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Ring 2

original title: Ring Two


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 07, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical version and the unrated version. For the theatrical version the German DVD was reviewed while the unrated version is available in the U.S. by Dreamworks. The unrated version is definitely the better choice. The threatrical version is a bit to flat and unspectacular. For a PG 13 rating various changes had to be done while the unrated version stood intact:

  • New shocking elements (e.g. toilet sequence).

  • Characters got more background, Max was kind of unimportant in the TV.

  • Deeper background of the story and more emotional content.

  • New score in some scenes which impact the atmosphere in a positive way

  • New horror sound effects

  • CGI effects (deer sequence)

The unrated version has an additional runtime of 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Runtime is based on the unrated version which runs on PAL speedup.

01:26 Min. - 03:10 Min.

Long shot of the town is longer in the unrated. Emily and Jake are sitting on the swing, Emily wonders why Jake invited her to a date after years. Jake crawls some romantic stuff and finally gets her.

Duration: Unrated 104 Sec. longer.

03:14 Min. - 04:15 Min.

A take, how the car crosses the scenery is longer in the unrated. Afterwards Jake and Emily enter the house. Jake tells Emily that she should sit down and have it confortable. He looks nervously at his watch: it is 22:50 pm. He wants to get something to dring while she takes a seat on the couch.

Duration: Unrated 61 Sec. longer.

04:36 Min. - 04:50 Min.

Jakes hands Emily a drink. Both cheer at each other.

Duration: Unrated 14 Sec. longer.

05:39 Min. - 06:19 Min.

The unrated shows Jake how he tries to convince Emily to watch the tape. She looks like she hoped to have the date a bit more romantic. He lies and crawls around but tells her where he got the tape. A friend copied it for him.

Duration: Unrated 40 Sec. longer.

07:07 Min. - 07:12 Min.

The mirror take of Emily is longer. She stands up from the couch.

Duration: Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

07:19 Min. - 07:22 Min.

The ending is a bit longer, too. She is obviously affraid and breathes. The next shot is minimally longer in the TV.

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

7:25 Min. - 7:51 Min.

Emily is in front of the tv. Jake gets nervous and sweats. Suddenly a nice 360į turn around Emily when one can hear a loud moaning from the off. The turn in the other direction again. Emily is obviously scared by now. She continues inserting the tape into the VCR. /p>

Duration: Unrated 26 Sec. longer.

08:11 Min. - 08:13 Min.

Emily sits back onto the couch. The TV shows a take of her already sitting on the couch. /p>

Duration: KF 1 Sec. longer.



08:16 Min. - 08:19 Min.

One can see the remote controll slightly longer as well as the clock on the microwave. /p>

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

08:44 Min. - 08:48 Min.

More from the tape.

Duration: Unrated 4 Sec. longer.

08:54 Min. - 08:55 Min.

Again more from the tape.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

09:01 Min. - 09:09 Min.

The tape runs longer in the unrated and shows different and more gruesome takes. Afterwards a zoom on the telephone which rings simultaneously to the blinking in the TV:

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

09:19 Min. - 09:24 Min.

The phone rings again. The unrated now shows the tape sequence which could be seen in the TV earlier. The following text of the caller (Jakeís pal) is different and was spoken by a different person.

Duration: Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

10:26 Min. - 10:27 Min.

Jake can be seen longer.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

10:34 Min. - 10:37 Min.

Take of Jake.

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

10:40 Min. - 11:36 Min.

Emily takes her hands away from her eyes. Jake looks like he is in panic and gasps deeply. The TV shows the cut part with Emilyís hands which are taken off her eyes.

Afterwards there is an alternative take how the camera turns back to the tv. The TV shows mirroreffects. Afterwards Jake walks torwards the tv. When he kneels in front of it the entering into Samaraís world through the tv is shot alternatively with more special effects. The unrated shows the scenery in a closer angle up to the point where Samara comes up from the well. The music in the TV does not fit!

