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Librarian, The: Quest for the Spear


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Release: Aug 18, 2010 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
The American television movie 'The Librarian - Quest for the Spear' has received a DVD release of an extended version in the US. Most changes are not important at all, but they help along to make the whole film a bit more fluent in its plot progression.
Flynn enters the courtyard of the library. He stops for an instant to look at the building.
10 secs.

Flynn is standing on the stairs with the other people looking for work and waits for his turn.
11 secs.

Flynn walks to the chair with small steps.
15 secs.

In the library, Flynn stops in front of the Mona Lisa. He learns that there is only a facsimile of it hanging in the Louvre.
15 secs.

Judson explains to Flynn via a cellphone that most of the items in the library are no inexplicable wonders, but that the human mind is just too feeble to understand.
44 secs.

Judson explains to Flynn the system they use to choose the applicants for the job as librarian.

Flynn believes himself standing in front of the apple from the Garden of Eden until Judson tells him that he has left this apple there some days earlier.
27 secs.

Flynn is lying under the jet pack he just had ignited, and behind him, there is a unicorn. Judson stops by and watches the whole scene.
53 secs.

Flynn returns home and his mother celebrates that he finally has got a job.
77 secs.

Wilde holds the Spear in his hands as one of his men asks him what they actually have stolen there.
9 secs.

Flynn and Margie find Judson beaten down on the floor
13 secs.

Flynn is told the story of the Serpent Brotherhood.
25 secs.

Judson explains to Flynn how terrible it would be if the three parts of the spear fell into the hands of the Brotherhood.
6 secs.

Flynn is looking for his seat on the plane. When he is seated, Judson's face appears on the screen in front of him. He tells him that he should not trust anyone.
55 secs.

Flynn tries to make a move on Nicole on the plane and is rejected.
30 secs.

Flynn wonders how Nicole could smuggle her machete on board the plane, as the the security authorities even took away his nose hair trimmer.
3 secs.

Nicole and Flynn climb down the tree.
19 secs.

Flynn takes the Indians who caught him and Nicole for head hunters. He shows her a head impaled on a pole.
14 secs.

Flynn and Nicole are going to sleep in an Indian hut. She quickly makes clear to him that they will sleep separated. Despite this, he tries to make move on her by dancing an Indian dance. He is rejected by her once again.
121 secs.

Nicole jumps off the invisible platform in the Maya temple.
6 secs.

Flynn and Nicole flee from Shangri-La via helicopter. However, Flynn has to learn how to handle that thing during flight and he almost crashes into a mountain.
56 secs.

When Flynn and Nicole want to kiss in the hotel, his cellphone suddenly starts ringing. Nicole takes the call and says that Flynn would call back. His mother at the other end of the line is surprised to hear a woman's voice and is happy for her son.
66 secs.