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Cash on Demand


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Apr 25, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version and the uncut UK Version. Both versions are available on the UK Blu-ray set "Hammer Volume Two: Criminal Intent" by Powerhouse Films.

A thug pretends to be the inspector of some security company and claims that wife and son of bank manager Harry Fordyce are being held hostage in order to apply pressure on him. If he wants to see his family again, he has to help them robbing the bank. Can Fordyce, usually a real stiff, deceive his employees so that the thug can walk out of there with the money?

Cash on Demand is a very suspenseful thriller starring Peter Cushing who really nails it. There are several plot twists and the finale comes as a surprise as well. Highly recommendable for any thriller fan.

When the Blu-ray box set was announcement, there was no information about two versions of Cash on Demand being that set so it kind of comes a little surprise. On the actual Blu-ray cover, the second version is being mentioned though.

The US Version lacks a lot scenes in the first half of the movie, especially the ones where Fordyce's dominant leadership comes into play. The conflict between and cashier Pearson - Pearson altered the books - is missing as well. As a result, the pace might increase a little but it also decreases the impact the Fordyce character originally has. All in all, the UK Version the much better version - no doubt.


US Version: 66:50 min
UK Version: 80:04 min

Subsequent to the opening credits, the US Version lacks a scene at the bank. Sanderson sets the time and date. Two women enter and explain they had been getting some groceries. Then they open their bags and try on christmas accessories. Mr. Pearson and Peter show up and Peter says he was hungover and Pearson lectures him to spend his time with learning for the upcoming exams instead. But Peter points out that Pearson himself looked pretty tired as well but the latter is not going to dignify that with a response. Peter then pays him share for the upcoming christmas party.

UK Version: 2:00 min


Inside the bank, Fordyce is walking around in order to take a close look at everything.

He calls for Pearson and points out that a pen does not work properly. Pearson gives it a shot and wonders what is wrong with it. Fordyce says the tip was entirely corroded and gives him a lecture. Pearson can take it and says he would take care of it. Last but not least, Fordyce tells him that wants to speak with Harvill.

As requested, Peter goes to him and Fordyce instantaneously confronts him with an incident that occured one week before: One of the clients accidentally got to much cash and it was Peter's fault. Fordyce sees a conspiracy and Peter does his best to convince him that it was just a mistake. After being asked several times, Peter admits that Peter helped him to fix it. Coincidentally, Pearson comes in at the very same moment and gets his pink slip.

Pearson brings the mail and Fordyce confronts him and explains his point of view. Pearson believes there is no accusation to be made because he did not do anything wrong. He explains money was not the issue, the fact that the two of them would not get along was. Pearson wants a recommendation from Fordyce so that he can be transfered to another branch but Fordyce is not happy with his work and says no. Instead, Fordyce implies that Pearson could get fired. Pearson is shocked, Fordyce says it was time to open the bank.

UK Version: 7:11 min


Hepburn says he was going to explain the details regarding currency exchange soon. He then goes back and checks the time.

UK Version: 17 sec


Hepburn tells Fordyce to send Pearson back in case someone with a bigger withdrawl shows up, that he should wait until he is available again. For that reason, he leaves a few thousand pounds behind. He then explains to him how get the suitcases out of te building. Fordyce has understood. Hepburn wants to wait a little longer until they call for Pearson and asks for a drink. Fordyce shows him where to get one. All of a sudden, an alarm goes off and Hepburn rushes to the window. Fordyce tells him to calm down, it is just the fire department. They both have a drink then. Hepburn walks up to the chair and takes a seat. He says he always cared about his employees and Fordyce lacked that very particular skill. When he explains his family did not really love him either, Fordyce gets upset because he did not want to hear these accusation from a thug.

UK Version: 3:47 min