Duration: Unrated 29 Sec. longer.



11:39 Min. - 11:40 Min.

One can see how Jakeís face transforms (because of anxiety)).

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

11:41 Min.

The unrated lacks a short take how the camera flies onto Jakeís face.

Duration: KF 1 Sec. longer.

12:03 Min.

The unrated lacks how Aidan leaves the scenery. After a scenery change one can see a long shot of the street a bit longer.

Duration: KF 2 Sec. longer.

14:37 Min. - 14:41 Min.

The take of Aidan is longer in the beginning and the end. /p>

Duration: Unrated 2 Sec. longer.

14:43 Min.

Now a snippet from the end of the take.

Duration: KF 2 Sec. longer.

15:05 Min. - 15:09 Min.

Rachel can be seen far more longer in the unrated.

Duration: Unrated 4 Sec. longer.

16:00 Min. - 16:29 Min.

Max and Rachel are fighting about the text which has been changed by Rachel.

Duration: Unrated 25 Sec. longer.

16:33 Min. - 16:34 Min.

Rachel nods.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

16:57 Min. - 17:09 Min.

Longer take of Rachel. Max leaves his office door open, recognizes it and goes back to close it.

Duration: Unrated 12 Sec. longer.

30:41 Min. - 32:21 Min.

Rachel and Aidan meet their neighbors at the fair. Rachels dislikes the following conversation and tells Aidan he should move away. He does and Rachel gets away from her neighbors. Aidan asks her if she does not want any friends and she tells him that she dislikes tattletales. The TV only shows an alternative crossing scene.

Duration: Unrated 86 Sec. longer.

32:41 Min. - 32:43 Min.

Rachel can be seen quite longer and the take of the next scene is also longer.

Duration: Unrated 2 Sec. longer.

32:50 Min. - 33:16 Min.

Aidan walks around the fair. The take of Aidan how he takes a picture of the painted girl has been exchanged. The unrated shows how he talks to a merchant and takes another picture. The TV shows Rachel while she looks for something at the rummage stand. She can not find anything useful, turns around and sees tapes.

Duration: Unrated 7 Sec. longer.



33:25 Min. - 36:31 Min.

Max enters the scenery in the unrated and both are talking to each other about the town and Maxís background. The TV lacks the complete background of Max.

Aidan looks at the contest where people have to put their head under water. He feels uncomfortable and has a hallucination. Rachel and Max are talking about Aidan and Max wants to meet him. Both say goodbye and Rachel looks for Aidan.

The TV does not show Max at all, as well as the contest. But here Aidan has his first encounter with deer.

Duration: Unrated 146 Sec. longer.



36:38 Min. - 37:46 Min.

The unrated lacks the moment when Aidan enters the toilet house. The TV is missing how water pours out of all the toilets and Aidan how he gets near to the fountains. Rachel is still looking for him.

Duration: Unrated 52 Sec. longer.



37:49 Min. - 38:15 Min.

Only in the unrated one can here how something makes noises in the pipes.

Duration: Unrated 10 Sec. longer.

38:45 Min. - 38:49 Min.

Aidan looks how the fly flies around.

Duration: Unrated 4 Sec. longer.

39:04 Min. - 39:29 Min.

Now it is getting curious. In the TV Aidan takes photos of himself in the mirror. This is not really shocking as one can only see Samara shortly when played back in slow-mo. In the unrated Samara appears suddenly in the mirror and he takes a photo while she floats onto him. The unrated is far more creepier than the TV here.

Duration: Unrated 5 Sec. longer.



39:36 Min. - 39:40 Min.

Rachel is still looking for Aidan.

Duration: Unrated 3,5 Sec. longer.

40:58 Min. - 40:59 Min.

One can see Rachel a bit longer.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

41:08 Min. - 41:09 Min.

One can see Aidan a bit longer.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

41:18 Min. - 41:20 Min.

One can see how the wheels are blocking.

