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Hollywood Monster (aka Ghost Chase)

original title: Hollywood Monster


  • International DVD Version
  • German VHS
Release: Apr 16, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German Cut DVD, released by Kinowelt (FSK 12), and the
German Uncut Tape, released by VCL (FSK 12).

Roland Emmerich's third film is a passable comedy/horror flick, which needs its time till it becomes interesting. At least one doesn't notice that it's a German film. Most of the actors are Americans (leading actor Jason Lively is well-knowm from the 80ies movies "National Lampoon's European Vacation" and "Night Of The Creeps"). Furthermore the film seems to be shot at the actual locations. The special effects, escpecially the doll, are suitable for Hollywood as well.

The German releases were uncut (theaters, video and TV), but the releases in other countries were cut (similar to Emmerich's "Joey"). Additional to some minor plot scenes, scenes which contain the use of cigarettes, alcoholic bevarages and swear words, were deleted as well. This version is available on video and DVD in countries like England, France or the US. Unfortenately, the German DVD (released in 2009) is based on the Cut Version, too. That's the reason why this DVD is almost useless. The cuts are hard to recognize if one doesn't know the Uncut Version, but nevertheless it's a mystery to me why the German DVD does not include both versions.

Cuts and jump cuts below one second aren't mentioned. Furthermore the images on tape are very dark from time to time.
Cut Version = 85:36 Min.
Uncut Version = 107:14 Min.
03:24 Laurie makes a getaway. A shot of a dark-skinned child lighting a cigarette and a cut to Warren are missing in the DVD Version.
4.4 sec

04:49 Fred is irritated and sits down. He puts out his device and a curtain opens. Behind the curtain's the TV, a horror film is aired.
13.2 sec

05:02 Longer shot of Warren walking to the house, when he took the mail. After that he peeks in a room while he's wearing a mask. He wants to cheer Fred up. But it doesn't really work, so he goes to the closet to borrow some of his friend's pants. But his pants are too small. Fred wants to know what's up, Warren throws the letter, which informs about the opening of will, to him.
80.6 sec

05:47 Fred and Warren in the car.
5.4 sec

06:00 One shot is extended. Afterwards, the beginning of the scene, with Warren at the notary, is extended.
34,1 Sek.

06:20 The notary reads out the last will. Due to the offensive use of words, the notary drops the document. Warren tells him to keep on reading out.
21.5 sec

06:33 The notary goes on reading out (swear words again). Then he puts out an envelope with a piece of paper in it. Waren wants to know what it is. The beginning of the next shot is also missing.
64.8 sec

The Cut Version shows a short scene with Warren, which appeared earlier in the Uncut Version.
+ 6 sec

06:55 Shot of the notary's house from the outside, the chauffeur gets out of Stan Gordon's limo.
8 sec

07:02 Warren goes to the car.
2.6 sec

07:53 Extended shot of Gordon's limo, followed by Warren and Fred entering the pawn shop.
19 sec

08:12 Ending and beginning of two shots.
7 sec

08:38 Longer shot of Fred and Warren.
8.7 sec

08:48 Ending and beginning of two shots.
1.5 sec

10:07 Longer shot of Warren on the phone plus a cut to Fred.
17 sec

10:12 Beginning of a shot in the restaurant where Laurie's working.
4.7 sec

10:30 Beginning of a shot.
1.3 sec

10:31 Dito.
1.2 sec

10:52 The limo leaves, longer shot of Fred and Warren who look very confused. Afterwards we see Laurie and her collegue in the restaurant. The waitress tells Laurie to forget Warren and shows her an ad in the newspapers. It says that sb. for an ad is needed. Then a shot of Gordon's studio and the beginning of a shot in his office.
57.2 sec

The DVD Version presents a shot of an aquarium with fishes in it, instead.
+ 3.7 sec

12:05 Extended conversation between Karl and Mr. Gordon. Then a scene in Fred's and Warren's apartment, it's past midnight. Fred comes along with a clock and makes room for it on the chimney breast. Both wonder why the guy tried to steal the suitcase. Fred comes up with a weird story, with turns out to be true later. Warren rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Fred puts the clock on the chimney breast and turns the light off.
165.6 sec

12:16 While Fred's sleeping in his bed, Karl sneaks to the house.
21 sec

12:55 Shot of the clock and then Karl sneaking in the apartment.
14.2 sec

13:51 A shot of the restless Fred in bed is missing, right after Karl fell out of the window. Pan shot to the door and then Fred again.
24.8 sec

14:09 In Fred's dream: longer shot of his grandfather's house. Then a tracking shot from the butler's perspective through the house and last but not least, the grandfather who prepares the "drink".
28.9 sec

14:42 Ending of a tracking shot from the butler's perspective and beginning of the following shot.
10.3 sec

15:31 Extended shot of Louis walking up the stairs and a cut to Fred, who rolls from one side to another.
18 sec

15:40 Longer shot of Fred after he woke up. Suddenly Louis' ghost appears out of the blue. Fred lies down again and closes his eyes. He tries to persuade himself that he's still dreaming. After a while he opens his eyes and the ghost's vanished.
53.1 sec

15:49 Shot of Louis.
4 sec

16:03 Longer shot of Fred trying to wake Warren. He pulls the earplugs out of the walkman and tries to tell Warren, who's still half asleep, about the ghost. Apparently, Warren doesn't believe him at all.
43.6 sec

16:16 The clock drops and Warren says that it could be a burglar. He gets up to check, but Fred tells him that it's the ghost.
22 sec

