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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 27, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Original Director's Cut (both taken from the respective US-DVDs from Anchor Bay)

Theatrical Version: 94:00 min. without ending credits (99:35 min. including ending credits) in NTSC
Director's Cut: 95:43 min w.e. (101:18 min i.e.) in NTSC

- 1 Cut
- Duration: 102,6 sec (= 1:43 min)

The film

The transsexual prostitute Marybeth (Kerry Washington) and her smalltime criminal husband Benny are trying to lead a normal life, the brutal youngster Romeo and is gang are terrorizing the streets, Manny keeps his family alive with two honest jobs and the ten year old Willy worries more about his sister than his addicted mother (Illeana Douglas) who is dominated by her violent lover.

The drama Life Is Hot In Cracktown, released in 2009 and directed by Combat Shock director Buddy Giovinazzo shows in episodes excerpts from the lifes of several bedraggled human being living in an American ghetto, whose fates cross every now and then.

The film is based on the short story anthology of the same name and written by Giovinazzo himself that aims at being regarded as an authentic view on the social environment.
To agree or disagree as well as believing the somewhat clichéd characters is something every viewer has to decide for himself.

The versions

After a rather small take on the big screen, the film will be released on DVD on theAugust 25th 2009 and just as many times before the buyer can choose one of two versions. The longer versions bears the sign "Original Director's Cut" and runs about two minutes longer than the Theatrical Version.

The difference between both versions is only one single scene. Right after the credits we see the girl Debbie (Stephanie Lugo) being pulled into a back alley by Romeo against her will, where he and his gang proceed to rape her. This rather controversial opening has been heavily cut in the Theatrical Version.
Later acts of violence and sex, drug abuse and of course the ever present curse words have not been edited. So this is not really a heavily toned down R-Rated version and one can follow the movie without any problems.

What's interesting is that the DVD containing the Director's Cut has been rated "R" as well. So just as with the "Killer Cut" of the "Friday the 13th" remake, studios don't always rely on the famous "Unrated" sticker to boost sales. Due to the heavy nature of the scene it would have been no surprise if the MPAA would have denied the DC the R-rating.

Time indexes are presented in the following order:
Theatrical Version / Director's Cut
02:18 / 02:18-04:01

The raping is only insinuated in the Theatrical Version.

The DC shows longer how Debbies clothes are torn off her body before she is mounted by Romeo, all the while comments like "Fuck you, motherfucker!" and the like are raining down on the viewer.

After Romeo is done, one of his friend turns Debbie around and rapes her from behind. Her asking for Crack ("Please, just let me get a blast first!") is ignored and after the boy is done he kicks her in the butt.

The next guy laughs but does not initiate sex, and Romeo pushes him, saying "You wanna fuck her?". Still no reaction, and Romeo pushes him back. His friend goes on to urinate on the sobbing Debbie.

(This being the reason for the following plead from his cousin to leave the girl alone that is also contained in the Theatrical Version.)

altogether 102,6 sec