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Unrated Director's Cut (Region 1)


The Covenant

The Last of Us

John Wick: Chapter 4

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Last Starfighter

Troma's War


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 29, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the BBFC 18 VHS and the German Uncut DVD by Troma Deutschland (not rated).

54 cuts = 13:57 min
01:49 More burning people running across the aircarft wreckage. Intercut to Ms. Somers, she screams desperately.
31.5 sec

04:29 Samson, the flight attendant, tries to bring a woman back with CPR. Kirkland arrives and wants to know where the pilot was because he had an urgent apoointment. Samson gets up and asks if he didn't have other problems than missing an appointment because people died around him. But Kirkland doesn't give a crap and insists on talking to the pilot. Subsequently, Samson goes to a part of the plane and picks it up. A chopped off leg appears. The flight attendant tells Kirkland that was what's left of the pilot. Kirkland looks horrified first, but almost at the same time he says "son of a bitch".
46.5 sec

05:43 Close-up of a guy's heavily-wounded face. He has a shock and talks nonsense, Marshall and Cooney are standing by. Dottie arrives and mentions someone needed to help the guy. Marshall says he needed some stichtes. Suddenly Dottie has an idea and gets needle and thread out of her purse. Marshall and Cooney watch it pretty relaxed while Cooney is eating a sausage. Blood splatters out of the wound, then a close-up of Dottie patching up his cheek wound.
60 sec

06:28 Close-up of the guy's heavily-wounded, patched up face. He rolls his eyes.
2 sec

12:28 Missing entry wounds plus intercuts to Reverend Brown, Samson and some terrorists when the terrorists are shooting at Ms. Somers.
4 sec

13:08 Indeed the BBFC 18 VHS contains the close-up of Brown at gunpoint but it lacks the tracking shot (backwards) and finally the shot of a child with a gun. Captain Schweinhart stands next to Brown. The Captain calls him a Jew and wants him to tell about his order. Brown tries to explain they were just survivors in a plane crash and assures he wasn't a Jew. Schweinhart grabs Brown and, while being full of anger, yells at him that he was a lying bastard. He continues he knew he was a Jew and that he couldn't hide from him. Then he hits Brown in the face. Brown just calls him his son and explains he could forgive him. Schweinhart looks nastily.
34 sec

16:14 After Sean knocked the terrorist down, he strangles him. Cut to the screaming girls.
12 sec

23:20 Close-up of the bitten one after the snake buzzed off. He spits blood and twitches. Intercut to the screaming Dottie and blind Jennifer.
15.5 sec

24:42 Wild banging around with the terrorists and Parker being involved. Parker can shoot some baddies, bloody entry wounds included.
28 sec

24:45 A hit terrorist falls on another one.
2 sec

27:05 Parker mows down some guys with an MG.
8 sec

27:32 The BBFC 18 VHS ends with Marshall stabbing the attacking terrorist. But he actually says to him that he wanted to find out whether or not the terrorist really was so tough. The terrorist goes down, close-up of the knife with a bloody peace of flesh at it. Marshall says the terrorist apparently wasn't (tough). Then a shot of Parker killing more. Then Marshall again, who disarms an enemy and breakes his neck. Intercuts to Maria, Taylor and Lydia, followed by a shot of Marshall. He he puts a bullet in a terrorist's forehead.
35.5 sec

33:09 Close-up of Samson's face after he was being tossed down the tower. The poor fellow looks pretty awful.
2.5 sec

33:58 Marshall points his finger at Parker and asks what he was wearing around his neck. Parker grins and says those were ears. Cut to the disgusted faces of Maria ans Lydia. Taylor finds it gross but Parker says totally innocent that it wasn't such a big deal and explains Indians collected trophies of her enemies to gain more strength.
28.5 sec

34:50 The following scene has been completely removed from the BBFC 18 VHS: Reverend Brown is still singing. Schweinhart orders him to be silent, but he's not. That's why Schweinhart puts his hand in his mouth and slowly rips off his tongue. Intercut to the present terrorists and some hostages. Schweinhart holds the bloody tongue in his hand and says what had put by God shouldn't be seperated. He tosses the tongue away. But Brown doesn't stop singing. Well, technically he's gargles blood. Schweinhart gets more angry about it and puts a bullet in his head at close range.
75 sec

37:12 The terrorist sclices his belly with a knife, blood comes out. Cut to the hostages and Schweinhart. Blood runs out of his mouth.
25 sec

37:14 He also drops forwards.
3.5 sec.

