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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Jan 05, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Basically, this mediocre thriller by David Twohy can only score because of its beautiful setting. The story itself hardly offers any surprising moments and the only one that actually appears can already be seen from miles away. None of the actors really faces a challenge and so the movie vegetates somewhere in the no man's land of the genre and will probably be forgotten soon.

Even before the US-start director Twohy announced that he was going to make an Unrated Director's Cut which is supposed to attract customers for the DVD- and Blu-ray-release. As this report points out the changes are so irrelevant that surely no-one will like the movie better than in the shorter Theatrical version. Only the extended flashback adds something to the character development and shows the relationships between the protagonists a little more clearly.

Both the US-DVD and the Blu-ray contain both versions of the movie, the Unrated Director's Cut and the Theatrical version which was (Rated R for graphic violence, language including sexual references and some drug use).

16 differences, being
1 use of alternative footage
1 extended scene in the Theatrical version
2 additional scenes
5 extended scenes
7 extended scenes using alternative footage

The Unrated Director's Cut is 757.28 sec. or approximately 12 minutes 38 seconds longer than the Theatrical version.

Comparison between the uncut Theatrical version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Director's Cut (both represented by the US-DVD from Universal).
Extended scene
Unrated: 0:01:08: Already the opening credits are different. Both versions contain digicam-shots of a wedding ceremony. The DC, however, contains noticeably more shots and the order is a little different, too. That adds up to a time difference of more than 1.5 minutes. By that, the credits themselves have been delayed a bit, too.
116.52 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:09:47: Cydney singing in the car a little longer.
8.2 sec.

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 0:17:53
Unrated: 0:19:36
: In the Theatrical version Cliff only looks at Cydney. The DC contains a new dialogue. One of the tourists and Cydney exchange a few words:

Cydney: "Why don't you guys come with us? We're going all the way to Kaluhau Beach, all the way to the end."
Tourist: "Wait, you guys are, like, newlyweds?"
Cydney: "Yeah."

Then, the tourist seems to get scared and she and her friend leave.
The DC is 22.64 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated Director's Cut

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 0:36:04
Unrated: 0:38:06
: The scene of the men building the camp and the women talking about the food begins with different takes. The actually relevant change is the extension of the conversation between Gina and Cydney who talk about a certain dish. So it is actually a completely irrelevant extension.
31.76 sec.

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 0:42:41
Unrated: 0:44:59
: Again, a different take has been used. The Unrated is longer but the dialogue between Cydney and Gina starts off more slowly.
10.72 sec.

Theatrical versionUnrated Director's Cut

Additional scene
Unrated: 0:52:11: In the Unrated version Cliff and the messenger who wanted to bring him the documents have a short but meaningless dialogue.

Cliff: "No, no, no, hey, I'm sorry. I'm... I guess we're all just stressed with those killers being over here now, I'm really sorry. Here."
Messenger: "No, no, no. On this island?"
Cliff: "Yeah."
Messenger: "My papers, brother!"
Cliff: "I... I saw a news report on it. You didn't?"
Messenger: "No. I don't watch the news. It's way too informational."
Cliff: "Hey, just... Why don't you come back to camp and have some dinner with us? Okay? You and your bitch friend."
Messenger: "Thanks, but you know what, I'm not feeling the running stream of love over here, you know what I mean? Here's your permits. I'm gonna head on back to town. Careful on that trail. Huh? Mess you up good unless you know it good."
65.28 sec.

Extended scene in the Theatrical version
Theatrical version: 0:54:31: After Cliff, also Cydney and Gina leave and Gina implies that Nick should come, as well. He is slightly annoyed, takes a zip from his cup and then goes back to the tent.
12.72 sec.

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 0:57:38
Unrated: 1:00:47
: Uh, is this the mandatory Unrated-footage? The Theatrical version shows some people playing football while the DC contains some naked sunbathers who form different gymnastic figures.
The Unrated is 7.08 sec. longer

Additional scene
Unrated: 1:01:03: And now, the DC shows the football players, as well.
3.88 sec.

Extended scene
KF: 1:06:49
Unrated: 1:10:30
: The flashback of the background of Cliff (aka Rocky) and Cydney has been extended at many parts in the DC. It is a combination of many scenes, some of them have been extended, some are entirely new. Only the most significant changes are mentioned, here.

Cydney cuts off a strand of hair from the woman to adjust her own hair later.
Cydney gets reminded by Rocky that she always has to put on her "gameface".
When Gina is looking for rings and Nick uses an excuse to return to the jeweler's shop later on his own the DC offers some smaller but unimportant changes. A little later, there is a new sequence that takes place in the apartment of the "Andersons" and shows what a control freak Rocky is.
Him informing the messenger about Cale and his girlfriend by claiming they are carrying a weapon has been slightly extended, too.
After that, there is a conversation between Cydney and Rocky. Cydney is impressed by Nick's stories and thinks that he is a dangerous prey but Rocky says that this is all just a pile of steam and Nick is just a showoff who has no clue about what is coming to him. Cydney (or whatever her real name may be) says that she starts to like her current character. First cracks between her and Rocky become noticeable because he does not seem to be able to express any feelings outside of his role.
455,84 Sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 1:27:52: Gina holds her cellphone over the cliff, once again, to take a picture.
6.04 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 1:35:16: A meaningless shot of the island, then a profile shot of Cydney.
4.76 sec.

Extended scene using alternative footage
Unrated: 1:40:04: Both versions use a different take of Rocky yelling "Outstanding!" but the Unrated version contains a short zoom to the sniper in he helicopter. Outstanding!
The Unrated version is 0.6 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated Director's Cut

Alternative footage
Theatrical version: 1:30:25
Unrated: 1:40:38
: Unusual. When Gina sends Rocky to the ground with a powerful kick he spits CGI-blood in the Theatrical version, in the DC it is just colorless saliva.
No time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated Director's Cut

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 1:30:38
DC: 1:40:51
: Gina and Nick hug each other differently in each version. The Unrated also shows them in another shot while the helicopter is floating in the air.
The Unrated version is 9.52 sec. longer

Extended scene using alternative footage
Theatrical version: 1:31:01
Unrated: 1:41:21
: When Cydney informs the sniper that Rocky is grabbing his weapon the Theatrical version shows the sniper aiming and the crosslines panning to Rocky's head. The DC shows Gina and Nick holding each other an then Rocky in a close up, looking at them. Then the crosslines are already pointed to his head.
The Unrated version is 1.72 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated Director's Cut