16:31 Longer shot of Warren and Fred.
6.8 sec

18:00 A shot of Gordon's secretary and the beginning of the following shot.
3.8 sec

18:33 A shot of Karl and Mr. Gordon.
5.5 sec

19:43 Warren's having breakfast.
4.8 sec

20:06 Ending of a shot that shows Warren parking his bike. In addition to that some further shots of him locking his bike.
10.1 sec

21:02 Beginning of a tracking shot.
4 sec

22:41 Extended scene of Warren chasing Laurie with the bike.
7.6 sec

25:00 Dissolve to the restaurant. Laurie comes in and presents herself to her collegue. She's glad that she got the part.
18.4 sec

25:45 Ending of a shot.
1.9 sec

26:00 Laurie opens the door and Warren makes Fred carrying his stuff.
4.7 sec

26:07 Fred asks Warren why he's so nervous. Because of that Warren sends Fred in his room. He opens the door for Laurie. After that Warren prepares drinks for Laurie and himself. He puts some more alocohol in hers. He sits down next to her on the couch, both chink, Laurie starts coughing. Warren mentions that he probably put too much lemon in her drink. From time to time we see Fred.
99.3 sec

28:10 Extended shot of Warren sending Laurie out of the room.
5.7 sec

28:16 Warren looks doubtful.
2.2 sec

28:36 Laurie's confused, she asks for the way to the bathroom and Warren shows her. After that Louis' ghost takes possession of the doll. Fred, who's also in the room, doesn't recognize it.
26.9 sec

28:37 Extended scene of Warren knocking at Fred's door. Then a shot of Fred, who's still working. He talks to Warren. Finally a shot of the doll which becomes alive.
16.9 sec

Now the scene where Louis' ghost takes possession of the doll in the Cut Version.
+ 18.8 sec

29:41 Fred walks up and down in the room, he mumbles to himself and looks around. Cut to Warren.
15.1 sec

30:01 A shot of Warren.
1.3 sec

30:56 Ending of a shot plus a further shot of Warren disappearing in the closet.
1.8 sec

31:40 Shot of the kitchen, then Warren and Fred in the closet.
8.2 sec

32:03 Laurie's sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette.
3.5 sec

32:51 Fred and Warren in the closet. Warren checks the crack of the door.
4.2 sec

33:04 Fred, Warren and Laurie in the closet. Warren puts his hand off Laurie's mouth, she's really mad with him. Warren tries to explain to her that the doll became alive.
24.6 sec

33:21 Longer shot of Louis who's watching "Night Of The Living Dead".
6.4 sec

33:37 Warren tells Fred that he'd better check.
8.1 sec

36:44 Fred complains to Louis because he lied to him.
7.3 sec

38:11 Beginning of a shot.
1.4 sec

40:06 The ride through Hollywood at night is extended. Warren yells at Louis to concentrate more.
15.9 sec

41:05 The scene with Fred, who asks Louis if there were further creatures in heaven, is extended. Cut to Warren and Louis in a shop. Then a shot of a drunken bum, who barges against Karl's car and begs for money, but he only has the big notes. Then Fred and Louis again. Fred asks him if he knew Lord Chaney, but he didn't.
38.1 sec

41:39 The bum takes a hit of his drink, then a shot of Fred.
9.7 sec

46:51 Laurie grumpily starts working again after Mr. Rosenbaum had a bone to pick with her. Her collegue complains about Mr. Rosenbaum permanently.
9.6 sec

46:59 Beginning of a shot.
6.7 sec

48:59 Extended scene in the library. Stan seems to be irritated by spelling the name Stanislav Gordolev.
28.9 sec

49:00 A short shot of Warren in the Cut Version, which appeared earlier in the Uncut Version.
+ 1.7 sec

52:28 Gordon and then Warren.
3 sec

52:42 Beginning of a shot.
4.6 sec

55:20 Longer shot when Fred has left, and the beginning of the following shot is extended.
3.5 sec

57:20 In the Uncut Version, Laurie rings the door bell before she enters the house.
11.5 sec

57:57 Beginnging of the shot where Warren pulls up the car.
5.2 sec

58:10 Shot of Warren, he gets out of the car.
4.5 sec

58:48 Ending of a shot.
1.3 sec

59:19 Fred starts working on the clock.
13.5 sec

59:22 Warren and Laurie.
1.8 sec

59:41 Shot from outside, then Fred.
8.5 sec

64:29 Ending of a shot, then the studio area and after that the beginning of another shot.
12.7 sec

65:39 Ending of a shot.
2.8 sec

65:41 Warren, Fred and Louis peek through the porthole while Laurie's trying to climb out of the basement. But she slips backwards and yells for being pulled out.
12.9 sec

65:45 Ending of a shot, after that Laurie and then the three at the porthole. Fred wants to know who's supposed to go down first, they look at each other.
12.3 sec

67:26 Short shot of the attempt to break through the wall.
1.4 sec

In the Cut Version the beginning of a shot appears earlier. It seems to be a jump cut in the Uncut Version.
+ 1.4 sec

68:28 Before Warren's grandfather breaks trough the wall, Louis mentions that it becomes ugly. Cut to the other ones.
8.6 sec

80:01 Shots of Warren, Laurie and Fred.
5.3 sec

80:57 In the Uncut Version there's a longer shot of the three in the darkness.
12.6 sec

Instead some newspaper articles are shown in the Cut Version.
+ 12.6 sec

82:14 Scenes in the limo: Warren reads the newspaper while he's talking on the phone. Laurie kisses him, Warren watches bored.
43.5 sec