37:43 After Schweinhart introduced Senor Sida to the hostages, the BBFC 18 VHS lacks sth. Senor Sida introduces as the leader of the AIDS brigade and that he could choose one of the female hostages for his pleasure. The VHS doesn't contain a single word about AIDS.
20.5 sec

38:12 Missing scene: Sida chooses of the girls, Laurie. Then some of his assistants take her away. Schweinhart orders to bring Jennifer in his tent. Intercut to some hostages, then a fat villain (Joe Fleishaker) who tucks Susan under his arms. She bites in his hand, he screams and lets go of her. Genereal uproar in the camp. The fat guy gets a rifle and puts a bullet in Susan's buttcheek. She tumbles and the hostages start screaming. Then Laurie in the tent. Sida puts off her top so that her naked boobs show up. She whines anxiously. Sida tells her it wasn't his fault and continues she was "born in the USA"! He starts singing the song by Bruce Springsteen and squeezes a pimple in his face.
90.5 sec

42:41 Further missing scenes of Jennifer being raped by a terrorist.
16 sec

43:03 Shot of Sida raping Laurie.
3.5 sec

43:32 When Sida notices the tumult of the battle outside, he lets off Laurie and escapes. Three other baddies do the same. Laurie gets up and screamy desperately she had AIDS. Finally a shot of two burning men outside plus a baddie on the ground, bathed in blood.
19 sec

44:05 Three terrorists are getting killed one after another, each of them is goind down in slow motion. Then the fat one gets killed. He tumbles, then he twitches a bit and dies.
13 sec

44:53 Shot of a baddie's bloody face after he got hit and went down.
1.5 sec

46:55 Laurie puts an arrow in between Sida's legs, blood is leaking. Sida grabs the spot with his face twisted with pain and goes down. Intercut to Laurie, who has to take two bloody hits in the chest as well. She goes down in slow motion and dies, too.
46.5 sec

48:19 Nancy seperates the Siamese twins with a machete (only rudimentarily on the BBFC 18 VHS). They scream, fire indiscriminately and go down. Intercut to Nancy, who says what God had put together shouldn't be seperated (Schweinhart's voice is also audible here). Cut to the twins on the ground, bloody air masses ooze out of their heads.
38 sec

48:29 When Schweinhart gets shot, the bloody entry wound in his back is missing. Marie yells at not to move, then Schweinhart again. He turns around.
5 sec

48:37 Shot of Schweinhart on the ground when he flips over.
2 sec

49:02 He rises once again but Hardwick, the one-armed guy, lunges at him and knocks him out with his arm made out of wood.
21 sec

49:44 Shot of weeping Kim between the body parts, she calls for her baby. Marie arrives with full diaper and the playsuit of Kim's baby. She grabs it and cries even more, Marie tries to calm her down.
18 sec

54:26 Parker cuts off an ear of a corpse and bags it.
8.5 sec

72:08 Shot of Hardwick hitting the steering wheel with a bloody head wound.
1.5 sec

72:22 He guy gets hit before he falls down the roof.
3 sec

74:55 Three burning terrorists running around in slow motion.
8 sec

75:31 The baddie with the peach in his mouth spits it out, some blood follows. Then he goes down.
4 sec

77:42 Shot of the terrorist's blood-smeared hands and her face twisted with pain going down after she grabbed her chest. During that, a sibilance can be noticed. It's her boobie.
7.5 sec

77:58 Extended shot of Parker shooting at a guy until he remains unmoving on the ground.
2.5 sec

78:11 Kim also strangles the terrorist with the playsuit. Then she puts it in his mouth and punches his face until he doesn't move anymore.
23.5 sec

78:35 Parker gets bloodily hit in arm and leg (slow motion) and screams.
6.5 sec

79:03 He has to take some more hits (slow motion again).
12.5 sec

79:23 Parker still stands and yells he was going to get their ears anyway. Then he gets riddled with bullets and slumps on his knees.
12.5 sec

79:31 Missing beginning of a shot of Parker being shot in the stomach.
1.5 sec

79:35 Close-up of Parker's face while he's crawling on the ground with a raised machete in his hand.
5 sec

80:03 Maria gets shot in the back. Close-up of her back with the bloody entry wound. The BBFC 18 VHS contains a shot of Dottie instead, which shows up in a couple of seconds in the German DVD Version.
No difference

80:31 Missing shot of Sean when he he gets shot by Kirkland. The laser of the gun wanders to his chest, followed by a shot (bloody).
3.5 sec

80:42 Shot of blood-spitting Sean lying on the back. Again a different scene on the BBFC 18 VHS: Taylor and Marshall are firing indiscriminately.
No difference

81:37 shot of dead Hardwick on the ground.
2.5 sec

81:52 Cooney drives over a terrorist's legs with a jeep.
2.5 sec

82:44 When the camera pans over the corpses, the BBFC 18 VHS lacks a dissolve to Parker. Less than half a second, because another shot has been used here.

82:57 Again another shot in usage which is slightly longer. Actually, Ms. Somers gets shot.

82:59 And a further different shot: Samson dead on the ground.

83:06 One last time an alternate, more harmless shot on the BBFC 18 VHS. The German DVD contains a shot of the guy, bitten by a snake, on the ground.

83:44 Heavily wounded Parker crawls to Kirkland, who steps on Parker's bloody hand with one foot and on his machete with the other one. Parker let's loose of it (the machete).
15.5 sec

84:34 Shot of Parker's dead body being frisked by Jennifer.
9 sec