Duration: Unrated 2 Sec. longer.

41:50 Min. - 41:53 Min.

The deer walks over the street. Aidan yells: "Don`t stop the car!"

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

41:55 Min. - 41:57 Min.

Rachel releases the brake and wants to accelerate. The TV shows a shot on Aidan. Before the deer crushes into the side window, Rachel can be seen longer in the unrated.

Duration: Unrated 2 Sec. longer.

41:59 Min. - 42:03 Min.

Aidan looks in a demonic way.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

42:06 Min. - 42:12 Min.

The deer continues ramming the car.

Duration: Unrated 6 Sec. longer.

42:18 Min. - 42:21 Min.

The CGI deers have another model in the unrated. They impact harder on the road.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.



42:25 Min. - 42:29 Min.

Rachel wants to ask Aidan what has happend, but is stopped.

Duration: Unrated 4 Sec. longer.

42:30 Min.

The CGI deer again looks differently in the unrated.

Duration: no time difference.



42:33 Min. - 42:34 Min.

When the deer flies over the car only the unrated shows how he slices the roof.

Duration: Unrated 1,5 Sec. longer.

42:38 Min. - 42:42 Min.

Take of Rachel and Aidan in the car. The next take is slightly longer in the TV.

Duration: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

42:57 Min. - 43:11 Min.

The deer can be seen longer and is animated far better. Aidan is death scared but more and more deers are coming near the car.

Duration: Unrated 14 Sec. longer.

43:16 Min.

Now the TV shows more deers than in the unrated before.

Duration: KF 5 Sec. longer.

43:20 Min. - 43:27 Min.

More deers around the car. They look through the broken window.

Duration: Unrated 7 Sec. longer.

43:36 Min. - 43:37 Min.

Longer shot of Rachel and Aidan. The TV lacks scary noises.

Duration: Unrated 1 Sec. longer.

43:54 Min. - 43:59 Min.

Rachel puts in the 1st gear.

Duration: Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

44:03 Min. - 44:20 Min.

The car gets through the horde of deer.

Duration: Unrated 17 Sec. longer.

44:27 Min. - 44:30 Min.

The car leaves the scenery longer..

Duration: Unrated 3,5 Sec. longer.

45:00 Min. - 47:11 Min.

The unrated offers more horror! The scene is completely different. The power does not disappear but there are Poltergeist activities in Aidanís room. Afterwards the fridge as well as different kitchen utensils are attacking Rachel.

Duration: Unrated 43 Sec. longer.



59:14 Min. - 60:31 Min.

Rachel and Max are waiting at the hospital. The tv breaks. Rachel thinks something bad will happen but one guy slaps the tv and everything is fine again. Two nurses are whispering about the bruises on Aidanís body.

Duration: Unrated 77 Sec. longer.

67:35 Min. - 69:07 Min.

Dr. Temple wants to speak to Rachel. When she leaves to get some coffee she locks Rachel inside the room. When the doctor returns Rachel has disappeared through the window.

Duration: Unrated 92 Sec. longer.

76:28 Min. - 76:49 Min.

The tv in Aidanís room does not work anymore. The nurse tries to fix is. The Samara tape appears and Aidan awakes.

Duration: Unrated 21 Sec. longer.

76:52 Min. - 77:01 Min.

The TV has this take a bit longer. The unrated shows how the nurse turns around and recognizes Aidan who is awake.

Duration: Unrated 4 Sec. longer.

81:12 Min. - 83:12 Min.

Rachel rings the bell of the asylum. Nurse Diane comes out and guides through the hallways. Rachel is looking for someone who works here for about 30 years. The main nurse talks about Evelyn and Samara.

Duration: Unrated 114 Sec. longer.

83:17 Min.

The unrated lacks the scene where Rachel asks if Samara got adopted.

Duration: KF 6 Sec. longer.

The unrated has an additional runtime of about 17 minutes and 45 seconds.