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Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video Vol. II: The Tour Video

original title: Don't Try This at Home: The Tour


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 28, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK-DVD (BBFC18) and the german DVD (not rated)

In the year 2000, the infamous Stunt-/Comedy-/Trash-Show"Jackass" debuted on MTV.

One can safely emphasize three persons who have remained in the audience's heads, not least because of their other following public performances.

Johnny Knoxville has worked on several other Mainstream-Comedies such as "Dukes of Hazard" or "Walking Tall" and therefore has set foot in Hollywood.

Bam Margera has, shortly before Jackass, already released the first part of his Skate-, Comedy- and Stuntshow-series "cKy", which consists of four parts now. But probably more famous are his MTV-Shows "Viva La Bam" and "Bam's Unholy Union". Also, he appears as a character in several video games of the Tony-Hawk series.

Then there is Steve-O, formerly employed at a circus, who has also travelled the world with colleague Chris Pontius for the MTV-show "WildBoyz".
Incidentally, the three Don't Try This At Home"-Videos have been released, as well as the virtually-sequel "The Early Years", showing old footage that has not been released before.
Also, he has released a Rap-Album. Otherwise, Steve-O was mostly getting attention in a bad way - after his drug problems got worse and worse and an attempt to kill himself, he was taken to an asylum. In June, he confessed himself guilty of owning cocaine, so he is facing a suspended sentence.

But that only as a sideline and moralizers who already thought "Jackass" was going too far should be warned. Steve-O solo puts the thing to a whole new level. A body hair waxing in the pubic area, the consumption of grilled rats or the testicles stapled to the thighs might be too much for some audience.

Any of the Steve-O movies was censored by the BBFC, so the (also the often in online shops advertised copies) UK-DVDs of all installments are cut, even though they have got the highest rating, "BBFC 18"! So, before buying, better take a close look or ask what country the advertised DVD comes from.

Don't Try This At Home Vol. 2 - The Tour Video

The second installment, there are impressions of several Steve-O live shows as well as what's going on backstage. Vandalism and self-destructive experiments with fans are, of course, on the order of the day.
Especially the latter bothers the British censors, so the BBFC 18 verion misses two things. On the one hand, the experiment with the wild groupie Dee, who lets Steve-O set her breasts on fire (close call). On the other hand the skateboarder who is out of control and just beats up another guy with his board before legging it.
Contrary to some rumour, though, the scene depicting a guy dipping his testicles in rum and then lets them be incinerated is also shown on the UK-DVD.

Runtime designations relate to the cut BBFC 18-Version - BBFC 18: 48:18 min
- German DVD: 49:48 min

- 3 Cuts
- Cut length: 144,4 sec (2:24 min)

- Additional logos and warning notice in the British version: 54 sec

The UK-DVD has a production logo in the beginning as well as a cue to Steve-O's homepage.

Then, an additional UK-exclusive warning notice, being read by a British speaker, follows.

+ 54 sec


In the quickly cut prospect on the video, the short moment showing the skateboarder hitting the guy on the street with his board is missing.

1,1 sec


In the British version, you have to content yourself with Nick Dunlap saying: "Let's set her tits on fire!"
In the uncut version this is shown resp. impetuous Dee from the audience, simpleminded as she is, tags along in the stunt.

First, Wee Man comes grinningly into the room and gets the order "You need to get her completely naked!"
So he puts her on the table and takes off her trousers. Preston it responsible for safety, he has a wet towel in his hand.
Wee Man rubs her upper body resp. especially the breasts appreciative with spiritus and Preston feels her up to, justifying that by saying he needed to make sure everything was proper.
Meanwhile, Dee simply screams delightfully and obviously enjoys it (yet). Her only commentary is a bellowed "I'm gonna be on fire, wohoo!"

Steve-O swallows a lot of spiritus and Dee gets the order "Don't move!" from several directions.
Directly as the flame of Steve-O's lighter incinerates her upper body, she screams panically and tries to break away. Steve-O presses her down and spits fire so almost her entire body blazes for a short time.
Wee Man and Preston ply rather clumsily with the towels and Steve-O manages after some effort, Dee drops from the table onto the ground and panickedly tries to crawl away.
Steve-O gets up and spits the rest from his mouth onto the table.
Dee also stands again and looks a little bewildered, Steve-O lauds her. She still does seem to be a little angry and shocked, the boys calm her. During that, you see the fireball again in slow-motion.
The guys whisper to each other what the audience could have figured out themselves: "She was on fire for way too long!"
Anyways, Dee seems to have survived and already jumps naked onto Steve-O's back. Fade-out.

all in all 105,9 sec


The crazy fan with the skateboard has a longer appearance after the fade-out here.

First, there is a warning notice for the following violent scenes.
Then the take of before continues; the madman takes his skateboard and hits a guy in the face. Still laying on the ground, he gets another hit with the skateboard and a kick in the face.
Another hit with the skateboard and the guy's girlfriend tries to confront the madman.
He prefers to take a run-up with the skateboard and rams it into the guy's back.
He phlegmatically rides away while the guy finally manages to get up and orders the other one to stop.

37,4 sec