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2.23 The One with the Chicken Pox


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 12, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the TV Version and the Extended Version.

5 differences, 1 with alternate footage
Difference: 20.9 sec

The Blu-ray release only contains the TV versions of the episodes, as was the case with the first season. Those who know the DVD releases from the USA or Great Britain will surely miss the extended versions which can be found on these DVDs.

Episode 2x23 (The One with the Two Parties is only different in a few seconds. There are a few additional sentences here and there, nothing too special. The most interesting scene is probably the one with guest star Charlie Sheen who also suffers from Chicken Pox and argues with Phoebe a little longer.

Right after the opening credits there is a fade to black.

+ 1.7 sec


A fade to black indicating the commercial break in the TV Version. The Extended Version instead uses an additional exterior shot for the transition.

Extended Version 1.7 sec longer

Alternate Scene

In the TV Version Ryan simply lowers his head after Ross' comment.

The Extended Version instead offers some more bits of the discussion.

Ryan: "She made me do it."
Phoebe (angry): "That's a nice color on you!"
Ryan: "Yeah, well, it comes in pink and blotchy, baby!"
Phoebe: "I hope you get a weenie pock!"
Ross preventively puts his hands on Rachel's ears.

Extended Version 11.7 sec longer


Before Chandler pushes Joey out, the latter comments on the character he portrayed on his workplace: "Three kids, you know. He was going to put in a pool next summer."

5.2 sec


The very last scene: Rachel is shown a little longer and says "Honey!" after forgetting numerous things which made Ross hug her and then put her on the sofa, saying that they will meet in their room.

3.5 sec