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Requiem For a Dream




  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Jul 30, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated Version and the uncut NC-17 Version (both contained on the US DVD)

David Cronenbergs "Crash" has only been released in a heavily cut R-Rated Version in the American cinemas. The US DVD from New Line contains both versions (R-Rated & NC-17). Interesting is that the R-Rated on the DVD seems somewhat less cut than the Theatrical Version. This is assumed by an IMDB posting in which a longer scene is described that is allegedly missing in the Theatrical Version, but is contained on the DVD.

Cut version = 91:59 Min.
Uncut version = 100:24 Min.
04:39 Shot of Catherines excited face, followed by the man kneeling behind her, kissing her butt.
12,3 Sec.

04:49 Additional shot of him kissing her nether regions and herself lying on the plane.
14,4 Sec.

05:20 Beginning of a shot of the sex scene between James and the camera woman. His face is grafted to her butt.
5,4 Sec.

13:10 End of a shot after Catherines hand has disappeared under the blanket. We can see her masturbating James.
5 Sec.

13:12 Longer shot of James' hand disappearing between her legs.
6,4 Sec.

13:29 Another shot of the blanket and Catherine working at James under it.
4,4 Sec.

24:49 The beginning of the shot of the sex scene is longer.
17,7 Sec.

33:13 Shot of Vaughan fumbling between Helens legs, followed by a shot of Vaughan, Helen and James. James watches them.
15,2 Sec.

42:25 The complete sex scene between James and Catherine in bed is missing in the R-Rated. He takes her from behind while they talk somewhat explicitly about Vaughan. Catherine asks James whether he wants to have sex with Vaughan. Both reach their climax. The beginning of the next shot is missing as well. We see Helen riding James in the car. She asks whether he came and he answers that everything is okay.
247,3 Sec.

45:55 As they are watching the car crash scenes on TV, the camera pans from left to right and we see Gabrielle, Helen and James massaging each others groin areas.
7,3 Sec.

49:57 While James drives, the camera pans to the backseat where Vaughan has sex with a prostitute. This scene is shown twice in alternative positions.
55,7 Sec.

50:26 End of a shot of the prostitute riding Vaughan.
16,5 Sec.

61:52 The sex scene between Catherine and Vaughan in the car wash is longer. Vaughan grabs her between her legs.
12,7 Sec.

62:44 Shot of Catherines hand covered in sperm.
9 Sec.

69:28 As James has sex with Gabrielle, a shot of the both is missing.
8,2 Sec.

88:22 We see James and Catherine longer as they are lying in the grass having sex, followed by a shot from farther away in which we can see the both of them next to the crashed car.
68,3 Sec.