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  • European DVD / BBFC PG
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 06, 2009 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Due to animal cruelty the film had to be cut in Great Britain. Just like Universal and Columbia TriStar, MGM releases only one DVD version in whole Europe, so numerous countries are only provided with cut releases, despite the fact that in those countries no laws are offended and the films have already been rated and released in their uncut form. Among others, this is the case with "The Return of the Seven", the sequel to the legendary "The Magnificent Seven". In order to receive a lower rating in Great Britain the movie was censored for the rest of Europe as well. The old releases (VHS and TV airings for example) in countries other than Great Britain are normally uncut.

Comparison between the European DVD and the uncut TV airing from Premiere MGM (Pay TV).

4 Cuts = 61,92 Sec.
A longer scene of two roosters fighting and several Mexicans watching, betting and cheering has been removed. Serious injuries are nowhere to be seen.
48,68 Sec.

Another shot from the cockfight. One of the roosters seems to be losing. The cut takes place before the boy from the audience gets up and picks the rooster up.
3,32 Sec.

The roosters continue to fight while the cowboy fights the Mexican who wanted to save his rooster. Altogether, three shots are missing: Fighting roosters, cowboy hits Mexican, fighting roosters.

In the cut version, a shot of Yul Brynner and his friend has been put in that was shown earlier already.
8 Sec.

The scene of the main villain riding towards Brynner and his associates and being thrown of his horse by an explosion is missing.
The cut is placed very skillfully; a shot of Brynner and his friend shooting, that matches the length of the cut scene exactly, has been put in, so no running time difference occurs. However, that shot was also shown earlier so there's nothing to be gained from this.

Note: A horse falling to the ground in scenes like that is a typical BBFC cut.
1,92 Sec.