ex-girlfriend.


After Red says "I dated her (Kirstie Alley's) maid", Tom replies "Really? Wow, that's really something." Then, Red gets up and asks: "Hey, listen. Could you do me a favor. It's no big deal."
This scenes form the start and the end of the scenes which were added in the R-Rated and thus differ from the PG-13.


After Red says "I dated her maid", Tom only replies "Really?".
Then Tom says: "I boned Kirstie Alley's maid. And this is while they were making Look Who's Talking."
When Red gets up, Tom remarks: "Wow, that's really something." Subsequently, Red tells about how he did Michelle Pfeiffer's cousin in the bushes in front of the house.
A longer conversation about Tom's ex-girlfriend follows.
Red asks Tom whether he had a wife or girlfriend. Tom denies. He says that he and his girlfriend had broken up and asks Red to leave the house now. But Red takes a seat on the couch again and questions him further.
Red: "Was your ex a looker?"
Tom: "In my opinion she was."
Red: "I bet you still keep a picture of her in your wallet. Can I see it?"
Tom: "Yeah, I suppose. Let me find her in here. There she is."
Red: "Oh! Tom, you lucky man! She is a real piece of ass. I could knock on that back door all day long."
Tom: "Yeah? Sh-she's a pretty girl."
Red: "She has gotta be wicked in bed. Tell me she's wicked in bed, Tom. I bet you she banged your johnson raw every single night 'cause that is one fine-looking broad."
Tom: "All right. Hey! Would ya... you're talking about my girlfried."
Red: "Ex-girlfriend, you said."
Then, Red gets up and says he was just doing small talk. Tom replies that he did not feel comfortable discussing such intimate things with a stranger. Red calls Tom prude. Tom gets angry and stands up.
Tom: "I am not uptight! OK? Just because I don't feel like revealing personal details about my ex-girlfriend's sexual habits does not make me uptight."
Red: "I didn't ask you anything personal."
Tom: "Then, what the hell do you consider personal?"
Red: "Well, it'd be like, you know, if I asked you how big your rod was. Then I would be out of the line, 100%."
Tom: "That is no worse than asking me if my girlfriend's a nymph."
Red: "I just asked you if she dug sex. Besides, I wouldn't have asked if I'd known she was frigid."
Tom: "Yeah, well, she is not frigid. Are you leaving?"
Red: "And listen. Could you do me a favor? It's no big deal."

From this point on, both versions are synchronous again.

142.11 sec.

When Audrey talks to Tom, she additionally says in the R-Rated: "I mean, who do you think you are - Juan fucking Valdez?"
3 sec.

Tom tells Audrey's friend Spike he had "a tiny shrimp". In the R-Rated, he says "a tiny shrimp dick". In this moment, the view changes from Tom to Spike, so that one can hear the word dick, but cannot see Tom's lips move. In the PG-13 version, the word was replaced by a sound.
No difference in time


A moment later, Tom corrects himself. In the PG-13, he says "Or a giant whale...", whereas he says "Or a giant whale dick..." in the R-Rated.
No difference in time


When Tina (Carmen Electra) gets out of the water, one sees her breasts through the wet shirt. This footage was edited, so that her nipples become less apparent in the PG-13.
No difference in time


After Tom and Lisa danced and fooled around, Tom gets up. The subtitles of both versions differ here. One can hardly understand what Tom says, as it sounds alike in both versions. It is unclear if Tom says "done" in one version and "doomed in the other or if only the subtitles differ.
No difference in time



PG-13: 7.17 sec.
R-Rated: 22.12 sec.

In the R-Rated, Lisa's little dance and striptease is longer and slightly more revealing than in the PG-13.
In the R-Rated, Lisa dances for Tom some time longer and starts to open his jeans. After the intercut to Tom, Lisa is seen longer as well, while she slowly pulls down her trousers. In return, only the PG-13 version contains another intercut to Tom. When Lisa fastly pulls up her jeans again, both versions run snychronously again (cf. last pictures).
17.92 sec.


When Audrey puts Tom's hand on Tina's breast, the PG-13 version is six frames longer.
+0.2 sec.


PG-13: 3.04 sec.
R-Rated: 5.04 sec.

Tom feels Tina's breast. The R-Rated is longer in the beginning. Additionally, the image section of the PG-13 is shifted upwards and zoomed, so that Tina's breast area cannot be seen.
2 sec.



PG-13: 4,08 Sek.
R-Rated: 10,08 Sek.

When Tom continues feeling Tina's breast, the beginning as well as the ending of the scene is longer in the R-Rated. Again, the image section of the PG-13 was shifted upwards.
At the start of the scene, Lisa says in the R-Rated: "Now move it around" and Tom starts circular movements with his hand.
In both versions, Tina asks: "Don't you feel anything?"
The PG-13 version then proceeds to Audrey. In the R-Rated, Tom says: "No, it seems to be... Well..." and at that, grabs Tina's breast once again.
6 sec.



PG-13: 10.71 sec.
R-Rated: 13.11 sec.

When Audrey takes Tom's hand and puts it on her breast for comparison, the R-Rated is longer again. Tom now massages both women's breasts. In the PG-13 version, one only sees everything from the neck up. The R-Rated, however, shows the complete upper half of the body.
2.4 sec.


Tom threatens T.J. with a gun. Thereupon T.J. takes out his "gun" and pees on Tom. When the camera zoomes on T.J., the PG-13 version starts a little earlier, so that the scene is longer compared to the R-Rated. When T.J. pees on Tom's leg, different, but equally long footage is used. The R-Rated starts earlier and in return, the PG-13 ends later, when T.J. hits Tom's trousers.
+0.63 sec.


When Tom talks with his boss Jack Taylor on the phone, and T.J. still urinates all over the room, the R-Rated is a bit longer.
Jack Taylor: " Did OJ get enough water?"
Tom: "OJ... What? Oh, yes."
2.47 sec.

In the R-Rated version, one sees T.J. urinating on the couch a little longer. In both versions, slightly different footage was used. (Picture only from the R-Rated)
1 sec.

After Tom just managed to duck, before T.J. peed on him, the R-Rated version shows that Tom stands up again. He turns around shortly, sees another urine stream and ducks down again.
2.4 sec.

When T.J. urinates into the aquarium, the R-Rated is longer and first shows T.J. going in position and then how he urinates into the aquarium. In the PG-13, one just shortly sees T.J..
1.53 sec.


The scene, in which Taylor tries to get the car under control again and in doing so, makes awkward up and down motions in Tom's lap, is a little longer in the R-Rated.
0.73 sec.

Tom examines Taylor's behinds longer. Then one sees Speed who gesturingly suggests that Tom spread the butt cheeks.
6.37 sec.