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Paranormal Activity 2


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Directors Cut
Release: Feb 07, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: brainbug1602 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Directors Cut. Both versions are on the US-DVD from Paramount.

Daniel moves together with his wife Kristi, his little son Hunter and Ali, his daughter from an earlier marriage into a new home. Soon the family encounters mysterious incidents.

And the spook goes on or rather starts earlier, because Paranormal Activity 2 is a prequel to the first movie. The concept stays the same and the story is told from the point of hand-held cameras and static surveillance cameras. This time Kristi, the sister of Katie, aber her family are the victims of the ghost attacks.

The Unrated Version runs 7 minutes longer and shows more ghost terror in form of dropping baby's high chair, burning food and hot nuts in the whirlpool. None of these scenes are really important for the story development and most likely they got removed to shorten the running time of the movie.

Running Times:

Theatrical Version: 91:01 Min. (NTSC)
Unrated: 97:55 Min. (NTSC)

Daniel shows Hunter the entrance door.

Daniel: "Hey, somebody left the front door open! Nice. Don't do that, OK?"

6 sec.


The Unrated version features a new scene with a dropping baby's high chair.

Kristi: "Oh, buddy, I think it's time for N-A-P. What do you think? Yeah? Come on. Come here, buddy, let's move this first. OK. Aw, that's a good baby. That's a good baby. OK. Oh! You gotta help me out here, buddy. Thank you. That's a good boy."

The chari drops.

Kristi: "OK. I know. Everything's fine, you're just superbaby. Did you do this all by yourself? Man, Daddy's gonna be so proud. OK, I'll just clean up the rest of it when I bring you back."

49 sec.


Night #4 is only in the Unrated Version.

One can see some interior shots of the house and creepy music. At the next morning the dog is barking at a door.

1:19 min.


Night #11 is also only in the Unrated version.

Some interior shots of the house. Some food on the cooker stats to burn. The fire alarm goes on and Daniel throws the pan into the pool. He accuses Ali, who is in the whirlpool with her boyfriend.

2:20 min.


The family is in the kitchen. Hunter seems to be tired.

Ali: "Oh, my God. He looks so tired. Look at him. He's almost passed out."
Kristi: "Yeah, I think somebody has time for a nap. Come here, buddy."
Ali: "Bye. Bye, grumpster."
Kristi: "Oh, I know. Fussy baby. Fussy fussy."

Then Daniel goes for a swim, not knowing that the water in the whirlpool is very hot. Again in the house he suspects Ali.

Daniel: "Did you leave the heater on in the hot tub?"
Ali: "No."
Daniel: "No? It's like a million degrees in there!"
Ali: "No. Why would I...That was two nights ago, and I turned it off."
Kristi: "Oh, my God. Are you OK?"
Daniel: "Were you out there with Brad?"
Ali: "Yeah, two nights ago."
Kristi: "Honey, honey. What's going on?"
Ali: "It wouldn't be boiling. The highest it goes up to is like 90-something."
Daniel: "Give me something cold. Like, peas?"
Ali: "Are you OK?"
Daniel: "God. Boiled my nuts right now."
Ali: " What exactly..."
Daniel: "I'm gonna call that guy."
Ali: "I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything."

1:36 min.


Ali talks to the camera.

Ali: "I'm having these really fucked up nightmares which is not something that's really new, but I'm having different ones. There was one in particular. Well, there were...I've had a couple dreams where my teeth are falling out, which is really weird. And there's one in particular, where this guy is standing at the foot of my bed watching me sleep, and it's not like a scary robber dream. I can't see his face or anything, but he was like about, like, a foot back from the bed there. So...That's what's been up."

44 sec.